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Which items can you clear with the automatic clearing program? Noted items Items with withholding tax entries Bank transaction items Statistical postings.
Which of the following steps are parts of the process of configuring the payment program? 3 Configure the G/L account field status for document entry Configure the payment methods for each company code Configure the paying company codes Configure the house banks.
On which levels do you maintain data for an integrated customer account? 3 Profitability segment Sales area Purchasing organization Company code General data at the client level.
What is the maximum dunning level that can be assigned to a dunning procedure? 1 7 11 1 9.
What information is updated on the invoice when you post a complete payment? 2 Clearing date Clearing reason code Clearing document number Clearing bank.
Which data can you edit in the payment proposal? 3 House bank Payment block Cash discount Invoice amount Payee.
How many cash discount periods can be entered in the terms of payment? 1 2 3 5 8.
What do you define in payment terms? 2 Cash discount Tolerance days Posting key Due date specification.
Which prerequisite must be met by the technical clearing account for integrated asset acquisition? 1 The account is created for all active company codes of the client. The account is assigned in the asset account determination for each valid depredation area. The account is a profit-and-loss account that must be open item managed. The account is a reconciliation balance sheet account for fixed assets.
Which of the following retirement types is referred to as scrapping? 1 Unplanned depreciation of remaining value Complete integrated asset retirement Partial retirement without revenue and without customer Complete retirement with revenue but without customer.
The usage of which of the following depreciation types can be activated per depreciation area? 3 Special depreciation Unplanned depreciation Ordinary depreciation Scheduled depreciation.
In an asset main number in Asset Accounting, which information can be different between international GAAP and local GAAP?  2 Net book value Capitalization date Deprecation start date Asset class.
fWhat are the two phases of AuC that are relevant to Asset Accounting? 3 Raw materials, supplies, and consumables Work in process Finished goods Goods invoiced.
Which of the following has to be created and assigned to an organizational structure before the Financial Closing Cockpit can be used? 1 Task list template Programs Flow definitions Subfolders.
Your customer- performs pre-closing activities on the last day of the month. Which activities are typically executed during pre-closing? 2 Create the asset history sheet for asset accounting Perform foreign currency valuation for accounts payable. Post recurring entries for the general ledger. Process bad debt expenses for accounts receivable.
It is common for companies to receive invoices for the previous fiscal year at the beginning of the new fiscal year. Which dates must have the same fiscal year in the document entry? 1 Document date and asset value date Posting date and asset value date Posting date and entry date. Document date and posting date.
Customers using classic General Ledger Accounting can use RFBILAOO to create a financial statement at which organization levels? 2 Company area level Client level Business area level Segment level.
Which data do you define on the bank master record? 2 Payment and dunning information Corresponding business area Address data and control data A unique bank country.
Cleared items contain which of the following pieces of information? 2 Archival information Clearing document number Due date Clearing date.
With the automatic clearing program, a user can clear open items for which of the following items? 2 General ledger Special general ledger indicator Currency Subledger accounts.
What do you define when you create a new document type? 2 Account types allowed for posting Reasons for reversal Number range for the document type Posting keys for the document type.
Identify the criteria that usually differentiate between document change rules. 2 Company code Open items Account type Asset class.
Identify the fields that cannot be changed while changing parked documents. 3 Account assignment objects Company code Document type or document number Currency.
Which entries can you define when maintaining a G/L account? 3 Account Type Profit center Ledger assignment Field status group Account group.
Which of the following are the steps of Intercompany reconciliation? 3 Manual reconciliation and communication Automatic presentation of reconciled and non-reconciled data Document selection and data storage Automatic assignment of documents.
Which fields can you edit before posting a parked document? 3 Currency Amount Document type Account Posting date.
Which objects can be posted to by more than one company code? 3 Cost center Business area Sales organization Profit Center Segment.
