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ERASED TEST, YOU MAY BE INTERESTED ONSAP:FI - Automatic Dunning Procedure - ECC 5.0

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SAP:FI - Automatic Dunning Procedure - ECC 5.0

SAP:FI - Automatic Dunning Procedure - ECC 5.0

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List the steps that have to be taken by the dunning program to preform the automatic dunning procedure. Maintain parameters Proposal Run Edit dunning proposal Print dunning notices.
Customer without dunning procedure in the master record ar dunned with a default dunning procedure. False True.
Dunning notices can be sent to both customers and vendors. True False.
The dunning proposal can be edited, deleted and re-created as often as necessay until the dunning clerk is stisfied with the result. True False.
Dunning data is updated in the master records and associated doucuments until and unless dunning notices are printed. True False.
Select the correct statement related to dunning procedure. Dunning procedure controls how dunning is carried out. One -time accounts also have a dunning procedure. SAP provides pre-defined dunning procedres. Dunning procedure can process standard and /or special GL transactions.
Duning Program is divided into the following catagories. Select the correct statement. Dunning procedure Dunning levels Expenses / Charges Minimum amounts Dunning text Environment.
For each dunning procedure, we can define A key & Description for dunning procedure The dunning intervals in days The minimum days in arreas (account) after which a dunning notice will be sent. Grace period per line item Interest cal. indicator for cal. of dunning interest. Print parameters If you wan to create a dunning notice even though no other account movements have occured.
Maximum number of dunning levels are 9. True False.
The dunning interval in days specify the interval at which the accounts that use this procedure are to be dunned. True False.
During the dunning run, the system checks whether the run date is ar least this number of days(Interval days) after the date of the last dunning run.If this is not the case, a new dunning notice can not be generated even the neew items have become overdue in this account or the dunning level of the items has not changed. True Fase.
The minimum number of days in areas are the days that at least one item in the account must have other wise the account is not dunned and dunning notices are not created. True False.
An item whose number of days in arrears is less than or equal to the number of grace days is not considered due for this dunning notices, True False.
We can calculate dunning interest if intrest cal. indicator is defined in the procedure for each level. True False.
The system proposes the line item grace periods as the first dunning level and for all further dunning levels, the system adds the dunning interval in days to the days in areas of previous dunning level. True False.
Always dun option, a dunning notice will still be printed even if no changes have been made to the dunning proposal since the last dunning run. True False.
We can print a dunning notice in a legal dunning procedure, even thoough no further account movements have happened. True False.
We can maintian dunning charges for each dunning level. True False.
Dunning charges can be either fixed amount or a percentage or the dunned amount. True Fase.
We can set minimum amounts for dunning charges. True Fasle.
Dunning charges are defined for each currecny and depend on the dunning level. True False.
We can define mimum amounts or percentage of the overdue items to reach a dunning level. True False.
We can define minimum amount required before interest is calculated for each dunning level. True False.
The dunning program can generate - payment advice notes, dunning notices and payment forms. True Fase.
A dunning area is an organization al entity, that is , a sub-structure of company code that is resposible for dunning. True False.
We can generate dunning notices seperately by the dunning area. True False.
We can create dunning notices for both at account and company code level. True False.
We can maintian sort variants to sort the dunning notices and items according to specific citeria. True False.
A dunning key determines that the line item can only be dunned with restrictions or to be displayed separately on the dunning notice. True False.
The "Run date" is always the date when a certian dunning run is supposed to be started. True Fase.
The parameters specify the accounts and doucments that are to be inclued in the dunning run. True False.
We can activate an addition al log, which you can check after the dunning run to see whether the run was successful. True False.
Additional log activation is mainly used for testing and training purposesonly, since it places a heavy load on system reesourses. True False.
List some reasons why overdue items might not be dunned. Acount is not maintained in the parameters Items are with in the grace period Items / accounts blocked for dunning Items / accounts hava a payment method for incoming paymets but no payment block. The ovedue amount is less than the minimum amount Items can be cleared with overdue items on the credit side. None of the items exceeds the minimum days in arreas (account) The dunning data has not changed since the last duning run and "Always dun?" is not selected.
List the main steps involved in creating dunning proposal. Account selection Line item dunning Account dunning Gl selection.
The payment terms of a credit memo usually do not apply and the due date is either the due date opf the associated invoice or the baseline date of the doucument. True False.
