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A User is querying a field in the database that is configyred for exact search type. They wish to only return records beginning with the string 'Pump'. Which of the following values should they use in the search field? %Pump pump% Pump% &Pump% =Pump.
Before which of the following tasks is it recommended you backup the database? Configuring a Domain Structural change to the Database Creating new Organizations Full-Live Data configuration.
Does creating a new relationship require a Database Configuration? No Yes.
Electronic Signature allows you to configure which of the following features in Maximo? It allows specific fields to require re-authentication It allows log in to Maximo using a smart card It encrypts data at the field level It enables the login screen for local authentication.
How can E-signature be limited in scope based on a expression? By adding an E-Signature Filter By adding a condition to the Database attribute By creating a conditional expression By configuring the maximo.esig.condition property.
If a default control is applied to a field using application designer, this value will be applied to all new records, including those loaded through the Maximo Integration Framework. True False.
If you modify an attribute that has auditing enabled, what will be the EAUDITTYPE stored in the database? I U C M.
If you wish to display a fields invalid entered data based on a domain in an error message, which syntax would you use? :attributename {0} [0] {1}.
In which application are database attributes created? Database Configuration Attribute Designer SQL Query Editor Application Designer.
In which application in Maximo are custom error messages created? Application Designer System Properties Domains Database Configuration.
In which application in Maximo is auditing enabled? Database Configuration Domains System Properties Application Designer.
In which two of the following applications can Login Tracking be enabled? Users Security Groups Application Designer Database Configuration System Properties.
New Maximo relationships can be created on which Objects? All Objects Custom Objects Main Object Persistent Objects.
Autonumber Seeds and Prefixes are configured in which Maximo Application? Application Designer Organizations Database Configuration Domains.
Relationships are created in which application? Relationships Domains Database Configuration Application Designer.
what additional feature must be enabled for E-Signature to function? Admin Mode Login Tracking Field Level Auditing Field level encryption.
What are non-persistent Objects used for? For configuring the Database To store Data in the Database schema For Workflow processes To store temporary data in the session memory.
What are the three Message suffix Descriptions? Information Warning Error Alert Fatal.
What function do indexes perform within a Maximo implementation? Indexes improve the data write speed Indexes improve the efficiency of the queries Indexes allow reports to choose the correct query to run Indexes allow applications to find the correct table in the Database.
What function does the domain provide when attached to an Attribute in Maximo? Allows the system to set the Attribute value Shows a magnifying glass next to the control Provides field level validation Defines the layout of the lookup.
What is the maximum number of Tax types available in Maximo? 27 256 5 12.
What is the suffix given to the Shadow Data dictionary tables used by the Database Configuration Application? CXG CXX DB2 CFG.
what task does the Update Statistics Action perform? Optimizes queries in the database Generates usage statistics of your Maximo system Refreshes KPIs Synchronizes views in the database with Maximo.
When applying a default to the appropriate Maximo Database table using SQL, and application server restart is required? False True.
Which field(s) do we use to define where the relationship is joining to? Join Object Parent Object Child Object Master Object.
Which flag in the MAXVARS table should be set to 0 in order to recover from configuration failure? MAXCONFIG MAXADMIN DBLOCK CONFIGURING.
Which flag should you check if you wish the Object to be a candidate for a workflow process? Workflow Enabled Internal System Object Main object.
Which Message ID Prefix is recommended for the Custom Error Messages? BMXXX BMXZZ BMXCUS BMXCZ.
Which method of configuration should you use if you wish data to be backed up? All of the above Command Line Partial Live Full Live.
Which of the following is true regarding the sequencing of the columns in an index? Sequencing of columns in an index should be based on the analysis of queries using that index You should always specify a column sequence in an index The order of columns in an index makes no difference Columns in an index should be ordered in terms of data quantity.
Which of the following Attribute Search Types are case sensitive? (Choose all that apply) TEXT ALN QUERY EXACT WILDCARD.
