Profesní angličtina 1

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Profesní angličtina 1

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We_________emphasis on work experience in a foreign country. make lie put.
In the job advertisement knowledge of two foreign languages is_________ need required offered.
The applicants should _________ interest in the advertised job. show motivate prove.
We offer a ________ good paid job best paid job well paid job.
I _______ promotion important. treat feel consider.
We expect our job applicants to be _______. high motivated highly enthusiastic discouraged.
I could __________ the following abilities and skills. carry utilize suit.
Our team is __________ support, encouragement and reinforcement. looking after looking up looking for.
I have already handed in my notice and I would like to ________ better promotion opportunities and career development. posses perform find.
Brian O'Neill can ________ his knowledge in the IT department. prove dispose manifest.
We are going to ________ this order with the Irish company. out place change.
We attach ________ to reliability and powers of self-assertion. value significance importance.
Have you ever ________ in the same line of business before? work working worked.
This is the shortest business trip I _________ made. have never have ever sometimes.
"Do not forget the cover letter!" "_________ it." I've already posted it I posted I am posting.
Have your business partners _____ to London? ever be ever been never been.
I have just _______ the report for the coming business meeting tomorrow. to finish finished finishing.
The budget for our department _______ yet. haven't been bought forward hasn't been brought forward wasn't brought forward.
Our company _______ in this region for years. operated have been operated has operated.
"Where is the CEO?" "I reckon he's _________ to the head office. been gone come.
Patricia - our human resources manager - ________in New York all her life. is working has worked works.
This year I will complete the Faculty of Management ________. with success in success successfully.
Let me ask you _______ more details about your lastest job advertisement. at of for.
I _______ usual skills, which are necessary for the advertised job performance. dispose of collect have.
I would be delighted if you could ________ the date if the coming job interview. let intervene brief me on.
Mrs. Payne worked for our company. She is a very friendly and _______ team member. problematic awkward supportive.
We appreciate __________ commintment an willingness to help. of your for your your.
Mr. Lewinsky can _________ in French and Spanish. make himself understood make himself clean make himself understand.
Please treat this information_________. like private as confidential like confidential.
It is recommended __________. record contact with our representatives immediately not to hesitate and contact our representatives immediately to take off contact with our reoresentatives immediately.
We ________ enthusiasm and zeal from our future staff members. consider compensate expect.
I could _______ my skills, knowledge and experience to your company. bring carry transmit.
We offer our loyal employes different ________. money perks bonus.
Our international team _______ reinforcement on the local market. is seeking is looking is searching.
I would like to _________ my internship in the British company. do apply move.
We believe it is important for us to have ______ employees. customer-unfriendly customer-friendly customer's friend.
Only the candidated with _________ have the biggest chance to succeed in a job interview. long abroad experience long inborn experience long international experience.
Our company is looking forward to ______ employees. assertion assertive assertively.
Mrs. Smith, one of our former employees, is applying ______ a post with our company in Edinburgh. to at for.
Erik has been _______ several job offers by an employee from your recruitment agency. taken given repeated.
I would like to ask you _________ the company structure in your company. for of about.
We are loong for young, enthusiastic team members, who can work _____ pressure. with under below.
Mr. Nowak and Mr. O'Neill were ___________. shortlisted shortlist shortened.
When she lost her job, she recieved a big ______ payment. redundant redundancy advance.
Pete came to see me last week to ask me for a ________ to another branch. transferring transfer transhipment.
Susan seemed to enjoy working in our company. Everyone was suprised that she ________ from the company. resignated resigned resigning.
The Human Resources Manager is responsible for ________ of new staff. recruit recruitment taking.
My colleague decided to take _______ so he could spend more time with his family. late retirement early retirement old retirement.
The traditional company in Londonderry _______ twenty people when they closed down. did redundant made redundant called redundant.
The new CEO from Wales _______ a new head office in the UK. runs included consisted.
Our company is ________ in team building training. involved included consisted.
We are looking for someone who will be _______ Marketing. responsible with responsible after responsible for.
Our Sales Director is ________ all operations in this country. with charge of at charge of in charge of.
Maggie works for Administration and Personnel. She ________ recruitment and training. deals in deals off deals with.
The company achieved _________ in the amount of 3.000.000 dollars. credit revenue a morgage.
In order to run the company successfully it is necessary to ________ a loan. to guarantee to determine to take.
One cannot be completely satisfied with _________ of our companies abroad. unemployment work ethic jobmasters.
