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Which of the following are used to manually plan basic dates for WBS elements? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Project Builder Project planning board Easy Cost Planning Schedule Manager.
The individual tasks in the project are mapped as activities in a WBS. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
Which of the following statements are true? Choose the correct answers. There are 2 correct answers to this question. You can map a project using only one WBS or one network. You can also represent a project using a WBS and one or more networks. You cannot use the characteristics of both the structures (WBS and Networks) together to represent a project. You can create a project based on a Activity.
Which of the following is used to plan basic dates manually for WBS elements? Choose the correct answers. There are 2 correct answers to this question. Project Builder Project planning board Easy Cost Planning Schedule Manager.
The various work packages in the project are described as individual ____________. Choose the correct answer. Activities WBS elements Tasks Project definitions.
The _______________ that you specify when you create a project definition is unique for the entire project. Choose the correct answer. Controlling area Company code Planning department Plant.
A customer project must be finished at a given due date. The project consist at WBS element and Networks. What scheduling type do you recommend? Current date Fixed date Backward Forward.
You have created an internally-processed network activity, assigned a work center, and the work. After saving, you discover that not planned cost are displayed in the cost element report for the… What could be the reason? There are 3 correct answers to this question. The activity output price for the activity type and cost center assigned for the work center is not maintained. Duration is missing in the activity. Integrated planning for the network is active. The “Determine cost” indicator in the network header rules out planned cost calculation. The formula for costing in the network center is incorrect.
Dates You Plan an activity which starts on February 1st and finished on February 28 th. For this activity, you want to define a milestone for February 10th which should NOT be changed through scheduling. What do you recommend for milestone definition? Enter an offset of 10 days to the start day of the activity. Enter February 10th as fixed date. Enter as duration 10 days. Enter an offset of -18 days to the finish date of the activity.
Project Structures You plan to work with network and WBS network element structure. What do you have to consider. You have to maintain a network profile in the project profile. You can to reassign and activity from one network to another. You can assign a network header to multiple WBS element. You have to activate the operative indicator “Account Assignment element” for WBS element with activities.
Project Structures Which orders or document can be displayed in the Project Oriented Procurement (Proman)? Note: there are 2 correct answers for this question. Reservations Sales order item Internal order Purchase order item.
Material You want to create a reservation for a material component assing to a network activity, However after releasing and saving the activity, no reservation is created. What might be a reason for the missing reservation? Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. The indicator “Reservation/purchase requisition’ for the material component assigned to the activity is set t“Never”. The material is assigned to the activity as a non stock material. The availability check of material component indicates missing parts. The material master is set external procurement.
Dates You use reduction to reduce the schedule duration of all internally processed activities in your project . However, the duration has not changed after overall network scheduling. What do you check? Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. If the reduction type is set in the parameters for the WBS scheduling. If the maximum reduction level is less than 100. If the reduction strategy is set in the network header. If the reduction strategy is set in each activity. If the appropriate reduction type is set in the parameters for network scheduling.
Dates You want to exchange data between SAP Project System and Microsoft What interface do you use? you do not need and interface. You can exchange data using object link. The catalog interface. The EPS interface (External Project Software). No interface to Microsoft Project is available.
Project structure You want use a template to create a new project with network in the Project Builder (CJ20N). Which template can you use in Project builder? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. Project definition Project milestone Standard network Project version. Standard Project definition.
Materials Your customer use a tight (estrecha) integration between sales order and WBS with network to deliver finished and semi-finish product. What benefit do they have when using delivery from project (CNSO). With the delivery from project you can deliver material component assigned to your network. With delivery from projects good receipt are automatically posted while saving. With delivery from projects You can generate goods issues for project without creating delivery documents. With delivery from projects you can generate purchase requisitions for sub-contractors.
Materials Your customer want to use scheduling for network to specify planned dates of task. In the SAP project system there are different set of dates that can be scheduled. Which set of dates can be used for scheduled for network?. Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. Fundamental dates Planned dates Basic dates Forecast dates Baseline dates.
Material. Your customer use Proman as a reporting tool only. They want to use proman for business transaction as well. What business transaction can be used with proman? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. Post good issue Cancel good issue Generate purchase requisition Confirm production order Generate Delivery.