Which of the following attributes could have auditing enabled? A Persistent attribute in a Non-persistent object A Persistent attribute A Non-persistent attribute in a Persistent object A Non-persistent attribute in a Non-Persistent object.
Which of the following Configuration methods requires Admin Mode to be enabled? Command Line Full Live Partial Live All of the above.
Which of the following is the correct syntax for a related attribute referenced in an application designer? objectname.attribute relationship.tablename relationship.attribute attribute.relationship.
Which of the following search types cannot be used with Numeric Attributes? TEXT EXACT ALN WILDCARD.
Which of the following statements is true regarding persistent objects? Can only be accessed from the session memory The data is stored in the Database The data is temporary stored in the session memory They cannot contain non-persistent attributes.
Which of the following substitution values would apply the next autonumber seed to the attribute? %AUTONUMBER% &AUTOKEY& &AUTONUMBER& &AUTOSEED&.
Which of the following types of Index would cause the physical data in SQL Server database table to become sequenced? Non-Unique Unique Compound Clustered.
Which of the following types of Maximo Attributes are not stored in the Database? BLOB Numeric Non-Persistent ALN.
Which of the following would create backup tables in the Maximo Database? Creating an extension table Adding a Tax type Any Structural change Any Non-Structural change.
Which two attributes should be created if you're creating a new object at the SITE level? (Choose Two) SITEID ATTRIBUTEID ORGID SYSTEMID SETID.
Which two of the following are supported ways in which you can delete backup tables in the Maximo Database? Running the deletebackup.bat command Using the Delete Backup Tables action Using the Drop Backup Tables action Dropping the tables directly in the Database using a database utility Running the Apply Configuration Changes action.
Which of the following require you to perform a Database Configuration in order for changes to be applied? Attaching a Domain to an attribute Adding a New Object Adding a New Relationship Adding a New Domain Changing an application design.
Which type of database configuration require Admin Mode to be enabled? Off-line Changes Structural Changes All Database Configuration Changes Non-Structural changes.
Which type of Domain should be used if you wish to validate against a static list of values? List Crossover ALN Table.
Which type of Object will have a corresponding table in the database? All Objects Main Object Non-Persistent Object Persistent Objects.
A person could be associated with both a user record and a labor record True False.
A user can only be a member of one Independent security group, but can a member more than one dependent group? True False.
A user must have access to atleast one site within a labor's organization before the system adds the assigned labor authorization to the user's security profile? True False.
A user must have access to both storeroom and the storeroom's site before the system adds the authorization to the user's security profile? True False.
Any individual who might appear in a text field in Maximo should have a person record? True False.
Apart from LDAP, a user can change their own password in Maximo? True False.
Authentication Is the validation of user credentials (username and password) Is both user credential validation and application access Controls which users can work with which application Is always LDAP controlled through IBM Websphere.
For the VMMSYNC cron task, the principal parameter is the IBM Websphere User ID. True False.
For which of the following is the best use of the mxe.sec.IPblock.num property? To control the number of user sessions or windows To set the number to block intrusion attempts For non of the above For both of the above.
For which one of the following would you typically use a Global Data Restriction? To control data access for a specific security group To control data access for a specific user To control data access into the system To control data access for all users All of the above.
For which one of the following would you typically use Conditional Security? To control data access for a specific security group To control data access for a specific user To control data access into the system To control data access for all users All of the above.
For which two TYPES of condition can you create a conditional security restriction. (Choose Two) CLASS GLOBAL LOGICAL EXPRESSION CONDITIONAL.
For which two TYPES of conditions can you create a Global Data Restriction. (Choose Two) CLASS GLOBAL LOGICAL EXPRESSION CONDITIONAL.
How do you determine the name of the attribute for a fields in an application? By it's label Use the F3 key Double click on the field Use the Alt + F1 key combination You can only find the attribute name in the database.
How do you remove self-registration access from Maximo in local environment? Change the properties in the maximo.properties files Change the properties, and rebuild then redeploy the EAR file Use the Database Configuration Application to change the value of two newuserlabel and newuserlink messages to $nbsp None of the above. You cannot remove the label nor the link the Maximo sign-in page.
