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Pleas i am new to SAP but will like to do SAP FICO. Can anyone help me with the certification books or PDF files for SAP FICO to be able to study for my SAP exams. Any advice will be welcomed
I will deeply appriciate.

mySAP Business Suite contains the following: Cross-Industry Solutions Industry Solutions Technology Services.
You can only work in one window (session) at a time in an SAP system. True False.
Which of the following statements accurately describe a client in an SAP system? A client represents a completely independent business entity A client has its own database A client corresponds to a customer A client may represent an entire company.
The following strings are valid entries in the command field: /nend /nex ?SM04 /nsm04 From SAP Easy Access: SM04 From SAP Easy Access: search_sap_menu.
You can use the F1 key to: Display an explanation of a field's uses Display a list of possible input values Change your user data (for example, the logon language End the session you are in Display detailed technical information on a field.
You can use the F4 key to: Start another session Display detailed technical information on a program Call the SAP Library Display possible entries for an input field Create a print request of the screen currently displayed.
You can also call the context sensitive SAP Library using the F1 key. True False.
The following personalisation options are available in the SAP GUI: You can change the font size (within limits) in the SAP GUI You can have system messages displayed in a dialog box You can change the size of the input fields You can supress the display of pictures in the SAP GUI Every user can display a picture of their choice on the SAP Easy Access screen You can use a personal input history on your front end.
You can assign a business area to a company code directly True False.
Name the tools for maintaining the exchange rates Inversion Base currency Exchange Rate Spreads Bank buying rate Currency keys.
In R/3 currencies are defined using which of the following? Currency Keys Currency Index Currency Table Exchange Rates.
Match the exchange rate types with their descriptions: B G M.
What are the essentials of SAP's product strategy (in just a few words)? All words to be in lower case without full stop.
A G/L account consists of which segments? Chart of Accounts Segment Company Code Segment Sales Area Segment Purchasing Organization Segment.
The possible field status definitions in the order of their priority are: display,hide,required entry,optional entry required entry,optional entry,display,hide optional entry,required entry,display,hide hide,display,required entry,optional entry.
Which of the following controls the field display for the company code data in the G/L account master record? account group account number reconciliation account chart of accounts.
____________________ accounts contain the total of the transaction figures for the corresponding subledger accounts Reconciliation General Ledger Customer Vendor.
Reconciliation accounts are updated on a daily basis True False.
You can always display the line items of a G/L account True False.
G/L accounts with open item management must have line item display activated True False.
G/L accounts that are managed in local currency can only be posted to in this currency True False.
G/L accounts that are managed in a foreign currency can only be posted to in this foreign currency True False.
Because the company codes use different operational chart of accounts, you cannot carry out cross-company code controlling. True False.
A complete customer account consists of the following parts: General Data Company Code Segment Sales Area Segment Purchasing Organization Segment.
A complete vendor account consists of the following parts: General Data Company Code Segment Purchasing Organization Segment Sales Area Segment.
________________ number assignment means that the R/3 system assigns the number automatically. Internal External.
The customer/vendor accounts must always be maintained centrally. True False.
One number range can only be assigned to one account group. True False.
You maintain the customer/vendor master record centrally if you: create the FI segments at the same time as the SD/MM segments. create the FI segment followed by the SD/MM segments. create the SD/MM segment first and later create the FI segment create the FI and CO segments together.
General ledger accounts have which type of number assignment: Internal External.
Customer and vendor accounts can have either internal or external number assignment can only have internal number assignment can only have external number assignment need not have any number assigned to them.
How many tab pages does the company code data of a customer or vendor master record have? One Six Four Three.
Banks that are used by your company are defined as: associated banks house banks designated banks partner banks.
In R/3 a document is saved for every posting. This principle is called: Document Principle Data Integration Automatic Configuration Mutual Posting.
Every document is uniquely identified by the following fields: Document Number Company Code Fiscal Year Line Item.
Two documents cannot have the same document number True False.
Many business transactions occur in the system for which documents are created, but no accounting document is created because there is no effect for accounting. An example of this would be: purchase order in Materials Management receipt of invoice goods receipt payment of salaries to staff.