His ______ are only reliable companies. customers employers trade unions.
The company is _______ in Prague. based laid lies.
The company has a large _______ of superior products. scale range branch.
As a branch manager, you have to care for clients' __________. needs interests pastime.
Last year our company ________ an annual turnover of 2.000.000 EUR. accompanied participated in reached.
Research, marketing and production are part the company's basic ________. location corporate structure turnover.
Leading corporations have selected a company as __________. a supplier an employer a worker.
Through hard work, he has managed to make his company ________ in this region with the highest market share. a market leader a market follower a market challenger.
The company _______ overseas. operates launches activates.
The problems of Greek enterprises ________ much deeper. lie lay place.
The Greek enterpreneurs are in ________ as for their economic outlooks in the coming years. a blind end a dead end a final end.
Our company is committed __________ the high morale standards in conducting its business on the nationwide scale. to set to stand to agree.
Due to the ______ the enterprise failed. annual revenue borrowing funding gap.
_______ of such business entities are to be found everywhere. Types Positions Ways.
The neglect of the plan has caused the company's founder ________. to go bankrupt to run bankrupt to fall bankrupt.
Lack of market information can have disastrous ________ for the company. inputs outputs effects.
There is a huge ______ between the economic situation few years ago in the USA and the current financial crisis in the EU. loss profit difference.
The large hotel chains were still bound ______ the central purchasing contracts. to for from.
What _____ in this part of the country is the IT related industry. is backing is lacking is taking.
The reconvering economic situation in Germany has a positive influence _______ our deliveries. at for on.
Our company delivers _______ local SMEs. for at to.
We prefer British companies _______ Chinese ones. than rather to.
Our market is _________ by many foreign firms, mostly from Germany, Poland and Slovakia supplied consumed expended.
Most of the multinational companies have a strong position __________ the Czech marketplace. among on under.
What does competition from Chiny mean________your local firms? with for to.
Large corporations take care ________ marketing and advertising activities in this region. about to of.
Five companies were involved ______ the public tender. in at with.
Our company is pleased to report that the financial __________ of our company has been excellent. workforce performance share price.
The market place for our products continues to be highly _________ . competition competitor competitive.
Unfortunately our company had to close down our oldest _______. subsidiary subsidies subsidy.
Prior to setting up a business, it is necessary to consider __________. a retirement income a freight forwarder a calculation.
If you are an enterpreneur, you must no longer __________ compulsory social insurance. seek pay acquire.
The first years of enterpreneurial activity are _______ by state subsidies. done clarified secured.
Incomes from self-employment ________ to income tax. include govern are subject.
Trade tax can also _________ to business entities. win apply conclude.
It is useful _______ into the entrepreneurial project. to invest investing to update.
A business plan will show what an enterpreneur _______. intends representing represents.
A good business idea is _______ for the establishment of an independent existence. information an aspect a starting point.
Every enterpreneur has to ________ important information. perform pay seek.
The financial planning ______ various calculations. includes makes results.
_________ information. To reply To obtain Missing.
_______ fixed costs to preform to calculate to form.
_______ a calculation. to implement to make to emphasize.
_________ a corporation. to do to realize to form.
________ a business idea. to intend to get to tax.
______ social insurance. to contribute to to predict to lead.
_______ turnover to do to generate to dissipate.
_______ revenue to demnd to take into account to inform.
_______ available to come to be to start.
_______ investments to do to focus to make.
With regard to financial planning needs, it is necessary to consider _______ with a client. activities payment behaviour expenditure.
After the performed calculations it is known whether one can expect a profit or _________. expenditure loss VAT.
Unnecessary expenses have to be __________. deleted cut included.
A company founder, when making himself independent, has to draw up _________. payoffs duties estabilishing investments.
In the initial stage, the company should not be financially _________. determined burdened assisted.
Your company is the market leader ______ office supplies. for in from.
Her dream to ________ from rags to riches has come true. to go to undergo to come.
She supplies her customers _______ all kinds of items to at with.
The costs are related ________ his business activities. to in at.
How much money will you have ______ you when we start the new project? at by on.
A general comercial partnership is an entity in which at least ________ persons carry on business activity under a common commercial name. two three four.
A limited partnership in an entity in which one or more partners are liable for the partnership's obligations up to the amount of the _______ parts of their contributions. prepaid paid unpaid.
A limited liability company may have a maximum of _______ members. fifteen fifty five.
Our new production manager will be in charge _______ all the technical aspects. to for of.