Within the line items of FI documents, what does the posting key control? 3 The account type to which the line item can be posted The field status of additional details Whether the item is posted as a debit or credit The account group to which the line item can be posted Whether the item is posted with reference to primary or secondary cost element.
You need to make the line item text field mandatory during document entry. Which objects should you analyze to fulfill this request? 2 Account group Document type Posting key G/L account.
What sort of special general ledger types exist? 3 Automatic offsetting entries (statistical) Final payments Noted items Other types Free offsetting entries.
The government announces that it plans to change the basic VAT tax percentage from 20% to 18%. What do you have to do in the system to comply? 1 Create new tax codes with the 18% percentage for input tax. Change the tax percentage for existing input tax codes to 18%. Create new tax codes with the 18% percentage for input and output tax. Change the tax percentage for input and output tax codes to 18%.
Which dates can you use for tax calculation? 2 Due date Document date Entry date Posting date.
For which of the following special G/L transactions does the SAP S/4HANA application not update the transaction figures? 1 Special general ledger account Noted items Customer account Vendor account.
The variant principle is used in SAP S/4HANA to assign particular properties to one or more objects. How many steps does the variant principle have? 4 5 1 3.
Which of the following methods can be used to transfer Asset Accounting (FI-AA) legacy data? 3 For a very large quantity of legacy data, use the direct input procedure (program RAALTD11) For a small quantity of legacy data, use AS100. For a large to very large quantity of legacy data, use the legacy data transfer using a BAPI interface For a large quantity of legacy data, use batch input procedure (program RAALTD01) For a manageable quantity of legacy data, use the manual transaction code AS91 and ABLDT.
A user wants to add an application to his SAP Fiori home page but can’t find it in the App Finder. What does the admin have to do? 1 Assign the corresponding SAP Fiori tile group to the user. Add the corresponding tile catalog to the tile group. Assign the corresponding SAP Fiori tile catalog to the user. Add the tile to a tile group already assigned to the user.
Which SAP Fiori app type provides essential information about system master data and offers links for navigating between related objects? 1 Fact sheet Analytical Configuration Transactional.
You are asked to explain the assets under construction functionality in SAP S/4HANA. What should you highlight? (choose 2) 2 It is possible to calculate and post depreciation in the balance sheet depreciation area for assets under construction. It is possible to post credit memos, even after assets under construction are fully capitalized. It is possible to post special tax depreciation and investment support for assets under construction. It is impossible to use assets under construction with Investment Management.
In your system, you currently perform manual outgoing payments and you want to use the automatic payment program. Which settings must you maintain as part of the configuration of the automatic payment program? (choose 2) 2 Bank determination Paying company codes Payment terms Special G/L indicators.
Which data sections are part of every asset class? 2 Account determination data section Depreciation data section Valuation area data section Master data section.
Which requirements do you need to fulfill to use data aging for Finance in the SAP S/4HANA system? 3 Activate aging on SAP HANA Define the logical file path as a global path for data aging Activate data aging for your company code Switch on the data aging business function Add required authorizations for data aging to your role.
What does the document type control? 2 Whether exchange rate difference is permitted Which account types are allowed for postings Which posting keys are allowed for postings Whether negative postings are permitted.
Which statements best describe extension ledgers in SAP S/4HANA? 2 Extension ledgers can be assigned their own posting period variant Extension ledgers can have different currencies than the underlying ledger Extension ledgers can be assigned their own fiscal year variant Multiple extension ledgers can point to the same underlying ledger.
Which of the following are standard correspondence types? 3 Payment notice Account statement Open item list Document journal Payment proposal.
Which statements best describe a chart of depreciation? 2 A chart of depreciation is a country-specific object that is delivered with SAP S/4HANA A chart of depreciation is a company-code-specific; therefore, two company codes CANNOT use the same chartof depreciation A chart of depreciation contains multiple depreciation areas with a provision for addition and deletion of depreciation areas A chart of depreciation is mandated by country's statutory requirement and should be adopted as is.