Match the standard document types with their descriptions: DR DG DZ SA AB KR KG KZ KN ZP.
Document types and posting keys are defined at _______ level. client business area document company code.
If the user assigns the document number manually, this is __________ number assigment external internal.
Every company code may define its own document types. True False.
Every company code may define its own document number ranges True False.
At the beginning of a new fiscal year, the system always starts the document number assignment again at the start of the number range. True False.
Document number ranges must not overlap. True False.
One number range can be assigned to several document types. True False.
Posting periods are opened and closed automatically. True False.
No more that two periods can be open at the same time. True False.
The authorisation group in the posting period variant applies only to authorisation for posting in special periods. True False.
Credit memos can be linked to invoices to ensure that invoice and credit memos are due on the same date. True False.
The day limits define the dates of the cash discount periods. True False.
Every installment of an installment plan must have its own terms of payment. True False.
The ________________ is the date that the system uses to determine the due date of the invoice. baseline date invoice date date of goods receipt invoice receipt date.
Which cash discount accounts are used in the net procedure? Cash discount clearing account Cash discount loss account Cash discount revenue account Cash discount expense account.
Which cash discount accounts are used in the gross procedure? Cash discount revenue account Cash discount expense account Cash discount clearing account Cash discount loss account.
The types of taxation that can be represented in the R/3 system are: Taxation at national level Taxation at regional/jurisdictional level Taxation at international level Taxation at global level.
What data is required for the automatic account determination for tax amounts? Rules Posting key Tax accounts Tax category.
_______________ must be defined in every company code before a cross-company code transaction may be carried out. Clearing accounts Tax accounts Posting periods Account groups.
Cross-company code documents cannot be reversed. True False.
In which of these cases cross-company code transactions can occur: Central purchasing Central payment Transfer of goods and services between company codes in same group Sale of goods to customer.
A cross-company code transaction consists of at least _____ documents One Two Three Four.
Tax amounts of a cross-company code transaction are automatically distributed to the company codes in which the expenses/revenues occured. True False.
Cross-company code clearing accounts must be G/L accounts True False.
The company codes of a cross-company code transaction may have different local currencies. True False.
The cross-company code transaction number is a combination of: First company code number Second company code number First company code document number Fiscal year.
Documents with open items cannot be archived because open items represent incomplete transactions. True False.
A clearing document must have atleast two line items. True False.
"Posting with clearing" can be carried out only for one account at a time. True False.
The posting keys to be used in the clearing document are defined in "clearing documents" True False.
The automatic clearing program cannot carry out automatic postings. True False.
Clearing a credit memo with an open invoice is an example of: account clearing post with clearing open item residual item.
Posting a payment for an open invoice with a resulting zero balance is an example of: posting with clearing account clearing archiving residual item.
A ______________ clears the invoice and the payment to create a new open item. residual item partial payment account clearing posting with clearing.
A ______________ results in the open invoice and the incoming payment remaining in the customer account as open items. partial payment residual item posting with clearing reversal entry.
The R/3 system generates the exchange rate differences automatically. True False.
G/L accounts must be defined for exchange rate losses or gains. True False.
Cash journal identification is done by a __________________ : 4 digit alphanumeric key 3 digit numeric key 4 digit numeric key 2 digit alphanumeric key.
It is possible to create a cash journal for each currency. True False.
IBAN stands for: International Bank Account Number International Business Account Number Indian Bank Account Number Integrated Bank Account Number.
IBAN was designed by: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) World Bank International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS).
IBAN contains a maximum of ____________ characters. 34 alphanumeric 25 numeric 34 numeric 4 alphanumeric.
The maximum length of a G/L account number is _________ digits. 10 12 4 16.
The chart of accounts is defined using a ____________ ID. four character alphanumeric four character numeric three character alphanumeric five character numeric.
While entering exchange rates, if one unit of foreign currency is quoted for the local currency, it is a case of: direct quotation indirect quotation.
While entering exchange rates, if one unit of local currency is quoted for the foreign currency, it is a case of: direct quotation indirect quotation.
The relationship between currencies must be maintained per exchange rate type and currency pair using _______________. currency keys translation ratios inversion average of buying and selling rate.