Is your team working _______ the design of the new product? with on it.
The design process ________ this product is fairly complicated. for in along.
The design stage with this paricular product typically lasts __________ two months. - for in.
This is an issue that came up _________ the early stages of the rebranding project. during along with.
Who will look ________ the development of the new assortment? in out after.
Is your brand manger satisfied _______ this quarter's profits of the newly launched product on the French market? with of in.
Our production department is looking for a partner we can rely _________. with on at.
Our company offers free advice _______ product planning. - on for.
The main idea of our brand is to focus more ________ quality than ______ quantity. with on in.
Our team is committed _________ providing you with the best possible service. in to at.
All our departments in providing solutions that trailor _________ our customers' specific needs for to at.
This is the best-selling product ______ the market. in on at.
These days, our homemade products are available all ______ the world. in around about.
These two successful products account ________ about 65% of our total sales. to from for.
These types of products are usually exempt _________ taxes in the European Union. considering in from.
Our company usually ships products ______ air. through by with.
Having introduced this new brand, our business has increased sales ________ 15% in the last two years. in for by.
When developing a new product, we have to divide the work load evently _______ all the employees. among between into.
Apple is the world's leading manufacturer ______ smartphones, computers and laptops. with in of.
A brand is a _______ characteristic that sets a product or service apart from all other service or products in categhory. non-specific unique multiple.
Product is __________. something produced by human or mechanical effort or by natural process something produced by non-human or mechanical effort or by natural process something produced by human or mechanical effort or by unnatural process.
Brand loaylty consists of customers' commitment to _________ the brand and can be demontrated by repeated buying of a product or service. resell repurchase remarket.
Product placement is ___________. when company purchases its products to be seen in films and TV programs when a company sells its products to be seen in films and TV programs when a company pays for its product to be seen in films and TV programs.
Consumer durables are ___________. are goods that quickly wear out, or more specifically, ones that yield utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use are goods that do not quickly wear out, or more specifically, ones that yield utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use are goods that do not quickly wear out, or more specifically, ones that yield utility over time and are completely consumed in one use.
A mega-brand is a brand _________. which does not place its name upon everything it creates which places its name upon some selected items it creates which places its name upon everything it creates.
In retailing, products are called ___________. merchandise commodity goods.
Our company plans to launch a new sales _________ to attract new customers. comment company campaign.
The brand of Apple Company is known around the world, i.e. this brand is world- ___________. famous famed fame.
Will this new brand be marketed all over the world? We are intrested if this brand will have a global __________ . scope interest approach.
Our business needs to create a consistent brand _________, i.e. that creates a corporate image that doesn't change. platform attitude clout.
Many businesses monitor customers' _______. reevaluation perception review.
What kind of ______ will this new product have on our sales? income impact interest.
List price is the price estabilished by a product's _________. factory manufacturer manufacturing.
A ________ outlet is a store that sells merchandise directly from the maker to the customer. price factory factor.
Irregulars or imperfects are goods that don't _________ the manufacturer's standards for quality. meet mark match.
Our business _________ a new version of our most popular product this spring. is throwing out is launching giving.
There are many trade shows in Europe. A person who attends them is called ________. attentive an attendee an attendant.
Customers can _____ the goods three times. claim reclaim crate.
If the good are faulty, customers can opt from _________. a refund a rebound a recollection.
In the European Union customers gave ________ guarantee. one year three year two year.
The biggest industry trade show of the year in this country ______ in Brno. takes time takes place takes part.
Our business was quite successful as it ________ about 100 new customers at the last year's trade show in Frankfurt. engendered endengered generated.
When attending a trade show, one of the things many companies have to consider are the __________ for your space. rental fees payment fees rent fees.
The trade show is next week and the print shop hasn't finished printing our ______ yet! sales things sales materials selling materials.
One of the main reasons many modern companies are attending the trade show is to connect with_________. potential partners potent partners potential partnerships.
Trade shows produce on average about 10 _________ of companies' annual leads. average percent percentage.
A ___________ is a series of products that are somehow related. product group product line product collection.
Our company offers a wide _______ of products. ranging sort assortment.
Our products are effective over the _________. long term future long time.
Modern brands and products have to have several different uses, they are ________. multi-purpose multi-purposeful multi-purposefully.
_____________ products are expensive and usually of high quality. Downmarket Upmarket Middle-market.
Products made specially for one person or group of people are ________. custom-made customs-made made-custom.
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