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Workflow, Domains and Lookups

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The business had three levels of approval for purchase orders (PO). Which of the following nodes would be used to follow the purchase order so one of there roles could approval or disapprove the purchase order based on the cost of the PO? Wait Node Task Node Interaction Node Sub-process Node.
Which node enables you to take a large workflow process and break in down in manageable modules? Interaction Node Manual Input Node Sub-Process Node Task Node.
Which of the following nodes can provide a message dialog to the user if they forgot to enter value into a field? Manual Input Node Interaction Node Change status Node Task Node.
A Manual input node can conditionally provide informational messages by setting up a condition expression on the node properties True False.
All Roles, with the exception of the Email Address role, resolve to one or more person's records or to a table or column in the database that represent a person. True False.
An interaction node can be used to provide messaging to the user? True False.
An Interaction node can call an application action available in the common or more actions section of the application? True False.
An interaction node can conditionally provide message by setting up a condition expression on the node properties True False.
An interaction node can redirect the user to a different tab in the same application? True False.
In order for a user to enter a record into a workflow process the workflow must be enabled and active? True False.
Roles control authentication and authorization to Maximo. True False.
There can only be one workflow process per object set to auto-initiate? True False.
What action type could be used in place of creating a new custom class file? Automation Scripting-Scripting an Action Launch Point Custom Class Command Line Set Value.
What action type is used when you want to create a work order or initiate a workflow? Command Line Action group Application Action Set Value.
What action type would you use to change the status of an application, so the status history is maintained? Set Value Custom Class Change Status Command Line.
What action type would you use to set the date field in an application without having to write code? Change status Custom Class Command Line Set value.
What application is used to create Workflow processes in Base Maximo/ Workflow Designer Application Workflow Administration Application Advanced Workflow Designer Application Application Designer.
What two values can be used to create workflow task assignments on the task mode? Assignee Relationship Actions WF Task Type WF Assignment Action Roles.
When a workflow is a sub-process workflow it must be enabled and active before it can be referenced another workflow. True False.
Which of the following is the correct syntax for status events on a Wait Node. object.maximo.changestatus.status object.maximo.statuschange.status maximo.object.changestatus.status maximo.object.statuschange.status.
Which of the following roles do not create workflow task assignments that display in the Inbox Assignment portlet on the individuals Start Center? A dataset related to the object Person Person Group Email Address.
Which of the following is not a role type in Maximo? Email Address Person Table Domain Person Group.
Which of the following roles would you select to send an email to the supervisor of the logged in user? Supervisor Role Type A Dataset related to the login user You would need to create a customer class Email.
Which of the following statements are true concerning condition nodes? (Select 2) Condition nodes have three paths, true, false, and neutral. An automation script launch point can be referenced They determine the path record will follow upon exit A condition node is mandatory in a workflow process Condition nodes can be only used in main workflows.
Which of the following statements are true concerning the use of sub-process nodes? You cannot exit sub-process nodes There are used on objects not considered a main object They must be enabled and active for use There are easier to maintain and explain They must be re-synchronized after changes.
Which of the following statements are true regarding Task Nodes (select 2) There are four options for determining when the task assignment releases the record so it can move to the next node in the process There can only be one task assignment per task node A roles must be specified They can have a time limit established A task can be directly assigned to a Labor Record without the creation of any type of Role or Action. To assign a work task you need a role.
Which of the following workflow nodes is used to provide the user with three or more choices to select from? Interaction Node Sub-Process Node Condition Node Manual Input Node.
Which of the following workflow nodes is used to re-direct the user to another application? Sub-Process Node Task Node Condition Node Interaction Node.
Workflow tasks that exceed there Time Limit are escalated automatically True False.
You can specify a condition in the expression field of the task node, if that expression evaluates true then the task assignee will receive an assignment True False.
ALN Domain are suitable for which type of attributes? For fields with a static list of data to be validated against For ALN Data typre fields only Where data is constantly being updated Any attribute that required validation.
By using the interval property on a Numeric Range Domain you can define discrete values within a range segment? True False.
Domains are usually linked to which component in Maximo? Lookup Application Designer Control Attribute Object.
In which application are Maximo created? Security Groups Domains Application Designer Database Configuration.
In which application can LOOKUPS.XML file be exported? Application Designer The Lookups Application Database Configuration The Domains Application.
In which application in Maximo would a domain be linked to an attribute? Application Designer Domains Database Configuration Lookups.
In which scenario are Table Domains most suitable For validating against static lists of data When validating against another Maximo Object When working with views When you required a pop up error message.
Synonym Domains are commonly found on which two fields? (Choose Two) ASSETNUM ACTIVE STATUS TYPE DOMAIN.
To what artifact in Maximo would you attach a Crossover Domain to? Object Application Control Database Attribute Work Orders.
What function does the Validation Where Clause Perform? Provides the Lookup definition Creates one-to-one relationship with the Destination Object Filters the Domain Validation results Creates one-to-one relationships with the Child Object.
What is the primary purpose of Domains? For configuring the database To provide user help information To provide data validation To allow fields to be displayed in an application.
What purpose does the Lookup property perform on a control in Application Designer? It specifies the validation clause for field It identifies which controls need Select Value icons It determines the layout of the pop-up dialog It points to the error message key for the attribute.
What purpose does the LOOKUP.XML definition serve? Provides field validation It links Attributes to Domains Determines the layout of the pick list dialog Provides all menu definition in Maximo.
Which Lookup would be suitable for Attribute linked to an ALN Domain? alnlookup valuelist alnlist alnnav.
Which of the following components of a Synonym Domain can be edited? Name Value Internal Value Data Types.
Which of the following is the correct syntax for a Table Domain Validation Clause? ChildAttribute=:SourceAttribute :ChildAttribute=SourceAttribute :SourceAttribute=ChildAttribute SourceAttribute=:ChildAttribute.
Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding Numeric Domains? Numeric Domains can be attached to Attributes Numeric Range Domains can utilize Lookups Numeric Domains cannot utilize Lookups Numeric Range Domains can have multiple range segments.
Which other Domain is a Crossover Domain most similar to? Table Domain Numeric Domain ALN Domain Relationship Domain.
Which three of the following data types could you attach a Numeric Domain to (Choose Three) ALN INTEGER FLOAT UPPER AMOUNT.
Which three types of Domain Support Conditional Values? (Choose Three) ALN Lookups Crossover Numeric Range Table Numeric Synonym.
Which two of the following functions does a Crossover Domain provide? (Choose Two) Creates a View Field Validation Creates Relationships between Objects Copy data between fields in the same object Copy data from one object to another.
Which two where clauses are found on a Table Domain? (Choose Two) Value SQL Validation Check List Lookup.
Which type of domain does not support lookups? Crossover Table Numeric Numeric Range.
Which type of domain would you usually find attached to the STATUS attribute of an applciation? ALN Domain Crossover Domain Table Domain Synonym Domain.
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