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Revit Test

New Employee Revit Test

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In which view type can you place a level? 3D Elevation Legend Construction.
Which TWO are TYPE properties of a wall? Top Constraint Base Constraint Location Line Function Coarse Scale Fill Pattern.
Which parameter of a plan view opens a dialog box to edit the depth of a view? Visibility/Graphics overrides Graphic Display Option Color Scheme View Range.
Which dialog box is used to specify default lineweights, line colors, line patterns, and materials in ALL views? View properties Visibility/Graphics Line Patterns Project Information Object Styles.
Which statement about revision clouds is FALSE? Revision Clouds are an annotation Revision Clouds can be placed in a 3D view Revision Clouds are visible only on the view they are placed After a Revision Cloud is placed, you can tag it.
Which statement about sheets is FALSE? You can delete a title block from a sheet You can drag a view from the Project Browser onto a sheet You can place model views only on one sheet You can place a schedule only on one sheet.
Which statement about callouts is false? Callouts can be placed in plan, elevation or section views You have to create the bubble, head, and leader separately Callouts create an enlarged portion of a parent view Callouts are automatically numbered when placed on sheets.
Which THREE statements are TRUE about Drafting Views? Drafting views show 3D building model content Drafting views display 2D information only You can import CAD files into Drafting Views You can adjust view scale and detail level on Drafting Views You can adjust the view range of Drafting Views You can render Drafting Views.
What does the small triangle next to the roof boundary line indicate in the roof sketch? Overhang Orientation Gable Slope Eave Height.
If you convert an existing wall to a curtain wall, what happens to any doors or windows that are placed in the selected wall? They remain They are deleted They are converted to curtain wall entities You cannot convert existing walls to curtain walls.
When you tag elements by category, which THREE statements are true? The tag family for a model element must be loaded before you can place the tag for that element Tags appear only in the view where they are placed Tags can only be placed in plan view Tags display information based on the tag family and the item tagged You cannot switch between tag types once a tag has been placed.
Which statement about text is FALSE? Text scales with the view Text is view specific You can paste text from Microsoft Word into a text object Text leaders must be placed separately.
When you make a change to the model, Revit immediately determines the effect of the change and reflects that change to any affected __________. Models Drawings Views Elements.
When modeling a floor, the floor __________ must be a closed loop. Type Boundary Slope Function.
To define the extents of a room, you must use room bounding elements or room separation ___________. Families Parameters Lines Tags.
To change the global display setting for a category of elements in a project, you modify its ____. Visual Styles Visibility / Graphic Overrides Object Styles Display Styles.
To duplicate a view and include its assoicated annotation and model elements, you right-click on the view listed in the Project Browser and select __________. Duplicate as a Dependant Duplicate with Detailing Duplicate Exact Duplicate.
The ___________ utilizes a set of planes to control object visibility and display in plan views. View Range Section Box Crop Region Scope Box.
To change the fill pattern display for walls cut in plan, you override the ___________. Projection / Surface Pattern Cut Pattern Line Styles Cut Line Styles.
To place a schedule on a sheet, you ____________. Click on the schedule in the Project Browser and drag it onto the sheet. Right-click on the schedule in the Project Browser and click Send to Sheet. Define the schedule as a hosted view in the sheet’s properties. Define the schedule’s sheet location in its view properties.
When you model a roof, it is automatically associated with a ____________. Level Wall View Material.
When you change the height of a level, all of the associated elements will ____________. Be deleted Move Highlight Stay the same.
When you trim or extend elements to a corner, you click on the portion of the elements you want to _______________. Move Keep Remove Offset.
Values that specify properties common to all elements of a particular family type are called ___________ parameters. Instance Type Element Shared.
Values that specify properties not shared by all elements of a particular family type are called ___________ parameters. Instance Type Element Shared.
You are NOT able to ____________ elements in a linked Revit file. Hide View Schedule Modify.
To modify the display of a linked Revit file, you modify the ______________ for the view. Type Styles Visual Styles Visibility / Graphic Overrides Graphic Display.
When you create a new level, _____________ views are created by default. Coordination Sheet Plan Elevation.
Match the TASK to the TAB location under the Revit Ribbon where you would go to perform it. Create a Wall Import an Image file Add a Detail Component Create / Modify Worksets Create a new Schedule Create a new Design Option.
Which of the following CANNOT be controlled with a View Template? View Scale Detail Level Annotation Visibility Graphics Temporary Visibility Graphics Door Visibility Graphics.
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