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DreamHouse Realty wants to make sure an Opportunity has a field Expected_Close_Date_c populated before it is Allowed to enter the qualified stage. How should an app builder solution this request? Record Type Validation Rule Activity History Page Layout.
An app builder notices several Accounts converted from Leads are missing information they expected to be caught via Account validation rules. What could be the source of this issue? The lead settings are allowing users to intentionally bypass validation rules. Account validation rules fail to validate on records converted from a lead. The lead settings are unchecked to require validation for converted leads. Lead validation rules fail to validate on records when they are being converted.
An app builder at Universal Containers wants to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related List by overriding standard buttons. Which two aspects should the app builder consider before overriding standard buttons? Standard buttons can be overridden with a Lightning component. Standard buttons can be changed on lookup dialogs, list views, and search result layouts. Standard buttons that are unavailable for overrides can still be hidden on page layouts. Standard buttons can be overridden, relocated on the detall page, and relabeled.
The Service Manager provided the app builder with color code requirements for case age on open cases. New cases populate a green circle Day-old cases populate a yellow circle Three day-old cases populate a red circle How should an app builder implement this requirement? Quick Action Custom Button Formula Field Lightening Web Component.
Universal Containers (UC) has a time-sensitive need for a custom component to be built in 4 weeks: UC Developers require additional enablement to complete the work and are backlogged by several months. Which option should an app bullder suggest to meet this requirement? Use an AppExchange solution. Build a screen flow page. Build a Lightning record page. Use a Bolt solution.
Ursa Major Solar's service department gets requests for several types of services, such as installation, repair, and maintenance. Service managers need to be able to tell when maintenance was last done on an asset to help determine if they are meeting contract agreements, but the last maintenance date can be difficult to determine when there are many work orders related to the asset. They think it would be helpful to have a field auto-populated on the Asset record when a maintenance work order gets closed. What tool should an app bullder recommend to help meet this requirement? Apex Trigger VisualForce Roll Up Summary Field Flow.
Northern Trall Outfitters wants to change a master-detall relationship on Account to a lookup relationship with a Custom object Park. The app bullder tries to reconfigure this but is unable to do so. What could be causing this? The Account record includes Parks roll-up summary fields. The park records have existing formulas on the Account. The Park object needs at least one Master-Detall field for reporting The Account is included in a flow process on the Park object.
Ursa Major Solar has a lookup relationship between a custom Galaxy c object and a custom Star c object. An App builder wants to create a roll-up summary field that counts the total number of Star c records related to Each Galaxy c record. How would the current configuration impact the ability to achieve the desired result? The roll-up summary can be achieved by creating a formula field on the Galaxy c object. The lookup relationship will need to be converted to a master-detail relationship before a roll-up summary field can be created. The roll-up summary can be achieved by creating a formula flejd on the Star _c object. A roll-up summary field will need to be created on the Galaxy/c object with a field filter that selects all related Starc records.
Service agents at Ursa Major Solar want a more condensed case view. Service agents also want to be able to modify the associated contact and account records from the case page layout on the Lightning record page. Which two components should an app builder use to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers Related record Path Tabs Rich Text.
A sales rep at AW Computing is unable to find what they are looking for while scrolling through their Chatter Feed. How can a filter be utilized to show only posts from their key account and opportunity records? Create a Chatter group. Create a Chatter stream. Create Chatter bookmarks. Create a Chatter notification.
Universal Containers is setting up Salesforce for the first time. Management wants the sales and marketing teams to have different navigation menus in the Salesforce Mobile App. Which option is available to an app builder to satisfy this requirement? Create mobile navigation menus for both the sales and marketing profiles. Create roles for sales and marketing and assign a custom homepage layout for each role. Create public groups for sales and marketing and create mobile navigation menus for each group. Create sales and marketing apps and assign the respective profiles to each app.
Cloud Kicks wants to display 10 key fields at once in a separate section at the top of opportunity records on the desktop. Which component should an app builder add to the record page to enable this functionality? Path Highlights Panel Custom Lightning Web Component Accordion.
Universal Containers allows all employees to submit reviews for leadership using a custom object called Review. These Reviews should only be visible to the HR department and the employee who submitted the record. Which three steps should an app builder take to properly control access to Reviews? Choose 3 answers Remove Review Read permission from non-HR Department user Profiles. Set organization-wide default to Private. Add a Master-Detail(User) field on the Review object Create a criteria-based Sharing Rule for the HR department Disable Grant Access Using Hierarchies.
