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you want to develop a classical scren(dynpro) with an input field. you define the input field with reference to a component of an ABAP Dictionary structure. Define a foreign key relationship for the stuucture component. Assigne a value table to the underlying domain. Assigne a search help to the input field. Implement a PBO module to check the field value.
when analyzing a program,which tasks can you perform using the code inspector? Determine used database tables. Evaluate the time needed for program execution. Discover unused variables Search for ABAP Statements Inspect the memory consumption.
Which ABAP statement using the local type gty_1 correctly defines a data object? DATA gv_1 LIKE gty_1. DATA gv_1TYPE gty_1 VALUE '1'. DATA gv_1 TYPE gty_1 DEFAULT '1'. CONSTANTS gc_1 TYPE gty_1.
You want to check the user inut in the field FIELD_NAME on a classical screen. If an incorrect value is entered, the user should be able to corect the field value. How do you call the module CHECK_MODULE in the PAI of the screen to accomplish this? CHAIN.MODULE check_module FIELD field_name,ENDCHAIN MODULE check_module ON ERROR. FIELD field_name MODULE check_module. FIELD field_name MODULE check_module MESSAGE Ennn.
What do you need to fully specify a table type? note 3 ans Line type Table Category Header Line Table Key Table size.
What kind of data object do you declare with the following Statement? DATA myvar TYPE dbtab. An elementary field A reference to an internal table. A structure variable An internal table.
what can you enhance using BAdIs? note 3 ans Souce Code Database tables Menus Data elements Screens.
You have defined a classical screen (dynpro) with mandatory input fields. You want to exit the screen using the Cancel button even if not all of the mandatory fields have been filled. What is necessary to achieve this? Define the function code assigned to the Cancel button as type E and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND. Set the function code assigned to the cancel button to CANCEL Use the LOOP AT SCREEN.... ENDLOOP statement to set the "required" property of the input field to zero. Set the function type assigned to the cancel button to S.
What can you create using the ABAP Dictionary? Note 3 ans Field Symbols Transparent Tables Internal Tables Domains Type Pools.
Which assignment will lead to a conversion error? A type C data object with the value '1.50E4' to a type I data object. A type P data object to a type F data object. A XSTRING type data object to a STRING type data object. A type C data object with the value '123' to a type C data object with lenght 2.
How can you improve the performance of a database table access when using a given SELECT statement? Note: 2 ans use appropriate table buffering for the database table. Covert the database table to a pooled table. Put the database table in the special fast access tablespace of the database. Define appropriate indexes for the database table.
You define a component that contains two views.Each view contains an inbound plug and an outbound plug.You want to define an application that display only one view at at time and allows navigation between these two views. How do you define navigation between these two views? Embed both view in one window and connect the plugs of the views using navigation links. Embed the same window in both views using view containers and connect the pligs of the views using navigation links. Embed each view in a separate window and connect the plugs of the windows using navigation links. embed one view in a window , embed the other view in this view using a view container, and connect the plugs of the views using navigation links.
You want to loop over an internal table with out copying each table row to a work area. how can you achieve this using a field symbol? LOOP...ASSIGNING. ENDLOOP. LOOP...TRANSPORTING INTO. ENDLOOP. LOOP...INTO. ENDLOOP. LOOP...REFERENCE INTO. ENDLOOP.
You have written a program to output data using the ALV grid control. Which sequence of steps should be executed at runtime? 1.Create a container object 2.Create a grid object 3. Pass data to the grid object. 1.Create a container object 2.Pass data to the grid object. 3.Create a grid object. 1.Create a grid object. 2.Create a container object 3. Pass data to the grid object. 1.Pass data to the grid object. 2.Create a container object 3.Create a grid object.
You want to display a dialogbox in your ABAP program. Which statement do you use? SET SCREEN 200 WINDOW 200 STARING AT 5 5. CALL SCREEN 200 STARING AT 5 5. CALL SCREEN 200.
Which options do you have when setting a watchpoint? note: 2 ans Stop at any change of a specific variable Stop at any change of any variable. Stop at predefined conditions for any variable. Stop at predefined conditions for a specific variable.
