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SAP CO Certification

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SAP CO Certification

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Gordon test on 20091022
[CO-OM-CCA] About the statistical key figures it is correct to say that : One or more is correct. Immeasurable value applicable to cost centers, profit centers, internal orders or processes. Measurable value applicable to cost centers, profit centers, internal orders or processes. You can post both plan and actual values. You can not use statistical key figures as a tracing factor. .
[CO-OM-CEL] Expenses in financial accounting that are relevant to cost accounting are recorded in Controlling using : Primary cost elements Primary expenses elements Secondary cost elements Secondary expenses elements .
[CO-OM-PCA] About the profit center accounting, we can say that : One or more is correct. It allows you to calculate external measurements of profitability. It allows you to calculate internal measurements of profitability. The external view of profitability reflects the success of a given profit center at meeting the profitability goal for which it was given responsibilities. The internal view of profitability reflects the success of a given profit center at meeting the profitability goal for which it was given responsibilities. .
[CO-OM-OPA] About the overhead costing sheet, the “dependency” has the following functions, except by one; What is this one? It allows to differentiate overhead rates or amounts by plant. It allows to differentiate overhead rates or amounts by company code. It allows to differentiate overhead rates or amounts by profit center. It allows to differentiate overhead rates or amounts by material origin. .
[CO-OM-CCA] About the cost center, we can say that: One or more is correct. Cost centers can be set up based on functional requirements, allocation criteria, activities or services provided. For the purposes of overhead cost controlling, cost centers are grouped together in decision, control, and responsibilities units. The standard hierarchy must be created and assigned to the company code. Cost centers can be assigned to the highest level node of the standard hierarchy .
[CO-OM-CCA] About the activity types, we can say that : It classifies the specific activities provided by a cost center along cost allocation lines. It does not serve as tracing factor for this cost allocation. The system calculates the associated cost based on the activity price and generates a credit to the receiver and a debit to the sender for both the quantity and the costs. The internal activity allocation is carried out via primary cost elements, which are stored in the master data of the activity type master record. .
[CO-OM-CCA] Postings of costs an revenues to CO can result in real and statistical postings. Which of the following answers is(are) correct? Real postings cannot be managed. Statistical postings can be allocated or settled to other controlling objects. One, and only one, real posting is required in CO. Real postings are for informational purposes only. .
[CO-OM-CCA] About the actual activity type that can be entered on the sender, it is correct to say that: One or more is correct. It is possible to determine the total activity provided by the receiving cost center. You generate the posting to the receivers by executing the indirect activity allocation. You use an indirect activity allocation to distribute these posted activity quantities from the receivers to the senders as defined in their segments. For activities that can be measured and posted on a sender object, you can create a manual entry, indirect allocation activity type. .
[CO-OM-CCA] Data from internal and external accounting should be reconcilable. Which is (are) correct? External postings to FI with a cost accounting effect are transferred automatically to the appropriate Co application component. The CO totals in the reconciliation ledger are not updated for the external postings. If amounts are allocated within CO across company codes, functional areas or business areas, the information do not need to pass back to FI, the R/3 system sends this data automatically to the FI component. It is not possible to use the reconciliation ledger to generate a posting that brings FI into agreement with the CO postings.
[CO-OM-CCA] Assessment is designed for what? It classifies the specific activities provided y a cost center along cost allocation lines. Allocation of primary and secondary costs from a sender to receiver controlling objects. Allocation of amounts within CO across company codes. Activating plan integration with Orders and projects. .
[CO-OM-CCA] For each fiscal year, you can make basic settings in the version affecting all of planning. These settings include : One or more is correct. Locking the version against any plan activity. Saving exchange rate types for currency translation Activating plan integration with orders and projects Activating the standard hierarchy area.
[CO-OM-OPA] When creating an Overhead Cost Order, the rist order information which must be entered is: Order status Order type Settlement type Currency Classification code.
[CO-OM-OPA] When creating an overhead cost order, the settlement rule must be entered in the control data. Which settlement receivers are available for internal orders? Cost center Orders General ledger accounts Asset Vendor.
[CO-OM-OPA] Which of the following statements regarding order numbers are correct? The order master record is uniquely identified by the order number within a client. For internal orders, only internally assigned numbers are allowed. The order is assigned to a particular number range group through the order type. A separate number interval is required for each order type. .
[CO-OM-CCA] Certain postings to a cost center can be blocked using a cost center indicator. Which of the following blocking indicators can be selected? Primary costs actual/plan Material withdrawals Secondary costs actual/plan Revenues actual / plan Commitments.
[CO-OM-CCA] When a cost center is created, certain basic data must be entered. Which of the following are needed when creating a cost center. Cost center category Assignment to company code Validity period Assignment to cost element Selection of activity unit.
[CO-OM-CCA] Accounting can be divided into internal and external accounting. Which of the following areas are part of internal accounting? Overhead Cost Controlling Financial Accounting Asset Management Product Cost Controlling .
[CO-OM-PCA] Assignment to profit centers – which statements are correct? Direct assignment of costs to a profit center is not possible because the profit center is posted as a “shadow object”. Revenues can be assigned directly to profit centers through Financial Accounting. When material are withdraw from stock on cost centers, the profit center for the consumption posting is derived from the material master record. With outgoing invoices, the profit center of the customer is posted. .
[CO-OM-CCA] Which the following statements are true? Note! More than one answer is correct. Each Cost center must be part of the standard hierarchy. You can define multiple hierarchies. Multiple cost center areas can be grouped together in parent nodes. The cost center hierarchy can contain cost centers and activity types. A node represents a summarization of multiple costs centers.
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