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Which two issues with a resource may result in an alert not being generated? (Choose two.) Deleted Never existed Classified Archived.
Which is the best method for creating your cloud account role for onboarding AWS? Python script Cloud console manual CloudFormation template.
Which application is used for accessing the REST API? Postman Mailman API Boss Call Maker.
Which development platform is used by support for storing scripts and code projects? Appian GitHub Mendix PowerApps.
Which two operations can be performed using the interactive CLI tool? (Choose two.) download your Access Key and Secret Key fetch alerts and policies bulk onboard of cloud accounts access your public cloud account command shell.
Which two sets of credentials can be used to authenticate when using the Login API call? (Choose two.) username and password Access Key and password Access Key and Secret Key username and JSON Web Token.
Which two steps are required for guided remediation? (Choose two.) Obtain the necessary steps for remediation from the admin guide. Hover the pointer over the violating resource and select Remediate. Follow the remediation steps in the Quick Start Checklist. Click the Execute Command to invoke remediation.
What are the two requirements for auto-remediation? (Choose two.) policy that includes the CLI commands necessary for remediation access to the command shell for the cloud account write access to the cloud resources access to the resource config metadata.
Which alert type does not use RQL? Event Anomaly Config Network.
Which two RQL operators can be used to parse through JSON arrays? (Choose two.) ? # % @.
Which step is required when creating an Access Key? Make a copy of your Access Key, Export your keys to an encrypted file. Make a copy of your Secret Key. Save your keys in a Unicode Text Document file format.
Which two platforms support inbound integration? (Choose two.) Tenable.io Splunk Jira Qualys.
Which two requirements does a new alert rule need to support Automated Remediation? (Choose two.) Automated Remediation is enabled for the Alert Rule. The resource triggering the alert has remediation enabled. The policies in the alert rule include the required CLI commands for remediation. The cloud account is public and not private.
Which two methods can be used to resolve alerts? (Choose two.) automatically by configuring Automated Remediation in the alert rule selecting Automated Remediation in the Enterprise settings accessing the public cloud account and executing the necessary CLI commands selecting the alert and then clicking the Resource button.
Which format is used by Prisma Cloud to ingest data and update events? XML YAML JSON Text.
Alerts can be in which two states? (Choose two.) Snoozed Deferred Unresolved Dismissed.
Which type of ingest data is provided by third-party integrations? host vulnerability network traffic Audit log resource lifecycle.
Alerts are created from which event? Resource config is updated from the cloud console. Network traffic exceeds the configured threshold. User activity is recorded in the Audit log. Config scanner finds a resource in violation of a policy.
Which two UEBA policies are supported in Prisma Cloud? (Choose two.) brute force attacks account hijacking attempts excessive login failures creation of super users.
Which two filters can be applied in the Compliance Dashboard? (Choose two.) Account Group Time Range Policy Type Compliance Section.
Anomaly alerts are determined by which method? analysis verdict risk assessment machine learning threat feed.
Which two criteria are used to establish the Risk Rating by Scanned Accounts? (Choose two.) type of resource severity of the alert nature of the policy state of the alert.
Which identity provider does Palo Alto Networks SSO support? Ping Identity Okta OneLogin Auth.
Which two settings are used to configure role-based access control? (Choose two.) account user role clearance.
Which tool can be used to automate steps when adding cloud accounts? Pulumi Terraform Starsheep Ansible.
Which permission group is used to provide full control in Prisma Cloud? System Admin Account Group Read Only Cloud Provisioning Admin Account Group Admin.
Prisma Cloud provides support for onboarding which public cloud provider? Oracle Cloud Alibaba Cloud OpenStack IBM Cloud.
Prisma Cloud provides support for onboarding which public cloud providers? Oracle Cloud Google Cloud Platform OpenStack IBM Cloud.
Which two methods are used to access the Compute Console? From a local host that has Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition installed. From the Compute tab in Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition. From a local host that has Prisma Cloud Compute Edition installed. From the Compute tab in Prisma Cloud Compute Edition.
True or false? Prisma Cloud supports the downloading of compliance reports. True False.
Which two platforms support outbound integration? (Choose two) Tenable.io Splunk Jira Qualys.
True or false? Alerts can be forwarded to third-party integrations in Prisma Cloud True False.
Which two requirements does an alert rule need to generate alerts? (Choose two) one or more System Admin accounts one or more Account Groups one or more Policies one or more logs enabled.
If no alerts are being triggered in Prisma Cloud, what most likely is the problem? Account Groups are not included in an alert rule. Alerts are not enabled in the global settings. No users are configured with the alerts permission. Alerts are being blocked by policy configurations.
True or false? Prisma Cloud can access the data generated by Amazon GuardDuty and Inspector True False.
True or false? Prisma Cloud by default and with no initial setup always will generate alerts. True False.
Alerts can be in which two states? (Choose two) Dismissed Closed Resolved Unresolved.
True of false? Compute Console can be used to deploy Cloud Native firewalls? True False.
Which permission group is used to provide read-only access to Prisma Cloud? System Admin Account Group Read Only Cloud Provisioning Admin Account Group Admin.
Prisma Cloud provides support for which two compliance standards? (Choose two) ANSI HIPAA GDPR DARPA.
True or false? You can view your public cloud resources in the Dashboard. True False.
True or false? Prisma Cloud resides in the public cloud True False.
Which Dashboard information verifies that Prisma Cloud is ingesting data? increases in the number of Alerts increases in the number of Policies increases in the number of Resources activity in the Audit Log.
True or false? You can use an RQL Query expression to create a custom policy. True False.
Compute Console can monitor and protect which two types of resources? Containers Server functions Hosts VPCs.
What does Prisma Cloud technical support recommend as the best way to get support? Call the Palo Alto Networks main support number. From the Prisma LIVE Community page click Create a Support Case Now. Contact your SOC administrator. Contact the RedLock AI assistant for resolution of the issue.
What is the requirement for most API endpoint requests in Prisma Cloud? access to a Linux command shell session key returned by the session API call authentication token returned by the login API call access to the Windows PowerShell.
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