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mxm0 overview, multi-site-organization

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A user requires security access to modify a Start Center Template? False True.
An Ad hoc (QBR) report can be saved and modified with Report Designer? False True.
Apart from LDAP, a user can change their own password in Maximo? True False.
Creating KPI's required a basic knowledge of SQL syntax? True False.
How can you access the context sensitive field help? Alt + H Alt + F1 F1 F10.
If you comma separate values in a filter field, which operator will Maximo use? NOT EQUALS EQUALS And OR.
In the fields you wish to filter on are not shown as columns on the List tab of an application, what feature could you use? Start Center Alt + F1 More Search Fields Find.
The two calculation types in KPI creation are decimal and percentage? False True.
What are the four tiers of Maximo Solutions? Core Solutions, Industry Solutions, Add-ons and Mobile Maximo, Sets, Tririga and Maximo mobile and Tririga Maximo, Tririga, Sets and smart cloud control desk Core Solutions, Sets, Industry Solutions and Add-ons.
What are the two types of KPI portlets? KPI List and KPI Graph Portlets KPI Line and KPI Graph Portlets KPI Gauge and KPI List Portlets KPI Gauge and KPI Line Portlets.
What happens if a user updates their Start Center? All user modifications to the Start Center are lost All user modifications to the Start Center are merged with the updated template Maximo will create a copy of their Start Center ona new tab Users cannot update Start Centers.
What is the embedded reporting tool? Cognos Crystal BIRT Actuate.
What is the Inbox portlet used for on a Start Center? To display Workflow Tasks Email Notification To display Bulletin Messaging For Workorder assignments.
What status does a User (record) require to access Maximo? Approved Licensed Active Operational.
When creating a new user, what other entity must also exist? Labor group Person Group Labor record Person record.
When LDAP is used, which two elements cannot be changed in Maximo? Usernames Passwords Security group privileges User's email address.
Which of the following are true statements regarding KPI's? (Choose 2) A single KPI can be based on both calculation types KPI's only have target and alert levels for monitoring A KPI can be made public KPI's can be linked to reports Only KPI's that are of type mode can be added to a KPI Gauge Portlet.
Which of the following is a method for creating a query? (Select all that apply.) SQL List Tab More Search Fields View/Manage Queries Results Set Portlets.
Which of the following is a valid calculation type for a KPI? Average Mode Decimal Big Integer.
Which of the following is not a Start Center Portlet type? Favorite Applications Bulletin Board Quick Insert Workflows Inbox/Assignments.
Which of the following is not used to navigate in maximo? Favorite Applications Portlets Go to Menu Template Menu Quick Insert Portlets.
Which of the following portlets cannot be modified Quick Insert Bulletin Board Favorite Applications KPI's.
Which Security Application provides access to the creation of new Start Centers? Layout and Configuration Maxadmin Portlets Start Center.
Which Start Center Portlet allows users to view a list of records from a saved query on their Start Center? List Portlet Result Set Portlet Inbox/Assignments Portlet Query Portlet.
Which type of portlet displays a bar when it has multiple KPI's associated to it? KPI List Portlet KPI Line Portlet KPI Gauge Portlet KPI Graph Portlet.
You can create Ad hoc (QBR) reports from most applications False True.
You can only limit report records for report without any input parameters False True.
After a labor transactions has been approved you can change that transaction without having to create another labor entry? False True.
An organization can be deleted after a Site has been associated to the organization? True False.
An which data level are the Workflow options? Set Site Organization System.
Based on the depicted organization Work Order Edit Rules setting, what statuses would users be able to change the Location and Planned Labor? WAPPR or COMP status WAPPR or INPGR status WAPPR or WSCH status WAPPR or WMATL status.
Which of the following statements are true regarding GL Accounts GL Accounts can receive positive or negative values GL Accounts can be type of Debit or Credit to reflect the double entry transactions GL Accounts are created in the Financials Application All GL Accounts are created at the System Level.
How many tax codes are pre-configured with Maximo? 3 5 27 0.
How many tax codes can be created in Maximo? 5 Unlimited 30 27.
Which of the following options determine when Asset History is recorded? Asset Options Asset Safety Plan Ownership Assignment Options Workorder Options.
If an organization is deleted all of the organization Chart of Accounts and Component codes are also detected? True False.
In order to setup automatic workorder generation for PM schedules which of the following must be active and/or enabled? The Automatic Condition Monitoring flag is set to on An Email Address must be specified Active Instance of the PMWoGenCrontask The Automatic PM WO generation flag is set to on The Do Not Estimate Flag is Set.
In what Purchase Order status does the work order get generated for an item? APPR PENDING WAPPR REVISED.
Items created through using the Special Order line type are considered what type of an item by default? Non-Rotating Items Assets Condition Base Items Rotating Items.
Person records are an example of data located at the ____level? Set Organization System Database.
The PM Options are at set at what level? Site Level Set Level Organizational Level System Level.
What are the issue cost methods in Maximo? Standard, Average and Weighted Average Standard, Average, LIFO and FIFO Standard, Weighted Average, LILO, and FILO Standard, Average, LILO, and FILO.