What is the purpose of implicit enhancement points? To create a secondary index for an SAP database table. To add fileds to an SAP database table To add code to a standard SAP program To change code in a standard SAP program.
To which ABAP Dictionary definition can you assign fixed values? Component of a structure Domain Field of a transparent table Data element.
You want to start a module pool. What do you need to create? Report transaction Dialog transaction OO transaction Selection Transaction.
To which context object is the attribute LEAD_SELECTION_INDEX related? Element Supply function Attribute Node.
What feature are provide by the databse interface? Note: 3 ans Conversion of Open SQL statements from ABAP statements into the corresponding databse statements. Sytax check of "native" SQL commands Data consistency check using foregin key relationships Databse independence of application programs Access to SAP table buffers.
You want to check the user authorization for data entered in an input field of a selection screen. where do you do this? In the event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT In the event block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM. In a PBO module of the selection screen In the event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN.
At the end of a project, the developers of a team need to release their tasks and the project lead needs to release their change request R1. Now another developer who does not belong to this team needs to maintain the object O1 that is part of the change request R1. when will this developer be able to change the object O1? After the object O1 has been activated. After the request R1 has been released After the task that contains the object O1 has been released After all objects of the request R1 have been imported successfully into the next system.
Which statements are allowed for processing internal tables? note: 3 ans INSERT DELETE MODIFY UPDATE SELECT.
Which additional features have domains compared to ABAP dictionary build-in types? note: 3 ans Parameters IDs Conversion exits search help value tables fixed values.
Which controller types can exist within a Web Dynpro Component? note: 3 Ans User Controller Application Controller Window controller componentcontroller view controller.
How do you program an input validation on a selection screen that allows users to correct their input? Implement the check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement the check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN. In case of an input error a type A MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement the check at the event END-OF-SELECTION. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement a check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN in case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed.
What do you need in your program to respond tot he DOUBLE_CLICK event raised by an instance of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class? note: 3 ans A handler class A method to read the registration table. A SET HANDLER statement to reagester the handler to the event A handler method for the event A CATCH statement to capture the event.
What is mandatory for automatic data transport between a variable and an input field on a classical screen(dynpro)? The name of the variable and the name of the input field must be identical The variable must be declared using the TABLES statement The property OUTPUT of the input field must be set. The variable must be declared using the DATA statement.
Which parameter types can be used in the signature of a functional method? note: 2 ans EXPORTING CHANGING RETURNING IMPORTING.
Where can you define global data types that are visible system-wide? note: 3 ans In a method of a global class In a global interface In a global class In the ABAP Dictionary In a function module.
In which databse table type is there a one-toone relationship between the Dictionary table defination and the relevent physical table in the database? Cluster table Internal table Transperent Table Pooled table.
Which of the following statements regarding database indexes and buffering is correct? A buffered table cannot have secondary indexs If table data is read using indexes the table buffer cannot be filled If indexes are defined for a table , buffering setting cannot be defined. If data is read from the table buffer, the existing indexes are not used.
How many bytes are needed for a type I data objects? 2 8 4 As many as are needed to store the assigned value.
You want to read data from 2 database tables A and B using a database join.Database table B Contains details for data records stored in database table A.Your result should contain all combainations of matching rows from A and B plus all rows from A that do not have matching rows in B. Which statement do you use? SELECT.. FROM b RIGHT OUTER JOIN a... SELECT... FROM a JOIN b... SELECT.. FROM a LEFT OUTER JOIN b.. SELECT.. FROM a INNER JOIN b.
What can you do using the class builder? note: 3 ans Convert methods to function modules Test Classes in a simulated runtime environment Improt local classes and local interfaces from your program Redesign classes and interfaces using the refactoring assistant. Import classical screens from your program.
You want to define two database tables with differrent structures. Both tables should contain the fields CHANGE_DATE and CHANGE_TIME. How do you implement this in order to minimize the maintenance effort? Define a structure with these two fields and include this structure in both databse tables Define an append structure with these two fields and assign this append structure to both database tables. Define the two fields in one databse table and copy them to the other database table. define the two fields in each databse table separately.
