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SAP CO Test2

SAP CO Test2

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1.A chart of accounts ( Multi ) a.can be allocated to multiple company code b.can be defined as the group chart of accounts c.only contains definitions for G/L accounts d.can only allocated to one company code.
2.Which of the following statements is true when configuring a group chart of accounts? a.In the company code segment of every operational account, the group account number will be a required entry. b.The group chart of accounts is assigned to the company code in the company code global parameters screen c.When the assignment is made between the group and operational chart of accounts, the field group account number becomes an optional entry. d.A one to one relationship exists between the group account number and the operational account number in the G.L. master.
3.Which are true regarding operational chart of account. (Single). a.To perform allocations between companies codes in the controlling each company code must be assigned to its own operational COA. b.A company code can choose to work with multiple operational COA. c.If cross company code controlling is required the same operational COA must be used. d.Company code with different base currency must work with there own operational COA. e.The operational COA is optional by co. code.
4.A client. ( Single ) a.only contain a single chart of accounts b.may contain multiple charts of accounts c.only use one exchange rate type d.only have one controlling area.
Identify the correct statement(s) regarding organizational elements within the R/3 System. a.The Business area is defined at client level and changed in transactions defaulted by Cost Center. b.A plant is a location in which inventory quantities and values are stored or manufactured. c.A Controlling area can comprise several company codes using different chart of accounts but must operate in the same currency.
6.Which of the following statements is true ? ( Single Choice) a.A Company code can belong to more than one controlling area b.A plant must be allocated to a company code c.A controlling area and a company code must have the same local currency. d.A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the corporate structure IMG.
8.Identify the correct statement a.Business area is defaulted to a Co code in FI. b.Business area is mapped to a co. code in controlling area. c.Business area is used for internal P&L a/c and Balance sheet. d.Business area if activated in FI will necessitate an assignment in controlling area master record. e.Business area can be mapped to profit center in company in order to produce more accurate P&L account.
Which of the following order types are internal orders? a.Capital investment orders for creating assets b.Maintenance orders. c.Sales orders for make-to-order function d.CO production orders.
Which of the following statements are correct regarding Internal Orders? a.Once an order has been released, only closing entries can be made. b.Transactions can be allowed or disallowed depending in the order status c.Additional order status categories can be created in the order master.
38That system tool allows you to add graphics, re-arrange fields, add pushbuttons and change input fields into radio buttons? a.GuiXT b.GuiCapture c.SAPGui d.SAPShow e.Profile Generator.
Which of the following can you add to a Favorites list? a.Files b.Transactions c.Web address d.Reports e.User menus.
Which of the following statements regarding year-end closing are correct? a.The balance carry forward program can be run at any time during the fiscal year b.The system creates the balance carried forward for every balance sheet account for new fiscal year. c.The p&l accounts balance is transferred to a Retained Earnings account. You determine the retained earning account as part of the selection criteria when executing the Balance Carry Forward program. d.Posting during the Balance Carry forward program is possible.
The entering a document using a foreign currency, which date is used to determine the exchange rate if the translation date is not entered ? Posting date b.Document date c.Baseline date d.Entry date.
Which type of currency will R/3 always track when posting a document? (Single) Local currency Group currency Transaction currency Group & transaction currency Local & transaction currency.
Where are posting periods defined? a.Posting period variant. b.Fiscal year variant. c.Field status variant d.Closing period variant.
What is the difference between distribution and assessments? a.Distribution can be made for both planned and actual figures; assessments cannot. b.Distributions can be made using statistical key figures; assessments cannot c.Distributions are used when the original cost information is necessary on the receiver; assessments are used when this information is not necessary on the receiver. d.Distributions are made using the original primary cost elements; assessments are made using secondary cost elements.
56.Activity types can be a.restricted for a single cost center directly b.created for a restricted period only c.created with primary cost element assignment d.All activity types are used in Cost center planning without any restriction. e.Planning of price is done for a activity for all cost centers.
57.Select out of the following which statements are correct. a.Cost center can be defaulted in all FI line items in all GL accounts b.Internal order can be defaulted in all FI line items in all GL accounts c.Cost center can be defaulted in GL accounts provided it is assigned to company code d.Cost center is linked to company code as Chart of accounts is linked to the same company code. e.Time dependant data is possible in Cost center, cost element, Activity type and SKFs.
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