A recently refreshed partial sandbox at Cloud Kicks has no data in the custom object Shipping. Checking in Production, there are two million rows of data in the object. What could be the reason the data is missing? The sandbox is still populating data. The selected objects in the sandbox template. The sandbox was refreshed too early. The partial sandbox is at capacity.
The CFO wants to make sure that a deal with more than a 40% discount gets approved by the VP of Finance before a quote is sent to the customer. In which two ways can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers Launch a flow that uses a submit for approval action to submit deals for approval. Create a new approval process that has automatic submission enabled in the entry criteria. Create a new process with a submit for approval action to automatically submit deals for approval. Launch a new approval process that has automatic submission enabled as an initial submission action.
An app builder wants to add the option to ‘Send New Emall’ from Leads, Contacts, and Accounts for users on mobile. What is the benefit of using global actions to accomplish this? Global actions can be accessed anywhere actions are available in mobile Including record detail Pages, feed, and Chatter groups. Salesforce Lightning Component Library houses existing global actions prebuilt for use. The global action’s layout automatically clones the default page layout. Global actions are record-specific and are available when searching that particular object.
An app builder has a custom component they want to make available on the utility bar, but the component is unavailable. How should the component be tagged? For use in App Manager. For use in Lightning App Bullder. For use on record pages. For use on the utility bar.
Universal Containers has a custom picklist called Support Level on the Account object. They would like to show the real-time value of Support Level on all case records. How should an app builder implement this requirement? Create a formula field on the Account object using the ISPICKVAL function. Create a formula field on the Case object using the TEXT function. Create a roll-up summary field using Support Level on the Account object. Create a Process Builder and use a field update on the Case object.
Universal Containers has a requirement that an opportunity should have a field showing the value of its associated account's billing state. This value should be static after the opportunity has been created. What is the recommended solution to configure this automation behavior? Roll-up summary field Apex Workflow Formula field.
Universal Containers has a new custom object for Invoices that includes an Involce Number field. Before the invoice object can be used, invoices will be migrated from an external system maintaining their current Invoice number. After the migration, each new Invoice created in Salesforce must have a unique Invoice Number. How should the app builder configure the Invoice Number field? Create an AutoNumber field and migrate the invoices in Invoice Number order. Create a Text field and mark it as a unique external ID field. Create a Text field, then change it to AutoNumber after the migration. Create a Text field for the original Invoice Number and an AutoNumber field for the Salesforce Invoice Number.
65. An app builder at DreamHouse Realty created a custom object which has fields containing data from two different objects via related lookups. What is needed to create "with" or "without" reports on the new custom object? A. Row-Level Formula B. Report Bucket Field C. Report Filters D. Custom Report Type Row-level Formula Report Bucket Field Report Filters Custom Report Type.
The developer at Universal Containers wants to test code in a sandbox environment. In order to ensure the code works properly, the sandbox needs to have at least half a gigabyte of data. The sandbox will need to be refreshed after each three-day sprint. What type of sandbox should the App Builder provision to the developer? Partial Data Full Copy Developer Pro Developer.
65. Cloud Kicks has a custom object with a private sharing setting. The business wants to share individual records with specific people or departments on a case-by-case-basis. Which three options does the business user have to manually share individual records? Choose 3 answers Roles and Subordinates Public Groups Private Groups Permission Set Groups Users.
Northern Trail Outfitters uses a custom object to track travel requests. Rangers want to have automatic posts on a record whenever a travel request has been approved. Which feature should be used to accomplish this? Feed tracking Workflow rule Auto-response rule Feed quick action.
Cloud Kicks conducts an evaluation of sales reps with a custom object that houses a scorecard. The company wants to ensure that only the sales reps, their managers, and their manager’s executives can view The rep’s scorecard, but also prevent the reps from being able to view the executive comment fields on their Review. How should these requirements be met? Use a private sharing model granting record access using custom settings; manage field access with Page layouts and field-level security. Use a private sharing model granting record access using hierarchy; manage field access with Record types and field-level security. Use a private sharing model granting record access using custom settings; manage field access with Record types and page layouts. Use a private sharing model granting record access using hierarchy; manage field access with field-level security.
Cloud Kicks wants to start tracking how many shoe subscriptions have been sold for each shoe catalog. A master-Detail relationship exists between the Subscription c and the Shoe_c objects. Which type of field should an app builder create? Roll-up summary field Lookup field Master-detall relationship field Number field.
