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Which value can be achieved by the ability to pool resources in cloud computing? resource aggregation economies of scale and agility application consolidation elasticity.
Which cloud solution is hosted in-house and usually is supported by a third party? distributed workforce cloud infrastructure on-premises Infrastructure as a service.
Which software development concept that also has been applied more generally to IT says that additional future costs for rework are anticipated due to an earlier decision or course of action that was necessary for agility but was not necessarily the most optimal or appropriate decision or course of action? role-based access control technical debt software lifecycle runtime environment.
Which type of hypervisor is hosted and runs within an operating system environment? Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4.
Which security consideration is associated with inadvertently missed anti-malware and security patch updates to virtual machines? hypervisor vulnerabilities VM sprawl dormant VMs intra-VM communications.
Which cloud security compliance requirement uses granular policy definitions to govern access to SaaS applications and resources in the public cloud and to apply network segmentation? access governance compliance auditing configuration governance real-time discovery.
Which DevOps CI/CD pipeline feature requires developers to integrate code into a repository several times per day for automated testing? continuous delivery continuous deployment continuous identity continuous integration.
Which phased approach of hybrid cloud security requires networking and security solutions that not only can be virtualized but also are virtualization-aware and can dynamically adjust as necessary to address communication and protection requirements, respectively? consolidation servers within trust levels dynamic computing fabric consolidation servers across trust levels selective network security virtualization.
Which SASE security-as-a-service layer capability provides visibility into SaaS application use, understands where sensitive data resides, enforces company policies for user access, and protects data from hackers? secure web gateway (SWG) data loss prevention (DLP) firewall as a service (FWaaS) cloud access security broker (CASB).
Which security technology is designed to help organizations embrace the concepts of cloud and mobility by providing network and network security services from a common cloud-delivered architecture? cloud native secure access service edge (SASE) platform as a service distributed cloud.
Which cloud native security platform function remediates vulnerabilities and misconfigurations consistently across the entire build-deploy-run lifecycle? automation integration visibility continuity.
Which Prisma SaaS feature connects directly to the applications themselves and provides continuous silent monitoring of the risks within sanctioned SaaS applications, with detailed luminosity that is not possible with traditional security solutions? granular data visibility large scale data control data exposure visibility contextual data exposure.
Which sanctioned SaaS use control prevents known and unknown malware from residing in sanctioned SaaS applications, regardless of source? threat prevention data visibility control risk prevention data exposure control.
Which type of algorithm does Prisma SaaS use to sort sensitive documents into top-level categories for document classification and categorization? dynamic programming supervised machine learning artificial intelligence recursive.
Which element in RQL is used to narrow the scope of the search? operators expressions attributes conjunctions.
Which two functions are supported in RQL? (Choose two.) _User.inCloudAccount _DateTime _IpAddress.inRange _CloudAccount.inAWS.
Which query is used to detect non-automated activities from specific IP addresses? event from config from cloud from network from.
Which two attributes do network queries support? (Choose two.) anomaly.type accepted.bytes source.country operation.
Which RQL syntax is used to iterate through a set of objects [?.(@.Effect == ’Allow’] [*]. Key == Compliance && @.Effect == ‘Allow’ .*[?(@.Type == ‘AWS::S3::Bucket’.
Which RQL query type supports using joins? config from compound from event from network from.
True or false? RQL supports filtering an unlimited number of APIs using joins. True False.
Which RQL expression applies the correct syntax? json.rule = (document.Statement[*].Action anyStartWith s3:’ AND ‘document.Statement[*]. Effect == “Allow”) json.rule = (document.Statement[*].Action anyStartWith s3:’ And ‘document.Statement[*]. Effect == “Allow”) json.rule = (document.Statement[*].Action any start with s3:) and (document.Statement[*]. Effect == “Allow”) json.rule = (document.Statement[*].Action any start with s3:) + (document.Statement[*]. Effect == “Allow”).
Which is the best method to use when grouping clauses in RQL? commutative law associative law De Morgan’s laws basic laws of algebra.