You implement a search help that displays data selected via an outer join. Which view type can you use? Projection view Databse view Help view Maintenance view.
What can you use to achive polymorphism? note: 2 ans Friends Events Inheritance Interfaces.
Your program contains the following code: result = cl_list=>number_of_lists(). What type of component is NUMBER_OF_LISTS? A public static functional method A public instance attribute A public instance functional method A public static attribute.
In which modularization units can you use parameters? note: 3 Ans Subroutines Event Blocks such as START-OF-SELECTION Function module Methods Dialog modules such as PBO modules.
A customer changes tha code of a standerd SAP ABAP program. How do you call this action? Correction Modification Personalization Customizing.
What do global type and local type have in common? Search help Technical Information Field Labels Documentation.
Where can you set the GUI status and the GUI title for a classical screen? In the properties of the related header UI element In a module called from PAI of the screen In the attributes of the screen In a module called from PBO of the screen.
The instance method SUPER_METHOD belong to class CL_SUPER and the instance method SUB_METHOD belongs to class CL_SUB. You Create two reference variables: DATA go_super TYPE REF TO cl_super. DATA go_sub TYPE REF TO cl_sub. Which statement will raise a syntax error? go_sub->sub_method() go_sub->super_method() go_super->super_method() go_super->sub_method().
What happen when an authorization check fails? The program is terminated A CX_AUTH_FAILED type exception is raised A type E message is displayed The system field SY_SUBRC is set to a value other than zero.
Which of the following tools belong to the ABAP workbench? Screen Painter Class builder Easy access menu Function builder Implementation Guide.
You Want to define a foreign key relationship between a combination of fields in a table and the primary key fields of another table What do you have to consider? The number of key fields in the foreign key table must be exactly the same as in the check table The cardinality of the foregin key relationship must be 1:cn The table must be assigned as a value table in the domain of the check field The check field and its corresponding fields in the check table must have the same domain.
Which boundary conditions lead to improved access time to an internal table? note: 3 ans Left Justified part of key for sorted tables Index access for standard tables Index access for hashed tables Fully qualified key for sorted tables Left justified part of key for hashed tables.
What is the task of a view within a Web Dynpro component? To define a part of the graphical layout To define the URL for a Web Dynpro application To store data that can be accessed by other controllers To define that navigation structure within a Web Dynpro Application.
Which solutions are part of the SAP Business Suite? Note: 3 ans SAP Supply Chain Management SAP Enterprise Resource Planning SAP Product Lifecycle Management SAP Business BYDesign SAP Business One.
Which Modularization units can be called across serveral systems? Dialog Modules Methods Subroutines Function Modules.
Which options do you have to read data from multiple tables within a SELECT statement? Join statement Polled tables Nested Select statements Nested loop statements Database views.
What do you have to do to add fields to an SAP-delivered transparent table without modification? Create an Append structure containing the new fields Define a structure containing the new fields and include it in the table definition Use the database utility to enhance the definition on the database directly Add the new fields to the table definition.
How can you start the ABAP debugger? note: 3 ans Select Execute-> Debugging in the context menu of the program Set a Watchpoint in the ABAP editor for a specific code line Set a breakpoint in the ABAP editor for a specific code line Add the ABAP statement STOP tot he source code. Enter /h in the command field and proceed with the execution of the program.
You have created a classical screen(dynpro) with 5 radio buttons. How do you ensure that only one radio button is selected at a time? Enclose all radio buttons in a frame Assigne the same value to the same modification group of all radio buttons Assigne the same functions code to all radio buttons Combine all radio buttons into a radio button group.
which of the following data objects are called "deep"? Note: 3 ans Type F elementary variables Structures containing only numberic components STRING type elementary variables Reference variables Internal tables.
How can you maintain documentation for input fields on your screen? note:2 ans Use PROCESS ON HELP_REQUEST(POH) Add Documnetation tot he SCREEN table at PROCESS BEFOUR OUTPUT Define Text tablesfor the underlying structure Add documentation to the underlying data element.
which prerequisites must be fulfilled befour a repository object can be transported? note : 3 Ans An Application component must be assigned to the repository object The repository object must be assigned to a package The repository object must be assigned to a change request An inactive version of the repository object must exist A transport layer must be assigned to the package.