What are the primary drivers in determining when separate organizations are required? Different Business Processes All of the above Separate Chart of Accounts Financial and legal reporting requirements.
Which of the following options determine when hazards can be selected for a list against an Asset? Asset Options Workorder Options Ownership Assignment Options Safety Plan Options.
What are the two default statuses that clear reservations for items identified on workorder? Complete and closed Done and Closed In-Progress and Complete Approved and Closed.
Which of the following options determine which tab the drilldown dialog displays? Drilldown Options Ownership Assignment Options Hierarchy Options Display Options.
Which of the following options determine if an individual can be assigned as an owner to a work order or service? Ownership Assignment Options Asset Safety Options Report Labor Assignment Options Asset Options.
What is the correct order of the four basic levels of data in Maximo System, Set, Organization and Site Site, Organization, Set and System Set, System, Organization and Site System, Database, Organization, and Site.
Which application is used to set the scale of the fields to minimise rounding errors? Organization Database Configuration Integer Integrity Checker (IIC) Chart of Accounts.
What level of data are labor records? Set Organization Database Site.
What must be identified on the workorder for the Duplicate Display Problem Warning message to display? The Failure Class and Problem Code Work Type must be identified The Work Type, Failure Code, and Problem Code must be identified Only the Failure Class must be identified.
What is the default character used to depict an unspecified GL Account Code segment? * ? % #.
Which application enables work orders to be generated when an item is referenced on a Purchase Order(PO) once the POI is approved? Companies Company Master Route Job Plan.
Which Crontask must there be an active instance of in order to automatically generate work orders for Preventive Maintenance schedules? ConditionMonitorCrontask PMWoGenCrontask WorkOrderPMCrontask MeasurePointCronTask.
Which Crontask must there be an active instance of in order to automatically generate work orders for Condition Monitoring records? MeasurePointCrontask ConditionMonitorCrontask PMWoGenCrontask WorkOrderPMCrontask.
Which of the following inventory setting's would have an impact on the calculation for items considered during the reorder process? Automatically create usage documents for new Inventory Processing Lead Time Buffer Include Consignment Items on a Separate PO/PR Update cost/currency variances on inventory costs?.
Which of the following is not required when creating an Organization? Company Set Cleaning Account Currency Item Set.
Which of the following is required when activating an Organization? Base Currency 2 Address Codes Clearing Account Site.
Which of the following is required when an organization has two currency codes assigned? Financial Periods Exchange Rates Currency Set Chart of Accounts.
Which of the following is required when Internal Labor Charge-back are required in 7.x? A Labor Rate Contract A purchase Requisition Tax Code A Laborer assigned to another organization.
Which of the following statement is not true concerning ABC Analysis in Maximo? Maximo's ABC Inventory analysis has break points It is way to establish cycle counts on items in a storeroom Maximo's ABC Inventory Analysis include inventory percentages The items ABC category cannot be updated through a report.
Which of the following work order options is not at the organizational level? Work Type Edit Rules Task Number and Increment Other Organizational Options.
In which application(s) could you specify the AP Control Account, RBNI Account and Suspense Account GL Accounts? Financials Chart of Accounts Purchase Orders All of the above Companies.
Which statements are true concerning the workflow options? (Select all that apply.) They work in conjunction with crontask The workflows referenced must be active They work in conjunction with other organizational You can assign multiple workflows to one option They are site level settings.
After you enter and save material use information on a Work Order, where is that record written in the database? MATRECTRANS MATUSETRANS RECMATTRANS USEMATTRANS.
You can automatically approve invoices created as a result of labor transaction? True False.
You can enable automatic approval of inside and outside labor transactions? True False.
You can set Maximo to allow the work force to enter work they have yet to perform? True False.
What are the three work types in the Labor Reporting Application? PREM, OT, WORK NON-WORK, OT-REF, WORK STDR, OVERT, CANCELLED STD-WORK, OT-WORK, PREM-WORK.
A Labor record can have more than one qualification record, but each qualification record must have an accompanying certificate True False.
A Labor record must be associated with a person record True False.
A Person record can have multiple labor records, but only one craft labor True False.
A qualification must have an associated certificate for each laborer assigned to the qualification. True False.
Certifications often have validation and expiration dates True False.
Each Labor record must have an associated person record. True False.
Use the calendars application to indicate working time for both labor and equipment True False.
Use the Work Periods tab to view, add, modify, and delete work periods on a calendar True False.
When is the Standard Rate field used? Only on an exception basis. On Work plans when no skill is identified For Contract Labor when the vendor is not specified When there is more than one skill listed on a work plan.
Which two applications can you use to associate a qualification with labor? Qualifications People Labor Certifications.
Workforce planning and management must be adjusted according to different patterns of life cycles. True False.
You can apply more than one shift to a calendar True False.
You can have multiple skill levels but only one craft record associated with a person record True False.
You can use Escalations to send notifications when a certificate is about to expire True False.
You can use the Contracts Application and not the Labor Application and not the Labor Application to create contract labor True False.
You must enter at least one required craft and skill for each qualification True False.
You must specify a skill level for each craft listed on a job plan True False.
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