Which two operators can make queries more computationally efficient? (Choose two.) contains exists @ ?.
Which two limitations exist when RQL is used? (Choose two.) The scope of the query is based on all cloud accounts. Can’t join config, event, and network queries together. Not all operators can be used in array brackets. Resources that have been created in the past can never be included in a search.
Which two best practices are applicable to RQL expressions? (Choose two.) Use double quotes to enclose filters. Use parentheses for clean queries. Use double quotes to enclose your entire expression. Use single quotes to enclose filters.
True or false? RQL can be used to investigate an alert. True False.
Which two methods can be used to troubleshoot an RQL expression? (Choose two.) Use CloudFormation templates to construct JSON rules for the query. Use the auto-suggest drop-down list for valid query syntax. Use values for your deployed resources. Use query elements that include quotes, spaces, and special characters.
What are the two major components to SASE? (Choose two.) SAAS as a service security as a service firewall as a service network as a service.
What is the exact number of Regions in Prisma Access? 12 40 100 8.
Which two options below do the selection of Locations provide within Prisma Access? (Choose two.) fiber-optic network security scanning language localization auto scaling.
What creates a Corporate Access Nodes (CANs)? Remote Network onboarding Portal onboarding Mobile User onboarding Service Connection onboarding.
What is a requirement for a Service Connection? IPsec VPN tunnel MPLS Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls Multiple locations.
Which statement is true about Service Connections? They enforce security policies QoS can be implemented. They are metered connections. They must connect to a Remote Network.
What is the total number of zones used by Prisma Access in policy enforcement? 2 3 5 8.
Which option provides access to resources in your HQ or data center? Mobile Users Portal Service Connections domain controllers.
To accommodate traffic peaks, Remote Networks allow which exact percentage over the allocated bandwidth before traffic is dropped? 0 5 10 15.
Which option shows the three types of prerequisite information that are needed when mobile users are configured? IP address pool, portal hostname, Service Connection IP address pool, portal hostname, gateway hostname portal hostname, service connection, Remote Networks Remote Networks, IP address pool, portal hostname.
When you deploy Prisma Access in an active/active configuration, which type of traffic flow should routing be configured to avoid? symmetric bidirectional asymmetric unidirectional.
True or false? The Cortex Data Lake logging license is required for Prisma Access. True False.
Which step is included when configuring kubernetes to use Prisma Cloud Compute as an admission controller Copy the admission controller config from the console and apply it to Kubernetes enable Kubernetes auditing Copy console addres create a new name space.
Which three options are selectable in a CI Policy for Image Scanning with Jenkins or twistcli Scope - Scans run on a particular host Grace period Failure threshold Credentials Apply only one when vendor fixes are available.
A Customer has a requirement to scan serverless functions for vulnerailities. WHich three settings are required to configure serverless scanning (Choose 3) Defender Name Credentials Provider Console Address Region.
Which statement is true regarding CloudFormation templates. Scan support does not currently exist for nested reference, macros or intrinsic functions A single template or a zip Scan support is provided Request header field .
A customer has a requirement to automatically protect all lambda functions with runtime protection. What is the process to automatically protect all the lambda functions Configure a function scan Configure a manuamlly embedded Configure a serverless auto protect rule Configure serverless radar from the defend/Compliance/CloudPlatform pages.
Which three types of classification are available in the data security module (3) Malicious IP Compliance standard Financial Information Malware Personal Identifiable Info.
A customer finds that an open alert from the previous day has been resolved No auto-remediation was configured. Which two reason explain this change in alert status ? Alert was sent to an external Integration Resource was deleted User manually changed the alert status Policy was changed.
What is the behaviour of Defenders when the console is unreachable during upgrades Defender continue to alert and enforce using the policies and setting most recently cached before upgrading the console b c d.
An admin sees that a runtime audit has been generated for a container. The audit message is dns resolution of suspicious name wikipedia.com type a . why would this message appear as an audit ? This is a DNS known to be a source of malware b c d.
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