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SAFe Agile

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SAFe Agile

SAFe Agile Exam

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According to SAFe Principle #10, what should the Enterprise do when markets and customers demand change? Create an Agile Release Train to focus on value Reorganize the network around the new value flow Apply development cadence and synchronization to operate effectively and manage uncertainty Create a reliable decision-making framework to empower employees and ensure a fast flow of value.
Which statement is true about ART events? ART events run inside the team events, and the team events create a closed-loop system Team events run inside the ART events, and the ART events create a closed-loop system Team events run inside the ART events, and the ART events create a closed-loop system The daily stand-up is an ART event that requires the scrum of scrums and Program Owner sync involvement in the closed-loop system.
Which role serves as the servant leader for the Agile Release Train? Business Owner Release Train Engineer Agile Coach Scrum Master.
During the PI Planning event, when are planning adjustments agreed upon? During breakout sessions During the draft plan review During the management review and problem-solving During Scrum of scrums.
What is part of the role of the Scrum Master? To escalate ART impediments To prioritize and identify what is ready for Iteration Planning To facilitate all team events To coach the interactions with the Scrum Framework.
Which statement is a value from the Agile Manifesto? Customer collaboration over following a plan Customer collaboration over a constant indefinite pace Individuals and interactions over contract negotiation Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
Which core competency of the Lean Enterprise helps drive Built-in Quality practices? DevOps and Release on Demand Team and Technical Agility Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering Lean Portfolio Management.
The primary need for SAFe is to scale the idea of what? Organizational and Functional Alignment Business Agility Technical Solution Delivery Lean Portfolio Management.
What is one way Lean-Agile leaders lead by example? By modeling SAFe’s Lean-Agile Mindset, values, principles, and practices By using the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to script the way for change By mastering the Seven Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise By applying empathic design and focusing on Customer Centricity.
SAFe’s first Lean-Agile Principle includes “Deliver early and often” and what else? Apply systems thinking Decentralize decision-making Deliver value incrementally Apply cadence.
What are two ways to describe a cross-functional Agile Team? (Choose two.) They can define, build, and test an increment of value They are optimized for communication and delivery of value They are made up of members, each of whom can define, develop, test, and deploy the system They deliver value every six weeks They release customer products to production continuously.
The program board shows which two items? (Choose two.) Risks Capacity and load Significant dependencies Features Epics.
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