Universal Containers (UC) has implemented multi-currency. There are several products that UC sells exclusively in Europe and the UK. Opportunities for these products need to be written in euros (EUR) or British pounds (GBP). Which solution should an app builder recommend? Create a new validation rule that allows only EUR or GBP to be selected from all active currencies when an opportunity is created for these products. Create a new sales process that includes only the EUR and GBP currencies for these products. Create a new record type these products and include only the EUR and GBP currencies from the Opportunity Currency Picklist. Create a new page layout for these products that shows only the EUR and GBP currencies in the Opportunity Currency Picklist.
Universal Containers created a custom object called Component to capture details about products sold. What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product? Create a junction object to relate Component and Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout. Create a master-detall relationship on Product to Component. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout. Create a lookup relationship on Component to Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout. Create a roll-up on Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout.
What are the limitations of Schema Builder when creating a custom object? Fields and relationships can be created, but they will be unable to add the fields to the page layout From the canvas. Custom fields can be added to any custom objects, excluding formula field types. Relationships can be made to any custom objects, but any relationships to standard objects should be built in Lightning Object Manager. "Save" should be clicked each time a new object, field, or relationship is created.
65. Cloud Kicks received a new requirement to calculate summaries from child objects of a standard object. The team would prefer to solve this declaratively. Which two considerations should an app builder evaluate? Choose 2 answers A value is required in all records of the lookup field prior to converting to a master-detail Relationship. An app builder is unable to change a lookup to a master-detail relationship. An object can have up to two master-detail relationships. A trigger on save or update can kick off calculations.
An app builder is creating a Lightning record page and has added Mobile & Lightning Actions to the page layout. What two components could be included on the layout to display the actions? Choose 2 answers Activities Chatter Highlights panel Path.
A Cloud Kicks employee submitted an opportunity for approval by their manager. What would happen if the employee attempts to edit the description field after submission? User will be presented with a ‘Record Lock’ notification. User will be able to edit the description field only. User will see the record is now owned by their manager. User will be able to edit the name, but unable to edit the description.
An app builder has created a change set and deployed a report from their development sandbox to a partial Sandbox for User Acceptance Testing. When the app builder runs the report, no data is returned. What can be a reason for this? Reports have to be deployed with salesforce DX. Reports have to be manually re-created in each environment. Data is deployed when added to a change sets. Data is unable to be deployed with change sets.
Which three options are available when activating Lightning page from the Lightning App Builder? Choose 3 answers Assign the page to a combination of apps and profiles. Assign the page to a combination of apps and permission sets, Make the page the org default Make the page the default homepage for specific roles. Make the page the default homepage for specific apps.
An app bullder is creating a custom object called Testimonialc and wants to connect Testimonial_c records with both the submitter's Contact record and Account record. If the Account is deleted, the Testimonial_ c should be deleted. If the Contact is deleted, but the Account remains, the Testimonial_c should remain. How should this be accomplished? Create a lookup relationship from Testimonial c to Account and a master-detail relationship from Testimonial c to Contact. Make Testimonial ca junction object between Account and Contact using master-detail relationships. Create a master-detail relationship from Testimonial c to Account and a lookup relationship from Testimonial c to Contact. Make both the Contact and Account fields required on the Testimonial object and create lookup relationships from Testimonial c to Contact and to Account.
An app builder needs to deploy a new account detail page layout from sandbox to production. Which three components should an app builder include in the Change Set to ensure it deploys successfully and Visually as expected? Choose 3 answers Lightning App Builder Custom fields Detail page layout System administrator profile Custom actions.
When an opportunity has a closed date that is pushed more than 30 days, manager approval is required. An approval process is in place but reps frequently forget to submit for approval to run the process. How can an app builder ensure that these opportunities are submitted into the approval process? Submit the record for approval from an automated process. Give the manager the “APIEnabled” permission to permit approval responses by email. Use a validation rule and an email alert to the manager requesting approval. Change the entry criteria on the approval process to criteria are met and lock the record on Initial submission.
Cloud Kicks (CK) keeps track of its shoe inventory in Salesforce. When an order’s status is changed to Activated, The inventory for the ordered shoe is reduced. At that point, a SOAP web service on the CK website must be called So that the website is updated to display the correct inventory amount for the shoe. What should an app builder use to communicate to the CK web service when a shoe’s inventory has changed? After-Save Record-Triggered flow Before-Save Record-Triggered flow Process Builder Workflow rule.