Every dunning procedure must have atleast 4 dunning levels False True.
The account is only dunned if all the overdue items have exceeded the minimum days in arreas. False True.
The dunning run updated the dunning data in the items and accounts. False True.
A dunning notice is only sent if the dunning data has chaged since the last dunning run or if "Always dun?" is selected. True False.
The due net debit items on the accounts are cleared with the due net credit items. The credit items are assigned to the debit items with the highest dunning level and are cleared with these items. True False.
If we have chosen "clearing between customer and vendor, the due net credit items in the venfor account are also cleared with the items with the highest dunning level. The same dunning procedure must be defined for both the customer and vendor. True False.
In the dunning run, after all the due dbit items have been cleared with the due net credit items, the account must have a debit balance for it to be dunned. True False.
The dunning notice lists all the items that were cleared. True False.
Every dunned item must be overdue, but not all overdue items are dunned. True False.
If the line item grace periods have been defined in the dunning procedure, only those items that are still overdue after the grace days have been deducted and dunned. True False.
If a payment method for incoming payments have been specified for an item, the item is usually not dunned because the payment program is resposible for collecting the money. These items are dunned if they have a payment block. True False.
The contents of the dunning notice usually depend on the dunning level. the higher the dunning level, the stronger the formulation in the dunning text. True False.
For invoice related credit memos, the dunning level of the invoice is used. True False.
The dunning level can only be increase by one level between two dunning runs. in the other words, no dunning levels can be skipped. True False.
Dunning procedures with one dunning level are refered to in the system as payment reminders. These procedures are used for very important customers and public corporations. By using these procedures, you can make sure that these customers recieve only a payment remainder. True False.
By assigning dunning keys to certian items, you can prevent these items from exceeding a certian dunning level. True False.
The total amount of all line items of an account with certian dunning level must be greater than the minimum amount. True False.
The relationship between the total amount and the total open items must be greater than a minimum percentage. True False.
Accounts in the legal dunning procedure are subject to a different rule. If the start date of the legal dunning procedure is entered in the account master data, the account is always dunned if on of the following condition is fulfilled. Postings have been made since the last dunning run The "Always Dun in legal Dunning procedure" indicator is selected.
After the dunning proposal has been created, changes to the dunning data in items or master records are ignored in the current dunning run. True False.
The dunning proposal can be edited, deleted and re-created as often as required. True False.
If dunning notices are to be sent ot one-time customer, the dunning data is updated only in the relevant items. True False.
Items that are to be dunned are grouped together in dunning notices as long as they have the same Company code, Dunning area and Account. True False.
Items in one -time accout are grouped together in one dunning notice if they have the same address. True False.
We can also group items by the following criteria. Dunning level Grouping key Decentralized processing.
We can group items in the dunning notices of vendor / customer with the grouping key assigned in their master records. True False.
If a customer has a head office with several branch offices, items are posted to the central account. As a result the head office usually recieves one dunning notice with all the due items from its branch offices. If decentralized processing is selected in the branch accounts, dunning is processed locally, that is, notices are sent to the branch offfices. True False.
We can use corss-company code duning to combine ovedue items from different company codes in one dunning run. True False.
One dunning form can be used for all dunning levels. True False.
The dunning text for dunning level 6 is stored in test module 616. True False.
The last dunning level is the legal dunning procedure. True False.
If a dunning proposal is not to be used for printing, it must be deleted. Otherwise, it blocks the selected items for processing in other dunning runs. True false.
What are following activities can be done by an accounting clerk regarding "Current Dunning proposal". Can assign / remove a dunning block for a given account. Can assign / remove a dunning block at line item level. Can lower the dunning level. Change the dunning and correspondence data of an account in the master record and this change does not apply to the current dunning run. Can change a document but, the changes does not apply to the current dunning run.
What is changed by the dunning run? The date of "last dunning run" in the customer master record. The dunning level in the customer master record. The dunning level in the dunned document. The form specification in the customer master record for the text in the next dunning letter. Dunning procedure for the next dunning run in the customer master record. .
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