Resources In your project, You work with a network and internal activities. You have created a purchase requisition. The corresponding purchase order is created as well Now, You increase the quantity… How does the system support this scenario?. The purchase order is updated automatically to match the purchase requisition while saving the project. A workflow can be triggered to inform the purchasing group. The purchasing order can be update in Goods Receipt for Purchase Order (Migo). No system support is required , since the purchase order and the purchase requisition are allways split.
Project Structure A customer wants to use project simulation in the quotation phase. What project simulation characteristics do you highlight? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. Project simulation allow posting of actual data Project simulation Can be used to plan structures and cost Project simulation Can be created without using an operational project as a template. Project simulation can be created purchase requisition. Multiple project simulation can be using simultaneously.
Project Structure Your customer has implemented budgeting for projects. The current budget of their projects has been changed several times. Therefore they want to get an overviews of the budget updates. What standard report do you recommend? Line item report for budget Cost element report on budget updates. Structure overviews for budget. Hierarchical report on budget updates.
Project Structure To which object can you assign a factory calendar? To a material component assigned to an activity element. to a milestone To a relationship To a network header.
Reporting A customer needs to analyzed the capacity requirements of their networks activities. Which reports do you recommend? Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. Resource report Material report Structure information system report Cost element report Hierarchical reports.
Resources Which of the following transactions can you use to post actual cost for external processing. Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. Creating a purchase order. Posting a goods receipt Approval of a service entry sheet Creating a service entry sheet Approval of a good receipt.
Resources You Want assign milestone to WBS element? For what can you use these milestone. To set an actual finish date for WBS element. To create standard network To start workflow task. For trend analysis.
Resources You want to use billing for a customer project. Which customizing object controls the billing of sales order items? Requirement class. Item category Requirement type Schedule line category.
Resources A component is assigned to a network activity. What are the prerequisites to generate project stock reservation? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. The network activity is assigned to a WBS element. The item category of the component must be N (Non stock item) The network is assigned to a sales order item The ‘Project stock’ indicator is set in the project definition (non-valuated or valuated) The material master of the component must permit project stock management.
COST AND BUDGET You have assigned a budget to WBS element with your project What budget function could be used to check assigned values against the current budget? Easy cost planning Results analysis Cost forecast Availability control.
Material Where do you control whether a project stock is managed as valuated or not-valuated project stock. In the project definition. In the network activity. In the WBS element In the material master.
Project Structure Which of the following data can be maintained in a standard network.? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. Assignment of document information records Internally processed activities Relationships Basic dates for activities. Material component.
Project Structure Which statement regarding the creation of a new work breakdown structure (WBS element) are true? Note : there are 3 correct answer for this question. A WBS element can be a planning element, an account assignment element, and a billing element at the same time. The WBS structure can contain several level 1 WBS element. (es configurable por perfil de proyecto) A new work breakdown structure must contain up to 10 levels. You can create several WBS elements per level. A WBS element of the new project can be assigned to a different project definition.
Reporting Your customer has created network with internal activities and generated capacity requirements. Now they want to analyze the capacity requirements of their project. Which report do you recommend? Extend capacity evaluation (CM50) Capacity load work center view (CM01) Structure overview (CN41) Individual overview capacity requirements (CN50N).
Material You have saved network and activities with assigned material component. As soon as release the, you receive the error message “’Business transaction can not be carried… What could be reason for this message? Missing material available. Missing reservation for material components. Missing budged for material components. Missing authorizations to release material component.
Material An external component is assigned to a network activity. The delivery date for the purchase requisition depends on the dates of the network activity. What control whether the delivery date is defined by the earliest or latest scheduled dates ? The table MRP controllers. Control key The network profile The scheduling for parameters for the network.
Revenues and Payment What are the prerequisites to resources-related billing? Note : there are 2 correct answer for this question. A DIP profile with the appropriate setting . (DIP perfil de partidas dinámicas/Dinamic ítem procesor profile) Release WBS element activities, and/or activity elements. A header account – assigned network that is assigned to a sales order item. An activity-account –assigned network that is assigned to a sales order item.