Cloud Kicks asked the app builder to insert a list of 25,000 records using deduplication for the Delivery custom Object. Which tool should be used? Schema Builder Import Wizard Lightning Object Creator Data Loader.
Ursa Major Solar is ramping up the sales team to meet increased demand. As part of the short ramp up for these New reps, the manager wants to provide a help guide to enable reps to easily get help where needed during the Different sales processes. Which solution should an app bullder recommend? Flow Journey Builder Chatter Publisher Path.
Cloud Kicks works on an annual subscription model. When a sales rep marks an opportunity as closed won, a new Opportunity should automatically be created for the renewal. The contracts team works outside of Salesforce but Also needs to be notified about closed deals in order to initiate the contract process with the customer. Which automation solution would meet these requirements? Approval Process Outbound Message Validation Rule Record-triggered flow.
An app builder has modified a Lightning record page for a case and has added an email button Item to the page Layout; however, users are unable to see the new item on the layout. What are two potential reasons why users are unable to view the item on the Case Lightning record page? Choose 2 answers The email button contains JavaScript. The page layout excludes the case feed component. The page layout includes the case feed component. The case page layout also contains custom buttons.
Sales reps at Universal Containers create multiple quotes per opportunity. What automation tool should an app builder recommend to delete rejected quotes? Approval process Validation rule Workflow Flow.
Cloud Kicks wants to display the number of opportunities that are Closed Won with a Close Date within the last Year on the Account detail page. Which tool should an app builder use to implement this? Process Builder Activity Timeline Roll-Up Summary Field Workflow Rule.
A service coordinator (SC) for Ursa Major Solar (UMS) does a final review of work orders owned by a technician For a specific region before the records are submitted for an invoice. Before closing out the work order, the SC Needs to modify data or remove attachments that were added by mistake. The SC also needs access to any other Related records owned by the technician. What solution would provide the required access, given a private data model? Create a workflow rule that updates records owned by technicians in that region with the SC. Change work order access on the SC’s profile to ‘Modify All’. Create an SC sharing rule and a corresponding public group. Give the SC a permission set with the Modify All Data system permission.
Universal Containers wants to embed a chart of all related Opportunities, by stage, on the Account detail page. Which type of report should an app builder create to add to the Account page layout? A tabular report on the Opportunity object A summary report on the Opportunity object A tabular report on the Account object A summary report on the Account object.
DreamHouse Realty wants to track how many lifts are being installed into customer garages. The To Be Installed custom checkbox field on the custom Lift object should be checked and an external system should be notified via an outbound message the next day when a lift is sold. What automation tool should be used to complete this task? Flow Approval process Process Builder Validation Rule.
Nickname c is a custom text field on a contact record that is utilized to override the contact name appearing on an email template. This field is not required and is not always filled in. Which formula should an app builder use to select the contact's preferred name for email communications? IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Nickname c)),Nickname__ c,FirstName) IF(TEXT(Nickname_c),Nickname__ c, FirstName) IF(ISNULL(Nickname c), Nickname c,FirstName) IF(NOT(BLANKVALUE(Nickname___ c)),Nickname__ _c.FirstName).
Universal Containers (UC) wants to delete data in several fields for 5,000 Lead records. UC exported the selected record IDs and fields that need to have data deleted in a CSV file. Which two steps should an app bullder suggest to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers Use Data Loader to update leads using the CSV file. Select the correct record type. Use Import Wizard to update leads using the CSV file, Select Insert Null Values in Settings.
Universal Containers (UC) has a custom Invoice object and a custom Invoice Line Item object. The Invoice Line Item object has a lookup relationship to the Invoice. UC would like to convert the lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship but is unable to do so. Which two reasons could be preventing this relationship conversion? Choose 2 answers There is a roll-up summary field on the Invoice object. Custom objects are unable to be on the detail side of a master-detail relationship. There are already two master-detail relationships on the Invoice Line Item. Invoice Line Item records exist without having the Invoice lookup field populated.
What are two reasons to create an unmanaged package? Choose 2 answers Deploying from a Developer Edition environment Distributing upgradeable components to other Salesforce orgs Publishing an application for sale on the AppExchange Distributing open-source projects on the AppExchange.
