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Jacques Cousteau Jacques Cousteau is famous for several reasons. He explored the sea. He wrote books. He made movies about what he saw beneath the waves. He helped people learn that we need to take care of our oceans. The main purpose of this passage is to? Describe what life looks like beneath the waves Explain why we need to take care of the oceans Tell readers why Jacques Cousteau is famous Ilustrate the books that Jacques Cousteau wrote.
Ladder Safety To climb a ladder safely, you should lean it securely against a wall. It is safest to have someone else hold the ladder as you climb up. If you have to climb the ladder by yourself, you should test it carefully you begin. This will ensure that it is stable. Based on information in the passage, it can be concluded that it is dangerous to climb a ladder by yourself because the ladder could be? Tilted Unsteady Slippery Too tall.
Why Worry? Coral snakes are very dangerous. Coral snake bites can kill people. Luckily, coral snakes stay aways from people. They run away when people come near them. Very few people actually get bitten by coral snakes. Based on the information in the passage, it can be understood that people might NOT be worried about coral snakes because.... They do not bite They are afraid of people They cannot kill you They are very small.
The Oldest Metro The world´s oldest metro system is the London Underground. The London Underground is also called the Tube. It was built in 1890. It severs 270 stations and has 402 kilometres (250 miles) of track. According to the passage, how many stations does the London Underground serve? 270 1890 402 250.
Wake Up! My cat jumps on the bed. She starts licking her paws and making purring sounds. Slowly, I wake up. I scratch my head. I look outside. The sun is shining. I smile. Then I get out of bed. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then, I get dressed and head downstairs. What does the narrator do RIGHT AFTER she gets out of bed? She heads downstairs. She looks outside. She goes to the bathroom.
Birds Ears Have you ever wondered how birds hear? Birds have ears just like you and me. But it is hard to see the ears because they are covered with feathers. Bird ears are small holes on the sides of their heads. Their feathers protect the ears from wind rain. Based on the information in the passage, wich of the following statements is true? Birds cannot hear Birds have ears that are hard to see Birds have feathers instead of ears Birds have ears on the backs of their heads.
Olympic Star Jesse Owens was a track and field star. He won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. Today, there is an award named after him. The Jesse Owens Award is given to the best track and field athlete every year. Why question does this passage answer best? How did Jesse Owens win four gold medals? When was Jesse Owens born? Who won the Jesse Owens Award last year? Why is Jesse Owens famous?.
Building Blocks Yao´s little brother, Ryo, was making a tower out of blocks. Yao watched as Ryo slowly slid a block into place. Yao gasped as the tower started to sway, but Ryo put his hand out and steadied it. Just then, their mother called to Yao from the kitchen. He quickly jumped up and stepped past the tower. He brushed against it by accident. The tower crased, and the blocks scattered everywhere. What causes the tower to fall? There are too many blocks on it Blocks scatter everywhere Ryo slowly slid a block into place Yao brushed against the tower.
Zephyr Trains The Zephyr Train Company is the biggest train company in Newville. They operate 47 train lines. They maintain 827 trains. They oversee 22,000 miles of track. It´s a good thing they have more than 5,000 employees! How many trains does The Zephyr Train Company maintain? 47 5,000 827 22,000.
How to make bread dough The ingredients in bread dough (flour, water, yeast and sugar) interact to make the bread dough rise. Here´s how it works: The water activates the yeast. The yeast then feeds on the sugar. This produces carbon dioxide, which gets released into pockets in the dough. These pockets expand. As a result, the bread dough rises. This passage can best be described as a(n) Set of instructions Description of an experiment Explanation of a process Example of a recipe.
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