Revenues and Payment Your custom wants to establish WBS . Costing should be easy to use and should not refer to cost element. What method do you recommend? Easy Cost Planning for WBS. Planning of overall values. Detailed planning for WBS. Unit cost for WBS. .
Reporting Which reports can use user- specific layouts? Line item report Cost element report Enhanced individual overview Hierarchical report.
Project Structure You plan double the work on each internal activity for multiple project. What do you recommend? Use mass change (CNMASS) in the project system. Double the capacity in the work center. Double the work of each internal activity, one after another, in the project Builder. Use mass change within the project Builder (CJ20N).
Dates Your customer use WBS for project management, but no networks. While saving the project, the basic dates of subordinates should be extrapolated without taking… What planning method for basic dates do you recommend? Bottom up. Free planning Top /down Strict Bottom up.
Dates For which objects can billing plans be created?. There are 2 correct answers to this question. Project definitions Activities WBS element Milestones.
Resource The engineering work center is assigned to the internal activity Drawing. The activity is release and you want to confirm working hours for the work center Design, Mechanicals and Engineer How you can confirm the working hours for different work center to a single activity. You cannot confirm working hours for different work centers to a single activity. Enter multiple work centers within a single confirmation. Assign multiple work centers to the activity drawing. Create multiple confirmation for the activity drawing and use the appropriate work center for each information.
Project Structures You want to enable user fields for customer project. Therefore you create several field keys. What is the benefit of assigning a field key to the project profile? The tab user fields is invisible. The field key is the default value only for the WBS element. The field key is hard coded in the WBS element. The field key is the default value for the WBS element and the activities too.
Cost & Budget You want to determine the planned cost for an internal processed activity. Which data do you need? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Duration Work Profit Center Activity type.
Dates You have assigned a material to a network activity and want to determine the requirement date related to this activity. What set of dates do you have maintain? Basic dates of the WBS. Basic dates of the network activity. Actual dates of the network activity. Forecast dates of the WBS.
Resources How can you update the degree of processing for an activity? By scheduling the activity By using results analysis By changing the activity By confirming the activity.
Revenues & Payments You want to use billing plan for customer project. You can assign billing plan to a WBS element or to sales order item. What is the reason for assigning billing plan to WBS element? Billing plans for WBS element are copied automatically to the sales order item. Billing plan for WBS are used for revenue planning. Billing plan for WBS are prerequisites for quotation creation. The billing can be carried out whit a billing plan for a WBS element.
Resources You use networks and internal activities in your projects. You have activated capacity requirements and notice that one work center is overloaded. You have no authorization to cha.. How can you reduce the overload of the work center. There are 2 correct answers to this question. Increase de capacity of the work center in the Project Planning Board. Capacity leveling is done automatically after scheduling and saving. Create subordinate internal activity element assigned to other work centers. Shift activities backward or forward on the time axis where more capacities are available.
Material Your customer uses Progress Tracking for network components and mantains dates of events manually. They need to implement scheduling of events. What is the requisites for implement scheduling of events? Priority of events must be set. Event scenarios must be defined. Events must be released manually. Scheduling parameters for material scheduling must be set.
Revenues & Payments You use overall revenue planning to plan revenues for WBS element. A colleague claim that the cost element report for planned revenues does not show any revenues … Why does the cost element report not show up any revenues? The overall revenue planning will be displayed only if expert mode is activated. Cost element report can display cost but no revenues. Cost element report display integrated planning only The overall revenues planning has not reference to cost element.
Dates Float time is calculated during scheduling. Which of the following statements about float time are correct? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Activities with the time constraint ‘Must start on ‘’ always have a negative float time. The maximum size of a free float is as large as a total float of an activity. Float time can be negative. The float time of WBS are calculated by extrapolation. By default, critical activities have a float time , which is less than or equal zero.
Cost & Budget You are using budgeting and active availability control. How can availability control be activated? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Automatic activation with budget assignment Automatic activation with Assignment to an investment program. Automatic activation with The first actual posting. Background activation (CJVB Activate Availability control).
Cost and budget A customer works in a multinivel production environment with bill of material and routing. To avoid unnecessary stock cost , they do not want to produce.. Which setup do you recommend? Assign a sales order to a project with appropriate hierarchy levels. Assign Several production orders to a sales order Assign a network to a sales order Assign One production order to a sales order.
