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Condoms are rarely used incorrectly are one of two temporary methods of birth controls for men all come with spermicide help prevent the spread of some sexually transmitted infections.
Suzie prefers this form of birth control because it provides protection for the labia and outer vaginal area. The diaphragm the male condom spermicides the female condom.
Which of the following are true about the cervical cap? It fits loosely over the cervix It not need be bitted by a medical practitioner it must be kept in place at least 6-8 hrs afer intercourse It can be removed, cleaned, and reinserted immediately.
The form of female sterilization which leaves the ovarian and uterine functions intact is hysterectomy tubal ligation vasectomy ooporectomy.
Unlike othe rmethods, a physician must measure, fit and insert this form of birth control into the uterus diaphragm the cervical cap the fmale condom IUD.
Which type of abortions are ruled illegal unless the mother's life is in danger? 1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester Over 10 weeks gestation.
When is an embryo called a fetus? At the beginning of the 1st month of pregnancy After 7 weeks of pregnancy At the beginning of the 3rd month of pregnancy After 10 weeks of pregnancy.
Implantation of a fertilized egg outside the uterus is called a(n) pelvic pregnancy hemolytic pregnancy ectopic pregnancy fallopian pregnancy.
Female condoms are effective for internal use in males and females True False.
Withdrawal is an effective contraceptive method TRUE FALSE.
Characteristics of a health diet include all of the following EXCEPT: Abundant Balanced Moderate Varied.
Calories are 1 of 3 basic nutrients Essential elements and minerals that found in the fookds we eat A group of nutrients in our food sources Units of measurement that indicate the amount of energy we obtain from a particular food.
How much of our total body weight is water? 10-20% 30-40% 50-60% 80-90%.
When you consume protein, your body breaks it down into smaller molecules known as calcium starch amino acids lipids.
The energy to sustain normal daily activities is provided by amino acids carbohydrates fats protein.
The common form of simple sugar is Maltose Fructose Glucose Sucrose.
Complex carbohydrates are disaccharides monosaccharides polysaccharides glycosaccharides.
Fiber seems to protect against brast cancer heart disease obesity All of the above.
All of the following are fat-soluble vitamins except vitamin A B12 E K.
Monosaturated fats are the "preferred fats" because the appear to lower LDL levels but not HDL levels lower HDL levels but not LDL levels Taste better than polyunsaturated fats Have lower calorie content than saturated fats.
This mineral is necessary for the regulation of blood and body fluids. Zinc Sodium Iodine Calcium.
MyPyramid illustrates all of the following EXCEPT Moderation Personalization Rapid improvement Variety.
Currently, experts reommend adults engae in physical activity for at least 30 mins/3 days per week 60 mins/3 days per week 30 mins/5 days per week 30 mins/7 days per week.
Ida is a vegetarian who eats dairy products and eggs. What term describes Ida's diet? pesco-vegetarian lacto-vegetarian lacto-ovo vegetarian semi-vegetarian.
Appetite is defined as a learned desire to eat TRUE FALSE.
Proteins are made up of smaller molecules known as enzymes TRUE FALSE.
Trans-fatty acids are produced when saturated fats are hydrogenated TRUE FALSE.
Women are more likely to suffer from iron deficiencies? TRUE FALSE.
Health risks associated with obesity include all of the following EXCEPT cancer diabetes glaucoma osteoarthritis.
In general, when men exceed ___% body fat they are obese 10 20 30 40.
The hormone that signals us to stop eating is Ghrelin GLP-1 leptin insulin.
The amount of energy your body uses to maintain body functions during complete rest at room temperature is called resting metabolic rate hypokinetic metabolism baseline rate basal metabolic rate.
A psychiatric term for compulsive overeating with no purging is intake disorder intake disorder binge-eating disorder over-nutrition.
When trying to determine your ideal weight which of the following factors is the LEAST important to take into consideration? body structure how you compare to your friends ration of fat to lean tissue how your weight is distributed.
Although desirable BMI levels vary with age, a young adult would be classified as _______ if you have a BMI 25-29.9 underweight ideal weight overweight obese.
Body composition is defined as the ration of lean body mass to fat body mass solid body mass to fluid body mass bone mass to muscle mass height to weight.
Stored body fat is categorized in 2 types; essential and saturated storage nonessential intrinsic.
Body mass index is the relationship of weight to height the percentage of body weight total body composition measurement of lean mass.
Components of physical fitness include all of the following EXCEPT endurance flexibility resistance strength.
The lipoproteins considered the "good" cholesterol and are increased by exercise are HDLs LDLs triglycerides blood platelets.
The 3 main components of an aerobic exercise program include all of the following EXCEPT duration frequency intensity repetitions.
Which of the following best describes the most common way to measure muscle strength repeated lifting of weights until fatigued fast, heavy repetitions of free-weight barbells 1 maximum lift of the most weight you can lift light, repetitive lifting of weights until fatigued.
Which is not a type of stretching exercise? ballistic stretchin dynamic stretching isokinetic stretching static stretching.
Physical activity is defined as the same thing as physical fitness movement produced by skeletal muscles and increased energy exerting force strenuously 5 times a week exerting moderate force 3 times a week.
Physical fitness is the ability to perform physically at all levels without fatigue at moderate levels of physical activity on a regular basis without fatigue in planned, structured movement to maintain 1 or more components of physical fitness at a specific rate for all person in age, gender, and weight classifications.
Sally wants to lose weight with exercise, not dieting. What is the recommended frequency and duration for her weight loss workouts? at least 2 days a week; 60 mins. at least 3 days a week; 50 mins at least 4 days a week; 30 mins each day for 60 - 90 mins.
Muscular endurance is best developed by increasing the amount of weight you cna lift a few times the amount of repetitions you life an amount of weight the speed at which you can lift a weight the range of motion that you use to lift weights. .
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