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The statutory net amount for the period calculated retroactively is the total of the statutory net amount for both partial periods of this payroll period TRUE FALSE.
At the end of subschema XT00,the wage types in the IT are processed in PCR __________ X020 X023 X010.
The time wage types that should be no longer be processed because they are already valuated using a valuation basis or with an average value,are now stored in : IT OT RT.
You specify how each time wage type should be stored in the results table. In processing Class 3 In processing Class 1 In processing Class 25 In processing Class 2.
At the end of subschema XAL9, the wage types in the IT are processed in PCR_____ X023 X010 X020.
In processing Class 20 you specify how each master data wage type should be stored in the results table. The other options are Wage type not stored in result table but is transferred unchanged. The wage type is excluded. The wage type is stored in the results table and is included in the cumulation wage types. The wage type is stored in the results table without being cumulated.
In processing class 25 you specify how every wage type entered via the external bank transfer IT(0011) should be processed in the PCR X045.These wage type cannot be cumulated in gross cumulation wage types because they are processed in the net part of payroll run. The other options are : Transfer unchanged Summarised RT storage with transfer ID It is not possible to cumulate in wage type /110.
In processing class 30 ,you specify which wage types are cumulated in the annual results table CRT using the ___________function. ADDCU ADDWT.
What are the prerequisites for Payroll Run ? Work Schedules Dialog and Time Wage Types Infotypes 0000,0001,0002,0006,0007,0008,0009. Payroll Periods Payroll Area Payroll Controll Records.
When an employee rejoins the company he/she is given their old personnel number again so that complete history is maintained TRUE FALSE.
To capture deviation from work schedule fallowing infotypes are to be maintained : Absences 2001 Attendances 2002 Substitution 2003 Availability 2004 Overtime 2005 Employee Remuneration Information 2010 Monthly Calendar 2051 Weekly Calendar 2052.
A period parameter and date modifier is assigned to each payroll area. True False.
You must create a control record for every payroll area. True False.
Which feature delivers a default value for the Payroll Area field in Org Assignment 0001 ?.
Error Message "Division by zero not performed" indicates IT 0008 does'nt exist. IT 0007 needs attention IT 2001 not configured Master Data Locked.
Personnel number rejected during payroll run is assigned a match code : M W S K.
To display match code W we need to follow STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4.
Primary wage types are : Dialog Wage Types Time Wage Types Others : Absences /1nn /znn.
Secondary wage type are : /0nn Valuation Bases /1nn Cumulation of gross amount /2nn bases of calculating avearges /CO /8nn Factoring /A Outgoing wage types in retroactive period /Znn Incoming wage types from previous period.
The personnel calculation schema editor enables you access personnel calculation rules and to carry out the following activities : Display and print schema directory compare source text from schemas copy schemas change schema elements create schemas Check the syntax of source text in schemas generate modified or new source text transport schema to another client navigate within and between schema elements navigate between schemas.
The schema attributes can also be changed using the program : RPUCTF00 RPDASC00 RHTCOP00.
Customer schema are cross- client : TRUE FALSE.
Which function imports the absence records from the IT 2001 to internal table AB for use in Payroll ? PAB RAB PIT WPBP.
Which function determines absence hours and days to evaluate the absence according to the evaluation of absence table T554C ? PAB RAB P2001 P2010.
Which function provides the payroll driver with data on the type of program that schema uses ? It is also set to parameter ABR. CHECK OPT UPD PGM.
Even if the payroll driver is set to "test run" the function UPD will update the Database even when set to NO. True False.
In live payroll schema , function CHECK ABR may or may not be activated True False.
All wage types entered in the Basic Pay IT0008 must be assigned to processing class : 1 2 3.
What does X010 do in within sub schema XT00 Queries for Processing Class 01 for basic wage type Use to create valuation bases (addition) Use to create valuation bases (division).
The values for employee not paid by hours are divided by flat-rate number of hours in a period.This result in an amount per working hour that is entered as the valuation basis in the rate(RTE) for wages /001 and /002.This takes place in sub schema XT00 which calls pcr X010 X013 X020.
We can valuate a absence as if the employee has worked.Over time can also be taken into account for same purpose. True False.
The day of an absence can be counted by day rule which is not comprises of public holiday class day type of the day day type of the previous day weekday planned hours for current day plannend hours for previous day attendance type.