Cost & budget A service Company use project management and they complain that the system does not prevent their project manager from exceeding their budget. What action do you have tsolve the problem? Activate availability control in the assign budget profile. Defined the tolerance limit in the customizing. Activate availability control For projects in the control area. Enter the plan data for each WBS element. Activate availability control for the important WBS element. Define the tolerance limit on each WBS element. Activate commitment management in the project definition. Enter the budget in the master data of the top WBS element.
Project Structures You are using assembly processing. You need to determine the delivery date of a sales order item with an account assignment to the project. What are the prerequisites? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question Assignment between material and standard network Standard network with activities A bill of material with sales views A production order A material master with sales views.
Cost & Budget Which object can be used to specify settlement rules? Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. Network header for activity account assigned networks. Project definition Network activity for activity- account assigned network Standard WBS element. WBS element.
Cost & Budget You are using network and internal activities in your project . You have already create a purchase requisition and the bid invitation., and have entered the quotation … What is the typical sequence for the following business transactions and document. Vendor selection – purchase order handing – invoice receipt – purchase order monitoring –Good receipt. Benefic check – Acceptance of performed service- vendor selection – purchase order handing- purchase order monitoring- Good receipt – invoce .. Vendor selection – purchase order handing- purchase order monitoring- Benefic Check- Acceptance of performed services. Vendor selection- Purchase order handing-purchase order monitoring-Good receipt- Invoice receipt.
Project Structures Where can you assign the user status profile for WBS element? Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. In the operative WBS element. In the project definition of a standard WBS. In the project version. In the project type. In the project profile.
Dates How are earliest dates and latest dates of activities schedule? Earliest dates and latest dates are scheduled by forward scheduling. Earliest dates are scheduled by backward scheduling, and the latest dates by forward scheduling. Earliest dates are scheduled by backward scheduling, and the lates dates by copying the earliest dates. Earliest dates are scheduled by forward scheduling , and the latest dates by backward scheduling.
You use a WBS project structure with network and maintenance order. You want to schedule both the network and the maintenance order . What do you have to consider? The maintenance orders must be assigned to the same plant as the network. The maintenance orders must be assigned to WBS element. The maintenance orders must be assigned as sub-networks. The maintenance order s must be assigned to the same budget profile as the project definition.
Wich statements about networks are true. A network can be activity account assigned and header account- assigned. Relationship can be used to connect activities of different networks. Material components can be assigned to activity element. Milestone, material component, and documents can be assigned to networks activities. A network activity can be assigned to several WBS element.
Revenues & Payment Which sales documents can update planned revenues on WBS element. Note : there are 2 correct answers for this question. Billing Sales order Quotation Inquiry.
Your costumer Project/planning Board to create/update Gant charts. Which the following are characteristics of the Project Planning Board. Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. Using specific color management for Gantt Chart. Display of project –relevant purchase order. Display of plant maintenance orders for activities. Display of production orders assigned to WBS element. Display of project cost plan.
Cost & Budget. A customer wants to allocate overhead rates to a WBS element. What must you assign to the WBS element? Investment profile. Settlement rules Costing Sheet Results analysis key.
Revenues & Payment A customer use cross- company – code project with a top billing element and additional billing element underneath (por debajo) for each company code. Although the internal .. correctly the result analysis summarizes all values to the highest billing element. How can they split the results to the different company codes? Settle the WBS element to the highest billing element before you do the result analysis. Split the project intdifferent project according to each company code. Adjust the customizing of the valuation method in the expert mode of the periodic results analysis accordingly. Change the project structure so that it correspond better to the company’s organization structure.
Project Structure You want set up the field selection of the cross application Time Sheet (Cats) in customizing. Which influencing field do you use? Network profile. Data entry profile. Project profile Network type.
Dates You have a project with a network, material and milestone. You want to plan an activity to start two days after its predecessor. How can you do that? Note : there are 2 correct answers for this question. Calculate the start date of the activity and set the constraint ‘’Must start on” accordingly. Use an offset of two days for the relationship of both activities. Use an offset of two days for milestone date. Use an offset of two days for the requirement date of the material component.
