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Q2_SPA FI 52_67

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Q2_SPA FI 52_67

Version ERP 6 EhP7

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During which actions does the system assign the document number for Financial Accounting? Simulate Hold Park Post.
You have been asked to copy a company code from an existing company code. Which existing objects can be assigned automatically? G/L accounts Controlling areas Customer master data Profit center groups.
Your compant code uses USD as the company currency. You are trying to post to an account in EUR but get an error message that you cannot post to this account. What is the reason? The translation rate between EUR and USD is NOT maintained. The account determination for exchange rate differences is missing for the account. The Only Balances in Local Currency indicator is set in the account. The currency maintained in the account master record is USD.
Your customer runs an SAP system with New General Ledger Accounting activated. They want to run a valuation of accounts receivable that are posted in foreign currency. What do you have to do? Set up the Valuation Cockpit to perform this task. Set up a valuation method and assign it to a valuation area. Set up a new exchange rate type and assign it to a valuation method. Assign a valuation method to all customer master records that you want to valuate.
Your customers do you pay open invoices. How can you accomplish an automatic flat-rate individual value adjustment? Create and dispatch a valuation run for each period during closing opeartions. Make a statistical flat-rate value adjustment posting for each period manually. Enter a value adjustment key in the customer master. Make an individual value adjustment based on special G/L transaction.
You want to capitalize an Asset under Construction(AuC) using the line item settlement process. However, the settlement does not work. What could be the reason? The AuC has not been released. The settlement profile does not allow assets as valid receivers. The status of the AuC is set to Summary Management. There is no settlement profile assigned to the company code. The Depreciation Engine is not active.
Which fields can be edited before a parked document is posted? Currency Amount Company code Account Posting date.
What data is defined on the level of bank master data? Payment and dunning information Corresponding business partner Address data and control data A unique bank country and bank key.
If a vendor is also a customer, which settings are necessary to clear both roles against each other? The Clearing with Vendor field must be selected in the customer account, and the corresponding field must be selected in the vendor account. The vendor number must be entered in the customer account, or the customer number must be entered in the vendor account. The vendor and the customer must be assigned to the same group account. The payment program must be set up to allow debit checks for vendors and credit checks for customers.
Your customer wants to add a new company code and asks you to make the configuration settings for types and number ranges. What do you have to do? Define number ranges for the new company code. Set a second number range for all document types. Allow all document types for the new company code. No additional settings are necessary.
At which level is the vendor account number (master record) assigned? At a combination of client and purchasing organization segment level At the client level At a combination of client and company code segment level At the company code segment level.
Which of the following factors determine field status for vendors? Account group, transaction, and chart of accounts Transaction, chart of accounts, and company code Account group, transaction, and company code Account group, chart of accounts, and company code.
You have an SAP ERP 6.0 system with classic G/L accounting. What do you need to do before you install the SAP Simple Finance add-on? Complete year-end closing Migrate to an SAP HANA database Migrate to new G/L accounting Use the SAP Fiori interface.
What additional options does parking documents offer compared to holding documents? A parked document can be changed and posted by another user, thereby supporting the principle of dual control. A parked document can be posted cross-client to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A parked document can be posted using a workflow. A parked document can be posted via automatic speech recognition.
What are the necessary elements required to create a customer-specific drilldown report for New General Ledger Accounting? Characteristics A form Variables A report header.
The government announces that it plans to change the basic VAT tax percentages from 20% to 18%. What do you have to do in the system in order to comply? Change the tax percentage for existing input tax codes to 18% Change the tax percentage for input and output tax codes to 18% Create new tax codes with 18% VAT percentage for input tax Create new tax codes with the 18% VAT percentage for input and output tax.
What do you need to configure in order to create a correspondence type? Variables Form Tolerance group Print program.
During reorganization, two cost centers are merged, and all future postings should go to only one of them. If posting are made to the wrong cost center in future FI-postings, your customer wants to ensure that the wrong cost center is automatically replaced by the correct one. What will you recommend? Define two substitutions for the Line Item call-up point. Define a validation in CO to ensure that the functional area is filled in the cost center master. Define a substitution in FI with the wrong cost center as a prerequisite and the correct as the substituted value. Create a user-specific program to substitute the wrong cost centers automatically overnight.
You post a G/L document. For the Text field, the field status of the posting key is set to Required Entry and the field status of the G/L account is set to Hidden Entry, What happens during posting? The Text field is hidden. An error message is shown. The document is posted. A warning message is shown.
Which functions are provided by the Reclassify Payables/Receivables closing activity? Open item analysis for liquidity forecast Credit check and rating of open items Adjustment postings for changed reconciliation accounts. Regrouping and sorting of payables and receivables. Automatic correction of bad debits or credits.
You have entered a non-invoice-related credit memo and selected the term of payment "Net due 30 days". The Invoice Reference field is empty (it contains neither a document number nor a V.) What effect does this have no the term of payment? The term of payment is invalid. The term of payment is copied from the last valid invoice of the customer. The term of payment is valid. An error occurs.