To ensure that counting class is only formed on workdays,two condition must be fulfilled The day is assigned day type "BLANK" A valid daily work schedule with planned hours greater than 0,or a time substitution Valid absence type.
Day off can be categorised by two diffrent conditions that you represent by assigning the sequential number 01 and 02 to day rule DO : Sequential number 01 with day type 1 Sequential number 02 with no planned hours Sequential number 01 with day type blank Sequential number 02 with planned hours.
Time wage type selection occurs in subschema TC00.This schema is called by function _______from schema XT00. DAYPR RAB PAB GWT.
Function which creates only time wage types for overtime administration and compensation. POVT GWT DAYPR.
For employee's who do not use time recording ,actual times for processing type "M" can also be recorded using the IT Overtime Employee Remuneration Info Additional Payment.
Time wage type selection rule comprises of Valid processing type Conditions on Day Conditions on time Control Employment Contract.
Which function determines the rules for referenced for time wage type selection for relevant day. DAYMO GWT DAYPR.
The system will query the __________of the period work schedule when the overtime of the shift work is to be remunarated at higher rate than overtime for normal work. DWS Class Valuation Class Processing Class.
The function that generates time wage types for TIP entries according to the rules in the Time Wage Type Selection (V_T510S). GWT POVT DAYMO.
If processing type S ,the relevant wage type is entered in Internal table DZL ,what is the internal table for processing type M DZL ZML ZL.
Function _________ calls subschema TC00 which processes time wage type selection for planned work and overtime on a daily basis. DAYPR GWT DAYMO POVT.
The internal tables are interfaces between time evaluation and payroll ZL C1 ALP ZL.
When payroll generates time wage types ,it sets retroactive accounting in the earliest master data change field in the payroll status IT0003.The precondition for this is that the employee is included in the time evaluation provided the time management status is not set to : 0 1 9.
In which pcr the system checks to see if the IT table contains time wage types that have not yet been valuated. To do so the system checks the content of the value field AMT,NUM and RTE. X015 X010 X020 X030.
What are the elements of average processing ? Retrieve average bases determine the previous period required perform the relevancy test for each period cumulate the average bases from the relevant previous periods include changes in pay cumulate averages. transfer data to OT table.
which secondary wage type is available as average calculation bases. /201 /232 Both /201 and /232.
Which function selects the wage types that are to be evaluated in accordance with the new average calculation procedure : AVERA AVG LDAYW.
Determine the correct sequence for calculating averages STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5.
During payroll run the system evaluates changes relevant to factoring in the following infotypes : 0000 Personnel Actions 0001 Organizational Assignment 0007 Planned Working Time 0008 Basic Pay 0014 Recurring /Deductions 0015 Additional Payments 2001 Absences 2002 Attendances.
In payroll a factor is required to calculate partial period amount. True False.
Planned working time according to employee personal work schedule (PSP) for a specified basic pay period : KSOLL ASOLL SSOLL.
Unpaid absences for a specific pay period possibly weighted KAUxx AAUxx SAUxx.
The PWS method is also suitable for calculating partial payments for exact periods True False.
Deviation that frequently occur from planned working time are the result of changes to the following infotypes : Absences 2001 Substitution 2003 Planned Working Time 0007 Attendance 2002.
Subschema XAL0 calls pcr _______ according to wage types /801 to /816 to calculate partial period factors. XPPF XPP0 XPP1.
The reduction factor for primary wage types is assigned to processing class 1. True False.
The Personnel Calculation rule XPPF calculates the following factors for Cost Accounting /810 Diffrence between the working time for the current period and the average working time /814 share of paid public holidays on which there is no work /815 share of work on public holidays and paid absences /816 share of unpaid absences /817 share of substitution work.
Subschema XAL9 calls PCR_______ to distribute remuneration elements to secondary wage types for Cost Accounting XCM0 XCH0.
Kindly match the processing Class with is its corresponding function. Processing Class 3 Processing Class 20 Processing Class 25 Processing Class 30.
Which of the following combination depicts Import payment/deduction to RT ? PIT X015 GEN PIT X020 P03 PIT X045 P25 ACTIO XCHO A.
Due to subsequent clearing,the statutory net amount of period .01 in period 02 as well as the amount paid are lower than those specified in the original payroll run. True False.
Arrange the following steps in the order of execution in a subschema STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4.
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