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An examination is an example of strain stressor strainer stress.
A person may experience all the following with eustress EXCEPT feelings of depression increased motivation increased energy feeling satisfaction.
An example of an event most likely to be associated with eustress is bouncing several checks getting the highest score in class on a difficult exam forgetting to do an assignment getting sick right before finals week.
The term describin what happens to our bodies when we perceive danger is called fight or flight response adaptation response homeostasis the resistance phase.
The function of General Adaptation Syndrome is to cause stress restrore homeostatic balance change the body's response to stress increase the body's awareness of the stress response.
You just realized that you have a ten-page paper due tomorrow and you have not even started it yet. Which part of the brain determines the overall reaction to stress such as this? brain stem pituitary gland limbic system hypothalmus.
When a person is in the fight-or-flight response, all the following occur EXCEPT increased blood sugar increased heart rate and blood pressure increased digestion increased hearing and visual acuity.
After a heavy course load, maintaining an unfulfilling but demanding part-time job, and continuous rommate conflicts, Jennifer becomes so mentally and physically drained that she end up in the hospital. What phase of the General Adaptation Syndrome is this? resistance alarm exhaustion reaction.
As a part of stress management, strategies to replenish adaptation energy stores include all EXCEPT balancing work and relaxation eating a nutritous diet maintaining supportive relationships avoiding exercise until adequately rested.
What is the relationship between stress and diabetes? stress increases blood sugar and insulin levels stress increases blood sugar levels but has no effect on insulin production stress increases blood sugar and decreases insulin levels stress has no effect on diabetes.
Stress among college students is associated with physical inactivity inadequate use of social support sustance abuse all of the above.
Marcus used to have difficulty winding down and falling asleep the night after a big exam. He discovered, instead of trying to remember how he answered all of those tough questions, if he imagined himself lying on a patch of soft grass in the moonlight listening to water ripple across stones in a nearby creek, he would quickly drift off to a restful sleep. What stress-fighting strategy is Marcus using? meditation biofeedback visualization hypnosis.
Both eustress and distress can trigger the fight-or-flight response TRUE FALSE.
By simplifying or "downshifting", a person can experience a life with less stress and pressure. TRUE FALSE.
When a person is faced with a stressor, the pituitary gland functions as control center of the sympathetic nervous system and determines the overall response to stress. TRUE FALSE.
Which of the folowing is least likely to be the cause of death for an adolescent or young adult? suicide motor vehicle accident poisoning homicide.
Poverty, umemployment, stress and oppression are considered to be societal causes of violence personal causes of violence causes for unintentional injuries the leading cause of homicide.
Which group of males has the highest rate of death from homicide in the United States Asian/Pacific Island males Hispanic/Latino males African American males American Indian males.
In 1/3 of homicides in the US the perpetrator and the victim belong to the same family the perpetrator takes advantage of a random act of opportunity the perpetrator and the victim are strangers the perpetrator and victim are acquainted or are friends.
The term ethnoviolence refers to friendships that form based on common prejudices and discrimination against ethnic groups campus groups that discorage violence based on cultural and ethnic biases the threat of ethnic cleansing on campuses a tendancy toward violent acts based on prejudice and discrimination.
The typical age rance for gang members is between _______ and ______ 16; 25 15; 18 12; 22 10; 15.
The use of force to control and maintain power over anothe person in the home environment is domestic terrorism ethnoviolence domestic violence ethnoterrorism.
Lately, Trician never knows when her husband will erupt an start beating her. Which phase of the cycle of violence is this? acute battering tension building chronic battering remorse/econciliation.
Which age group suffers the highest rate of child abuse and neglect fatalities? 4-7 yrs younger than 1 yr old the rate is about the same in all age groups 1-3 yrs.
Any act in which one person is sexually intimate with another person without that other person's consent is called sexual invasion sexual aggressiveness forced rape sexual assault.
When a rape involves one atacker, no weapons, or no physical assault, this is abusive rape simple rape aggravated rape sexual assault and battery.
Any form of unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature is called sexual coercion sexual invasion sexual assault sexual harassment.
The characterstic of intimate relationships that causes a person to fell "in love" is referred to as essential dependence emotional environment intimate friendships emotional attachment.
Which best describes intimacy? having your spouse take care of you after surgery discussing happiness, anger, and frustration freely with your spouse physically taking care of your partner knowing that your actions may impact others.
In our early years of life, the most significant relationships are provided by our friends babysitters families healthcare providers.
Love relationships include characteristics of friendship in addition to all of the following characteristics EXCEPT sexual desire fascination advocacy freedom to have other love relationships.
Which is not a component of Sternberg's "Triangular Theory of Love"? responsibility passion intimacy commitment.
An example of "imprinting" is feeling peaceful a past experience which triggers an emotional, romantic reaction the degree of commitment in a relationship chemical changes in brain function during arousal.
Factors which play a role in choosing a partner include all EXCEPT similarities differences proximity physical attraction.
Steve and Deborah's sexual relationship has been monogamous. This means they have never have sex with anyone else had sex with others but are now exclusive ulimited sexual partners extramarital sex in an open relationship.
John has had three exclusive relationships. Each lasted one to three years. This is considered open relationships monogamy celibacy serial monogamy.
Common law marriage refers to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) domestic partnerships agreements second marriages cohabitation lasting more than 7 years.
A female who exhibits facial hair growth similar to that of a male might be classified as an intersexual a homosexual transgendered a transsexual.
A person who is born biologically male, yet has a personal sense of being female would be considered to have/be gender intimacy transgendered gender dysgenesis transected.
The highly sensitive female sexual organ located near the vaginal opening is the clitoris vulva mons pubis vagina.
Menstrual flow is actually the deteriorating cervical mucous endometrial lining fertilized eggs corpus lutetium.
Fertilization of an egg by sperm takes place in the fallopian tubes uterus perineum endometrium.
At about day fourteen of the cycle, during the _______ phase, a mature ovarioan follicle releases an egg into the fallopian tube proliferative excitatory menstrual secretory.
The primary difference between PMS and PMDD is that PMS symptoms generally continue to occur through menstruation eating more carbohydrates can help manage the symptoms of PMDD PMDD usually develops at a younger age the severity of symptoms is greater in PMDD.
The external male genitals include the penis and scrotum prostate gland epididymides urethra.
The external male genitals include the penis and scrotum prostate gland epididymides urethra.
The sexual phase in which vasocongestion and muscle tensions reach their peak and rhythmic contractions occur through the genital regions is called the _____phase plateau excitement/arousal resolution orgasmic.
The goal of autoerotic behavior is sexual experience with many partners sexual self-stimulation to climax through intercourse erotic touching with a partner.
The most commonly practiced form of sexual expression for couples is anal intercourse fellatio cunnilingus coitus.
Jan experiences pain during intercourse. Her pain is called amenorrhea vaginismus dysmenorrhea dyspareunia.
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