How would you view the access and privileges of one or moew security groups? View the Person record of the individual. Use the Security Group Access Report Use the Groups tab of the User's Application Use the Security Group's Application's View Security Profile window.
In order for a user to have access to an application. They must have access to at least one site among their assigned security groups. True False.
LDAP Authentication Is not used by Maximo Uses only the VMMSYNC cron task Uses only the LDAPSYNC cron task Uses either the VMMSYNC or LDAPSYNC cron task.
Login tracking allows you to specify a maximum number of login attempts and is required for electronic auditing True False.
Native Authentication: Is not used by Maximo Is controlled by a Maximo cron task Bypasses IBM Websphere and communicates with an LDAP tool Uses Java encryption to check user credentials against the Maximo Database.
NEWREG is the only initial status allowed for self-registered users? True False.
Security can be configured to block IP addresses for which of the following? Too many logins, only Too many forgotten passwords, only Too many logins or too many forgotten passwords, only Too many logins, too many forgotten passwords, or too many self-registration attempts.
The default security group for new users is the security group to which Maximo automatically assigns new users, including those who self-register True False.
The labor application is at the organization level and therefore any user who has labor authorization, and access to one site in the organization, can view labor for all sites in the organization, regardless of their site access? True False.
The LDAPSYNC cron task can be used with: Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) IBM Trivoli Directory Server (TDS) Neither IBM TDS and MSAD Both IBM TDS and MSAD.
The limits and tolerances that you specify for a group are at the organization level, however, users inherit only authorizations for those sites to which they have access? True False.
The security controls window accessed from the Users Application is the same as the security controls window accessed from the Security Group's Application? True False.
The VMMSYNC cron task can be used with: Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) IBM Trivoli Directory Server (TDS) Neither IBM TDS and MSAD Both IBM TDS and MSAD.
One way to build a security model is to use two independent groups with one independent security group to configured for site access and another for Application access? True False.
Use the Security Groups Application to set a user's authorization. True False.
What happens when a user exceeds the forgotten password allowed attempts? The user becomes blocked The user should check their email for instructions The user must wait one hour before attempting to login again Nothing. Users are always allowed an unlimited number of attempts/.
What is the purpose of self-registration? To shorten the approval process for administrators To allow users to begin working with Maximo To allow users to request access to Maximo All of the above.
What is the purpose of the Authorize Group Reassignment function? To assign a user to the security group To authorize users for a security group To authorize a user to modify a security group To authorize a user to assign users to a security group.
What is the strategy or strategies that you could use to design and create security groups? Create a group for each criterion and assign users to a combination of groups Create a group for each role and assign users to their applicable role or roles Create both dependent and independent groups All of the above could be used.
What status does a User (record) require to access maximo? Active Licensed Approved Operational.
When creating a new user, what other entity must also exist? Labor Record Person Record Labor Group Person Group.
When LDAP is used, which two elements cannot be changed in maximo? Passwords Usernames Security Group Privileges User's Email Address.
When there is conflict among combine (dependent) security groups. Maximo's business process calculates and grants the highest level of access? True False.
When using LDAP with Maximo, which of the following is authenticated? E-mail Password Username Security Group First Name and Last Name.
When you create a user record, you must also create the associated person if one does not exist. True False.
Which of the following statements is true when a user has application access but no site access? The user cannot open the application The user can open the application, but cannot view nor create records. The user can open the application and view records, but cannot create records. The user can open the application and view records, but must specify a site to view or create records.
Which of the following steps is not used to convert from the Native Maximo authentication to LDAP authentication? Configure IBM Websphere Configure Maximo web.xml files Configure a Maximo cron task for synchronization Configure the Maximo Database with an LDAP tool.
Which type of object level Global Data Restriction would you use to HIDE records? HIDDEN QUALIFIED RESTRICTED READ ONLY.
You can only use the IBM Websphere Console to view Maximo users and groups. True False.
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