For which scenario can you use the cash journal? To make remittances to vendors To record documents that will not be included in the general ledger To manage cash in local branches and offices To post incoming and outgoing payments in any transaction currency.
For the creation of drill down reports, what objects do you need to define? ABAP code Validations Forms Key figures Characteristics.
What are the advantages of the Payment Medium Workbench(PMW)? It can be used to create new payment formats. It can be used to change payment formats without modifying the programs. It provides a uniform set of functions for all kinds of payment methods. It activates the automatic import of settings related to changes in payment transaction laws. It automatically creates direct debits.
What can you edit in the payment proposal? Payment data in customer or vendor master record Assignment to another house bank Payable amount for a down payment Payment block for an open item Cash discount for each line item.
Which postings are created by the depreciation posting run? Transfer of deprecations to cost center planning Postings to the depreciation accounts in the General Ledger Year-to-date depreciation on current assets Book and cost accounting depreciations to assets.
How does the system behave when an invoice is processed as a residual payment? All documents remain in the account as open items The original document and payment are cleared The payment document is posted as a down payment The payment term of the original document is changed.
Which options are available to define the number range of a document? Continuous Ledger group specific For every fiscal year For every fiscal year variant.
How can you avoid the creation of duplicate vendor master data? Execute the master data comparison reports RFKKAG00 and RFDKAG00. Mark the VAT Registration Number in the field status group as required. Mark the VAT Registration Number as a sensitive field. Use match code and activate the automatic duplication check.
You set up a new account group. Which Customizing settings for vendors can you control directly in this account group? The number range of master data accounts. The fields that are available during posting to vendor accounts. The company codes that can be used for the account group. The sensitive fields for dual control. The One-Time Account checkbox.
Which entries can you define when maintaining a G/L account? Field status group Account group Open item management Ledger assignment Profit center.
Which of the following statements are true? The "Only Balances in Local Currency" indicator must not be set in reconciliation accounts for customers or vendors. The usage of a financial statement version for the group chart of accounts is optional. The "Only Balances in Local Currency" indicator is usually set in balance sheet accounts that are not managed in foreign currencies and not managed on an open item basis. You can use a group chart of accounts for internal purposes. Accounts with a foreign currency as an account currency can be posted to any currency.
Which specifications can you choose in the reverse document header data to reverse a general ledger positng? Document date Payment block Posting date Base date.
Which of the following are interactive functions available in the SAP List Viewer? Summation Filters Sorting Dual control Master data modification.
Which of the following is a typical process sequence in Product Sale from Stock? Purchase requisition -> Billing -> Transport/Goods receipts -> Dunning and payment Purchase requisition -> Delivery/Transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing Incoming order -> Transport/Delivery -> Billing -> Dunning and payment Incoming order -> Goods receipts/Transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing.
What is the purpose of the group account number in G/L account master maintenance? It defaults the number interval that is applied for the G/L account number in the company code. It determines the fields in the entry screen when you create or update a master record in the company code. It is used for cross-company code reporting if the company codes use different chart of accounts. It acts as the key to identity the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts in the financial statement version.
What is the correct order of steps to set up the Financial Closing Cockpit? 1. Create template 2. Create tasks 3. Define dependencies 4. Create task list 1. Create tasks 2. Define dependencies 3. Create template 4. Create task list 1. Create tasks 2. Define dependencies 3. Create task list 4. Create template 1. Create template 2. Create tasks 3. Create task list 4. Define dependencies.
Which activities does the regrouping program of receivables and payables support? Grouping receivables and payables by their remaining life Regrouping of receivables and payables to accrual earnings or expense Regrouping and clearing open items for affiliated companies on customers and vendors Regrouping open items based on changed reconsolidation accounts.
Sensitive fields have been defined and customized for vendor master data. For which of the following sensitive fields will an update trigger dual control? IBAN Currency Account group Vendor account group.
A company uses different terms of payment. What can you define for these terms of payment? Baseline date for due date calculation Cash flow calculation Cash discount percentage rate Cash discount periods Interest calculation.
What needs to be maintained in Customizing to allow cross-company code transactions? Field movement Posting authorizations Clearing accounts VAT accounts Posting keys.
Down payments can be posted using a special G/L transaction. What is the main benefit of this functionality? It posts down-payments to a reconciliation account that is different from that of ordinary payables and receivables. It shows data in the appendix of the balance sheet. It automatically creates the final invoice and clears down-payments against it. It automatically clears down-payment requests.
In an asset main number in Asset Accounting, which information can be different between international GAAP and local GAAP? Deprecation Asset capitalization date Net book value Asset class.
Which characteristics of account determination can be used to assign realized exchange rate differences to different G/L accounts? Valuation method Reconciliation account Chart of accounts Currency Valuation key.
A multinational enterprise acquires a company in a country which has local reporting requirements. The multinational enterprise wants to use one operational chart of account for all companies. How can you fulfill this country-specific requirement? Create a country-specific chart of accounts and assign it to the group chart of accounts. Create a group chart of accounts and assign it to the company code. Create a country-specific chart of accounts and assign it to the company code. Create a country-specific chart of accounts and assign it to the regular chart of accounts.
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