What must you do to define a database view using the ABAP Dictionary? Note: 3 Ans Define buffering settings for the underlying databse tables Choose the fields from the tables that should be part of the view Choose the database tables from where the view acquires data Define selection criteria for the view Define the join condition between the table.
Which steps are needed when implementing a singleton pattern? note: 3 ans Create an event that returns the instance of the class Define the instantiation of the class as private Save the instance of the class in one of its static attributes Define the class as abstract Create an instance of the class in one of its static methods.
What do you have to consider when using the append structure technique for a standerd SAP table? The field of an append structure should start with ZZ or YY The name of the append structure must start with ZZ or YY An append structure can be assigned to more than one table An append structure triggers an adjustment when SAP delivers a new version of the appending table.
Which definitions are NOT allowed in ABAP objects? Note: 2 ans Definitions using the TABLES statement Definitions of deep structures Definitions of table types Definitions of nested structures Definitions of internal tables with header lines.
Tou perform an update task using update function modules and detest an error in the program that calls the update function modules. which statement can be used to discard all updates requests for the current SAP LUW? ROLLBACK WORK EXIT MESSAGE exxx(nnn) DELETE UPDATE.
When do you need to use the GROUP BY clause in the SELECT statement? If you want to redefine the sequence of the columns in the result set If you want to use ORDER BY to specify a sub-order If you want to use aggregate functions and at least one component in the field list is a column identifier If you want to use aggregate functions and all components in the fields list are aggregate functions.
YOu have written a classical screen(dynpro) containing a button named P_SAVE you have assigned the function code SAVE to this button. You want to check at PAI whether the user has clicked this button. how can you achive this? Check wether SY-OKCODE contains the value SAVE Check wether P_SAVE-OKCODE equals SAVE Check wether P_SAVE-ACTIVE equals 1. Check wether the data object related to the OK code field contains the value SAVE.
You want to use a BAdI to extend the functions of an SAP program. Which of the following tasks in necessary? Create an enhancement project using a customer exit Implement a class that implements that BAdI interface Call the BAdI Define an Interface for the BAdI.
How do you embed a subscreen in a main screen? Use CALL SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen Use SET SUBSCREEN in a PBO module of the main screen Use CALL SUBSCREEN in a PBI module of the main screen Use SET SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen.
The event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN contains a MESSAGE statement. This issues a warning message that is displayed on the selection screen. What action can the user take to continue the execution of the program after the MESSAGE statement? Change at least one field value and pass ENTER Press Execute (F8) with out changing ant field value Press ENTER with out changing any field value Change at least one field value and press Execute.
Why do you need to bundle database update in your dialog programs? To avoid database locks set by an SQL statment persisting until the end of the program To avoid data inconsistency due to the implicit database commit after each dialog step To be able to use SAP locks To be able to rollback databse changes performed in the same dialog step.
Controller A declars controller B as a used controller. Which parts of controller B can be accessed by controller A? Note: 2 ans All context node All supply functions All controller attributes All normal methods.
Which of the following data objects are called "deep"? note: 3 ans Type F elementary variables Structures containing only numeric components STRING type elementary variables Reference variables Internal Tables.
Which comparision operators can you use in a logical experssion related to the WHERE clause of the SELECT statment? note : 3 ans LIKE ( fits pattern) EQ (equals) GT (grater than) CP (Covers pattern) CO (contains only).
How can you declare an internal table using the transparent table A as its line type DATA gt_itab TYPE a DATA gt_itab TYPE REF TO a DATA gt_itab TYPE LINE OF a DATA gt_itab TYPE TABLE OF a.
Which components belog to an elementary seatch help? note: 3 ans Attachement to a field Import/Export parameters Selection method fixed values Dialog behavior.
What can you change in the ABAP debugger? Definition of a structure Value of reference variable Value of a constant content of an internal table.
How is an ABAP program with several dialog steps executed? Usually dialog steps are assigned to different dialog work process The program is always executed in just one dialog work process without roll out The program is always executed in just one dialog work process with roll out The ABAP dispatcher takes over the entire execution with out assigning any work process.
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