The use of business area is __________. optional mandatory automatic unavoidable.
SAP Netweaver platform was introduced by SAP AG in ___________. January 2003 March 2005 September 2001 14th March 1999.
In the R/3 standard system, company code ____________ is a template for a general company code with chart of accounts INT and no special country specifications. 1000 0001 0002 2000.
The _______________ is a variant that contains the structure and the basic information about general ledger accounts. chart of accounts posting period company code business area.
You should use open item management for the which of the following accounts: Bank clearing accounts Clearing accounts for goods receipt/invoice receipt Salary clearing accounts Material stock accounts.
One can automatically generate and save the IBANs for several master records. True False.
The _____________ specify the accounts and documents that are to be included in the payment run. parameters proposals payment media payment program.
The payment program needs the ________________ to determine whether an open item has to be paid now or in the next payment run. next posting date posting date run date document date.
The sequence in which the payment methods are entered in the payment parameters reflects their priority. True False.
All the company codes in the payment run parameters must be in the same country. True False.
A payment method can be used only if it is entered in the account master record. True False.
The payment proposal can be edited, deleted, and recreated as often as necessary. True False.
The exception list is part of the payment proposal. True False.
Customers without dunning procedure in the master record are dunned with a default dunning procedure. True False.
If dunning areas are not used, dunning is performed at the company code level. True False.
It is possible to dun vendors as well as customers. True False.
The "run date" is always the date when a certain dunning run is supposed to be started. True False.
The parameters specify the accounts and documents that are to be considered in the dunning run. True False.
Dunning procedures with only one dunning level are referred to in the system as __________. dunning notices payment reminders single level dunning nil dunning.
The payment terms of a credit memo usually do not apply, and the due date is either the due date of the associated invoice or the baseline date of the document. True False.
Every dunning procedure must have atleast four dunning levels. True False.
An account is only dunned if all the overdue items have exceeded the minimum days in arrears. True False.
The dunning run updates the dunning data in the dunned items and accounts. True False.
A dunning notice is only sent if the dunning data has changed since the last dunning run or if "Always dun?" is selected. True False.
After the dunning proposal has been created, changes to the dunning data in items or master records are ignored in the current dunning run. True False.
The dunning proposal can be edited, deleted, and recreated as often as required. True False.
One dunning form can be used for all dunning levels and dunning areas. True False.
The dunning text for dunning level 6 is stored in text module 616. True False.
The last dunning level is equal to the legal dunning procedure. True False.
Account master data must contain an interest calculation indicator for interest calculation to take place. True False.
On a given account, SAP R/3 cannot calculate different interest rates based on the amounts of balances or items. True False.
You can configure SAP R/3 to calculate interest for customers or vendors that owe you money. You cannot calculate interest, however, if you owe your business partner money. True False.
The types of interest calculation in SAP R/3 are: Account balance interest calculation Item interest calculation Interest calculation on payables None of the above.
The number of characters in interest indicator is: One Two Three Four.
A name for the interest calculation indicator is mandatory. True False.
You can void a check without reversing the payment document. True False.
You can void a check and reverse the payment document at the same time. True False.
You can void a check and reverse the payment document and the vendor invoice all at the same time. True False.
During the transfer of salary expense data to financial accounting the period was already closed. How does the system react? An error message is displayed for the HR document. The document has to be recreated in HR. Nothing happens. The salary expense data is transferred without any problem. The system automatically reopens the closed period.
One can allocate costs outside controlling areas. True False.
The SAP standard includes the standard controlling area _________ which can be used as a template for creating other controlling areas. 0002 1000 IDES 0001.
The company codes assigned to a controlling area can all have different chart of account. True False.
A controlling area must consist of a single company code. True False.
A company code may be assigned to more than one controlling area. True False.
____________ data contains information that remains the same over a long period of time. Transaction Fixed Default Master.
______________ data is short lived and assigned to master data. Master Transaction Default Fixed.
Before you can create cost centres, you must first create a _______ heirarchy. Optimum Standard Complete Logical.
You can create secondary cost elements in financial accounting module. True False.
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