Universal Containers is adding drone delivery to service offerings, and the developer has written and tested code Prior to deployment to production, and the change set is ready to go. The deployment window will occur when the Developer is on vacation. What can the app builder do to ensure a smooth deployment to production? Remove Apex classes from inbound change set. Validate the inbound change set. Use a metadata package set. Validate the outbound change set.
How should an app builder configure access to a contact’s Twitter profile for Salesforce mobile app users? Add the Twitter component to mobile view Lightning pages. Add a formula field to the Contact page layout. Add a Twitter Quick Action to the mobile navigation. Add an AppExchange Lightning Component to the mobile app.
Universal Containers requires a custom field on the Case object to be automatically updated every time there is an Owner change on the Case. Which two features can be used for this requirement? Choose 2 answers Process Builder Approval Process Schema Bullder Workflow.
Universal Containers wants to collaborate with its customers within Salesforce and has decided to enable the Allow Customer Invitations in the Chatter settings. Which permission is granted to customers when invited to a Chatter group? The ability to interact with members of their groups. The ability to request access to public groups. The ability to invite members to groups of which they are a member. The ability to mention accounts of which they are a contact.
Universal Containers wants to display the real-time stock price for each Account on the Account record page. How should an app builder implement this request? Build a Flow that uses API calls. Install a solution from the AppExchange. Create a Lightning Web Component. Use a scheduled Apex job.
Universal Containers wants to automatically assign a specific permission set to new users. Which two actions can be completed to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers Create a workflow rule on the User object to assign a permission set. Create a process on the User object to launch a flow. Create an approval process on the User object to assign a permission set Create a flow on the User object to assign a permission set.
Universal Containers has the Account object’s Organization-Wide Default set to Private. The marketing team owns Accounts; however, they also need to be able to see the sales team’s Accounts. Both the sales and marketing Teams are in completely different branches of the role hierarchy. What feature should be used to enable marketing to see sales-owned accounts? Public Group Flow Workflow Sharing Rules.
An app builder installed a custom Lightning component from AppExchange. What should be done next in order to configure the component for use in a record page? Edit a record page using the Page Layout editor> Drag the Visualforce component onto the page. Edit a record page using the Page Layout editor> Drag the component onto the page. Edit a record page using App Manager> Drag the component onto the page. Edit a record page using Lightning App Bullder > Drag the component onto the page.
What should an app builder consider when choosing a template for a new Lightning record page? The template is unabie to be changed after the initial save. To view the record page, users need “View All Data” permissions for the object. Page structure wil automatically adapt to the device belng used to vew the record page. Select a new tempiate for each type of device users use to view the record page.
DreamHouse Realty (DR) 1s expanding into subsidized housing by partnering with local government entitles. DRR Uses Sales Cloud and has enabled field history tracking on the Opportunity object. Due to increased information Requirements, the App Dev team is changing Text Area fLong) fields to Rich Text fields to allow for up to 1,000 Characters and better descriptions. Which two considerations shouid be made by the team? Choose 2 answers Rich text fieid vaiues of ailf lengths are displayed fully in reports Field History Tracking records value changes of 255 characters or less Data loss may occur when changing custom fieid types Audit Trat s available through REST API Extracts.
Universal Containers wants to match Opportunity data from Salesforce to the records in a financial database. What is required to configure an indirect lookup relationship in Salesforce between the Salesforce Opportunity Records and those in a financial database? Salesforce Record ID TEXT(Id) External ID CASESAFE(ID).
Universal Containers (UC) has 20 different workflows on the Opportunity object. To ensure that updates are Processing properly for all field updates; UC has the “Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change” checkbox Checked. Recently after adding a new workflow, users have reported receiving errors about workflow limits. What should an app builder review to address this issue? Time-dependent actions that are reevaluated after save Number of workflows per object limit Workflows that cause each other to fire recursively Cross-object workflows that are being re-triggered.
Ursa Major Solar wants to see the Type field from the parent object Galaxy listed on the child record Star. The app Builder is receiving an error stating “Picklist values are only supported in certain functions. What formula should an app builder use to achieve the desired result? FIND(Galaxy .Type c) ISPICKVAL(Galaxy Type c) TEXT(Galaxy .Type c) VALUE(Galaxy .Type c).
With a master-detall, and two that are not. Each of these objects has 15 fields they would like to summarize on the Account object. What are two considerations for this proposal? Choose 2 answers An object can have 25 roll-up summaries. Roll-up summaries allow MAX, MIN, SUM, COUNT, and AVG. An object can have 20 object references. Roll-up summaries are limited to master-detail relationships.
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