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Platform Developer I

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Platform Developer I

Spring 19

Adarsh Sartape
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A developer need to provide a way to mass edit, update, and delete records from a list view.In which two ways can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers Configure the user interface and enable both inline editing and enhanced lists. Create a new visualforce page and apex controller for the list view that provides mass edit , update, and delete functionality. Download an unmanaged package from the AppExchange that provides customizable mass edit, update, and delete functionality. Download a managed package from the AppExchange that provides customizable enhanced list views and buttons.
Opportunity opp = [select id, StageName from opportunity limit 1]; Given the code above, how can a developer get the label for the StageName field? Call “Opportunity.StageName.Label”. Call “Opportunity. StageName.getDescribe().getLabel()”. Call “opp.StageName.getDescribe().getLabel()”. Call “opp.StageName.Label”.
A developer has to handle the click event for a lightening:button component.The onclick attribute for the component references a javascript function in which resource in the component bundle? Helper.js Render.js Handler.js Controller.js.
Which statement is true about developing in a multi-tenant environment? Governer limits prevent apex from impacting the performance of multiple tenants on the same instance. Apex sharing controls access to records from multiple tenants on the same instance. Org-level data security controlles which users can see data from multiple tenants. Global apex classes can be referenced from multiple tenants on the same instance.
Which two components are available to deploy using the metadata API? Choose 2 answers Web-to-lead Lead conversion settings Web-to-case Case settings.
A developer has the following class and trigger code. Public class InsuranceRates{ Public static final Decimal smokerCharge = 0.01; ….. } Trigger ContactTrigger on Contact(before insert){ InsuranceRates rates =new InsuranceRates(); Decimal baseCost=xxx; ….. } Which code segment should a developer insert at the xxx to set the basecost variable to the value of the class variable SmokerCharge? InsuranceRates.smokecharge Rates.getSmokerCharge() ContactTrigger.InsuranceRates.Smokercharge Rates.SmokerCharge.
A change set deployment from a sandbox to production fails due to a failure in a managed package unit test. The developer spoke with the managed package owner and they determined it is a false positive and can be ignored. What should the developer to do successfully deploy? Edit the managed package’s unit test. Select fast deploy to run only the tests that are in the change set. Select “Run local tests” to run only the tests that are in the change set. Select “Run local tests” to run all tests in the org that are not in the managed package.
A developer needs to create a custom visualforce button for the opportunity object page layout that will cause a web service to be called and redirect the user to a new page when clicked Which three attributes need to be defined in the <apex:page> tag of the visualforce page to enable this functionality? Choose 3 answers Standard controller Read only RenderAs Extensions Action.
Which two statements can a developer use to throw a custom exception of type MisssingField valueException? Choose 2 answers Throw new MisssingField ValueException(‘problem occurred’); Throw(MisssingField ValueException, ‘problem occurred’); Throw Exception(new MisssingField ValueException()); Throw new MisssingField ValueException();.
A developer uses a test setup method to create an account named ‘test’ . the first test method deletes the account record. What must be done in the second test method to use the account? Call the test setup method at the start of the test. The account cannot be used in the second test method. Use SELECT id from account where name=’test’. Restore the account using an undelete statement.
A developer created a visualforce page and a custom controller with methods to handle different buttons and events that can occur on the page. What should the developer do to deploy to production? Create a test class that provides coverage of the visualforce page. Create a test class that provides coverage of the custom controller. Create a test page that provides coverage of the visualforce page. Create a test page that provides coverage of the custom controller.
A developer declared a class as follows. Public class wysiwyg { // properties and methods including DML. } Which invocation of a class method will obey the organization-wide default and sharing settings for the running user in the salesforce organization? An apex trigger that invokes a helper method in this class A user on an external system that has an api call into salesforce that invokes a method in this class A visualforce page with an apex controller that invokes a method in this class A developer using the developer console that invokes a method in this class from the execute anonymous window.
How many levels of child records can be returned in a single soql query from one parent object? 1 3 5 7.
The account object has a custom formula field, level__c, that is defined as a formula(number) with two decimal places. Which three are valid assighnments? Choose 3 answers Long myLevel = acct.Level__c; Decimal myLevel = acct.Level__c; Integer myLevel = acct.Level__c; Object myLevel = acct.Level__c; Double myLevel = acct.Level__c;.
A platform developer needs to write an apex method that will only perform an action if a record is assigned to a specific record type. Which two options allow the developer to dynamically determine the id of the required record type by its name? Choose 2 answers Execute a soql query on the record type object. Hardcode the id as a constant in an apex class. Make an outbound web services call to the SOAP API. Use the getRecordTypeInfosByName() method in the DescribeSobjectResult class.
Which two statements are true regarding formula fields? Choose 2 answers When concatenating fields, line breaks can be added to improve readability. Fields that are referenced by a formula field can not be deleted until the formula is modified or deleted. Formula fields may reference formula fields on the same object to a level of one deep. When using the operator to concatenate strings, the result is automatically truncated to fit the destination.
An account trigger updates all related contacts and cases each time an account is saved using the following two DML statements: Upadate allcontacts; Update allcases; What is the result if the case update exceeds the governer limit for maximum number of DML records? A. The account save succeeds and no contacts or cases are updated. B. The account save is retried using a smaller trigger batch size. C. The account save succeeds, contacts are updated, but cases are not. D. The account save fails and no contacts or cases are updated.
developer needs to include a visualforce page in the detail section of a page layout for the account object, but does not see the page as an available option In the pagelayout editor. Which attribute must the developer include in the <apex:page> tag to ensure the visualforce page can be embedded in a pagelayout? Action= “AccountId” Controller= “Account” StandardController= “Account” Extensions= “AccountController”.
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