Resource Which organizational structures are required for network activities. Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. Sales organization Company code Plant Controlling area Operating concern.
Project Structures Which the following statement regarding networks are correct?. Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. During scheduling, the system plans the network activities in such a way that the assigned work center are not overloaded in terms of capacity. You can assign more than one activity element to a network activity. If a network activity requires more capacity than available in a work center, the system automatically proposes an alternative work center. Capacity requirements of a network activity are reduced when the activity is confirmed. You can assign the same work center to more than one activity on the same network. .
Project structure. You intent to work with predefined project coding mask to create project definitions. What do you have to consider? You can create project coding mask X… event if there are project numbers beginning with X. The standard project definition must differ from the definition of the operative project. You can use only numbers for a project coding mask definition. You can use an indicator to determine that only coded project numbers may be used within the project system.
Project structure How you can restrict individual user authorization for changing a project? Set the system status t‘’Lock master data” Active access control list (ACL) for the user master record Active access control list (ACL) for the project profile and network profile Define a user status to lock the business transaction ‘’Update project’’.
Resources How are capacity requirements determined? Using scheduling and distribution key. Using the control key of an activity. Independent of scheduling and according to the capacity planner group. Using scheduling and the capacity category.
Revenues & Payment Your customer wants to plans and post revenues for WBS elements. What is crucial for the implementation of revenues planning and posting for WBS elements?. At least one WBS element must be a billing element. A sales order item has to be assigned to each WBS element used for revenue planning. The indicator ‘’Project type” must be set to ‘’Customer project”. Revenue planning and billing must be activated in the corresponding network type.
Resources How can you define external task in your project. Note : there are 2 correct answers for this question. Create a service activity in a network. Create an external activity in a network. Assign a purchase order for external processing to the project definition. Create a service milestone.
Resources When you create a service activity in your network, what data can be entered? Note : there are 3 correct answers for this question. Material master within services specification. Services purchase order number. Service specification. Vendor Overall limit (maximum value of all unplanned services).
Cost and Budget What function are available for period end-closing in the project System? Confirmation Progress analysis Settlement Result analysis Milestone trend analysis.
Dates Which of the following factor influence the scheduling of internal processing activities? The factory calendar in the work center used for the internal processing activity. The work for the internal activity is greater than its duration. The relationship between the activity elements. The unit (for example hour, day) of the field “normal duration” of the activity. Activated indicator ‘’Scheduling” in the control key of the internal processing activity.
Resources You have activated “ the workflow for work” in the sap project system. Who is the receiver of this workflow item? The person responsible for the superior WBS element? The MRP controller for the network? The person responsible for the work center. The person responsible for the network activity.
Material You want to create purchase requisition for the material used in your project. However after releasing the project, no purchase requisition has been created. What could be the reason? Note : there are 2 correct answers for this question. The item category of the materials is set tnon-stock item. The item category of the materials is set tstock item. The procurement type in the material master is set to in-house Production. The material have no material number.
Material Your customer project are subject to permanent changes of dates. The assembly activity has an earliest start date for February 10th and last until February 20th .. the stock 5 days in advance (by February 5th ). Hint (sugerencia) every day is a working day. What do you recommend to set up the requirement date for the component? Set up the requirement day aligned with the activity start date and an offset of 5 days. Set up the requirement day aligned with the activity start date and a negative offset of 5 days. Set up the requirement day manually as February 5th. Set up the requirement date aligned with the activity finish date and an offset of 15 days.
Material How can the system activate requirements (such as reservations or purchase requisitions)? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question Using a standard milestone activity When releasing a network or an activity Automatically, using the requirement date and the replenishment lead time Immediately, by saving the project.
Dates Your customer wants to make sure that certain tasks must start on a given date Where can you maintain constraints for start dates? Activity Milestone Network Header Activity Element.
Cost & Budget Where can you define that a network is "header-account assigned“ or "activity-account assigned"? Project profile Network type Network profile Parameters for the network type.
Project Structures You want to use sub-network to detail networks during the course of the project. What do you consider? Sub-networks must be scheduled separately from the superior network. A sub-network cannot be defined for a superior sub-network. Maintenance orders can be defined as sub-networks. The scheduling type of a sub-network is always copied from the superior network.
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