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The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is not actually one wall. Instead, it is made up of many different walls. Emperor Qin Shi Huang built the first part of the Great Wall in 220 B.C.E to keep enemies out of China. Through the years, more and more pieces were added to the wall. Today, people come from all over the world to see the Great Wall of China. The main purpose of this passage is to: Tell readers how to get to the Great Wall of China Explain why Qin Shi Huang was China´s greatest ruler Teach readers about the Great Wall of China.
Seconds There are 24 hours in every day. There are 60 minutes in every hour. There are 60 seconds in every minute. This means that there are 86,400 seconds in every day. So the next time someone asks you: "Do you have a second?", you can say, "I have over 80,000 of them!" You need a ride to the library. Your friend Clyde says you can have one in 86,400 seconds. When will Clyde be driving you to the library? Tomorrow In ten minutes A week from now In four hours.
Many Different Materials Kites can be made out of many different materials. Although store-bought kites are often made of fabrics like nylon or cotton, you can make a kite at home from a piece of sturdy paper or even a plastic garbage bag. Acording to the author, kites can be made out of: I. nylon II. plastic III. canvas I only I and II only II and III only I, II and III.
Beware of Dog! Always be careful when approaching a dog you do not know. If the dog shows its teeth, growls, lunges at you, or even just barks wildly, it could be aggressive. In this passage, we learn that some dogs "could be aggressive." As used in the passage, wich of these people can also be described as AGGRESSIVE? Antonio, who sticks his head in the mouth of a lion during a circus act. Hazel, who runs up to strangers to tell them one of ther many jokes Daisy, who keeps a bowl of milk on her porch for all of the neighborhood cats Solomon, who bites and hits his little brother when they get into arguments.
Lightning Storms Lightning storms can be very dangerous. If you are outside during a lightning storm, the best thing for you to do is get inside. If you cannot get inside, there are a few things you can do to stay safe. First, get away from open spaces and bodies of water. Next, stay away from large trees or other tall things. Finally, do not touch metal objects, like fences or poles. What is the main purpose of this paragraph? To teach readers how to stay safe during a lightning storm To explain why lightning storms can be scary To tell readers that metal is more dangerous than water To show readers why being outside is safest during a lightning storm.
Leap Day Birthday David is sixteen years old. But he has only had four birthdays. How is this possible? David was born on Leap Day! Leap Day only happens once every four years. This means that David only gets a real birthday every four years. He still gets presents every year, though! Imagine that your friend Jason´s birthday is on Leap Day. Jason is eight years old. How many real birthdays has he had? 2 4 6 8.
Recycling Rules In some cities, you can put plastic, paper, and glass together in one recycling container. In other cities, however, you must sort these materials into separate containers. Using information in the passage, it can be concluded that: cities provide recycling containers for their citizens some cities cannot afford to hire people to sort the recycling the combination of plastic, paper, and glass in one container causes problems different cities have different recycling rules.
Smoothies Have you ever had a smoothie? if not, you might want to try making one - they´re pretty tasty. A smoothie is a cold drink usually made out of fruit, milk, and ice. To make a smoothie, you simply put your ingresients in a blender. Then mix these ingredients together until they are smooth. (That´s where the name comes from) After blending, pour into a cup and enjoy! Using the information in the passage as a guide, wich of the following ingredients would NOT be used to make a smoothie? strwberries milk ice bacon.
My Favorite Three trucks arrive at the truck stop. Tom looks at them. He looks at them for a long time. Tom likes the red truck a lot. He also likes the yellow truck. But Tom likes the orange truck the best. Wich truck is the Tom´s FAVORITE? the red truck the yellow truck the orange truck.
Safe Passwords You must use safe passwords on the internet. Do not use easy things like "12345" or "password". Do not use your name. Safe passwords are long and hard to guess. Safe passwords use both numbers and letters. Based on the information in the passage, which of the following is NOT a safe password? ?cat20mittens15? Anna123 mwJDs47sQ.
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