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In one schedule there can be ... only one category of elements maximum 5 categories all elements categories, except System Families all available Revit categories .
In which kind of views you can create grids Section 3d view Plan All Revit view Drafting View.
Boundary of structural floor can be drawn by Walls only Walls and Beams Walls and Columns Columns only.
To move windows from one wall into another you can: ctrl+x → ctrl+v just drag it w/ mouse using button "pick new host" all of above.
What in non ixisting way to create Roof: by Footprint by Face by Extrusion by Ceiling.
Once you draw Detail Lines they can be seen on: all plan views in all views ,except 3d and drafting only in view they were drawn in all project views.
View with only 2D elements, that aren't connected with building model: There is now such kind of views Drafting View Callout Independent View.
Turn off workset visibility is possible only in all project views possible only in specific views impossible possible in specific and all views.
Which kinds of export Revit allow Schedule to TXT 3D view to IFC Plan view to JPG Walkthrough to AVI Schedule to RVT Section View to RTE Family to RFA.
Select TRUE option All Revit schedules are connected w/ model elements Room can be deleted from project only via schedule Maximum allowed filter options for schedule is 5 View Template can't be applied to schedule.
Select FALSE. Groups can be used ... in RVT Project only in Project and families editor in Drafting View for only 3d elements.
What is the Wall hotkey WAL WL WA WLL.
Which statements is FALSE Revision Clouds can be placed in 3D Revision cloud is annotation Revision clouds are visible only in the view they are placed Revision Clouds can be scheduled only in title block family.
Which FOUR Revit categories can define Room boundaries Ceiling Wall Roof Railing Floor Columns.
Choose TRUE statements about Tags Tags can be placed even in 3D View Tags can be placed in Drafting View You can switch Tag Type after placing Tags placed in plan view can be shown in another view of this level You can place several tags to one element.
Which statement about Callouts is False Callout can have only rectangular shape Detail Views are created with the Callout tool Callout automatically uses different view scale from the parent view You can link Callout to Drafting View.
Which statements about Drafting View is FALSE Drafting can contain 3d elements You can import CAD files into them You can adjust view scale and detail level They can be stored in separate file.
Specify features that can be applied to Wall category Reveal Sweeps Horizontal layers Parts Wrapping Fascia Gutter.
Which is FALSE about Stair sketches All risers lines must touch the boundary lines Risers must be parallel Boundary lines must be open lines You can not place risers lines on top of each other.
What does triangle symbol next to roof of boundary sketch line indicate gable orientation overhang from walls slope eave height.
Which are Revit native Wall instances Stacked Wall Curtain Wall Basic Wall CMU Wall Structural Wall Architectural Wall Stud Wall.
Which dialog box is used to specify default lineweights, colors, patterns and materials in ALL views Line Patterns Visibility/Graphics View properties Object Styles Project Standards.
Which item Project Template do not contain Levels Loaded families Settings Worksets.
When you convert existing Wall to a Curtain Wall, what happens w/ Doors and Windows in it Walls cannot be converted to Curtain They will convert to curtain Doors and Windows types They remain as were Will be deleted.
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