What account types can you use to classify general ledger accounts in SAP S/4HANA? 3 Field status group Secondary costs Balance sheet Non-operating expense or income Reconciliation accounts.
Which attributes should you consider when defining asset number ranges? 2 Each asset class can have either an internal or external number range Asset number ranges are defined at chart of depreciation level Each asset number range has to be assigned to a unique asset class Asset number ranges are defined for asset classes and are company code specific.
You want to post journal entries in a special period. Which conditions must be met? 2 You must enter a posting date in the last posting period The special period must be open for posting in the period control You must have specific authorization to post in special periods The balance carry-forward to the new fiscal year must have taken place.
"In your SAP S/4HANA system, you report financial values for three separate accounting principles. You post an acquisition for an asset that is capitalized in a single accounting principle. If you use the application to post integrated asset acquisitions, how many documents will the system post?" 2 4 1 3.
What are the features of the Accrual Engine in SAP S/4HANA? 2 All currencies of general ledger are supported The FI reversal is NOT supported Complex postings with more than two line items are NOT possible The fiscal year variant of the general ledger is supported.
Which steps are required to create a substitution in Financial Accounting? 3 Define the substitution rule with its different steps using the formula editor Choose the area of application GL Select the correct call-up point Activate the substitution rule Assing the substitution rule to the controlling area .
You want to configure the default baseline date for the payment terms of an incoming invoice. From which date can you derive the baseline date? 3 Goods receipt date Entry date Posting date Document date value date.
You are responsible for configuring document splitting. What are some of the key settings? 2 Document number range Field status variant Business transaction variant Document type.
Which of the following statements are valid for financial document number ranges? 3 All financial document number ranges can contain numbers and/or letters Financial document number ranges are defined at company code level Financial document number ranges must be defined for the year in which they are used Financial document number ranges defined at client level should NOT overlap The same finacial document number range can be assigned to several documen types.
What is the secondary cost general ledger account type used for? 1 To post to two cost controlling account assignments at the same time To post activities that aren’t from the main businesses of the company To post cost Controlling account assignments statistically for fixed asset and material accounts To post internal cost allocations in management accounting.
Two assets (belonging to the same company code) post depreciation to different general ledger accounts. What does this mean for the assets? 2 The assets belong to different asset classes. The assets are assigned to separate cost centers. The assets post acquisition and production costs values to separate accounts. The assets are assigned to separate account determinations.
You use the search in your SAP Fiori launchpad to loop up information for a cost center. What kind of app is used for the information shown in the search results? 1 Transactional List Analytical Factsheet.
What restriction apply when a new currency is introduced for productive company codes and ledgers? 2 Reconciliation for entities in asset accounting is NOT included. Calculated values are NOT added to the ACDOCA. Archived data CANNOT be enriched with the new currency. New currency tields are NOT updated for existing data.
Which objects can define the maximum length of a general ledger account? 2 Account type Chart of accounts Account group Field status group.
When items aren’t automatically assigned for intercompany reconciliation (ICR), how do you perform reconciliation? 2 Use an automated assignment rule. Export line item reports for each affiliate. Match items manually. Use SAP Leonardo machine-learning algorithms.
What is the correct order of steps when configuring the payment programs? 1 All company codes, bank determination, paying company codes, payment methods in country, payment methods in company code All company codes, payment methods in country, paying company codes, payment methods in company code, bank determination All company codes, paying company codes, payment methods in State, payment methods in company code, bank determination All company codes, paying company codes, payment methods in country, payment methods in company code, bank determination.
Which fields in the company code definition of a general ledger account are always required? 2 Group Account Account Currency Sort Key Field Status Group.
How many separate period intervals are there to control open posting periods? 2 4 3 1.
Your customer uses the ledger approach to multiple valuation. During conversion to SAP S/4HANA, which configurations will be required? 2 Convert accounts of parallel valuations to asset reconciliation accounts. Contigure delta depreciation areas to no longer post to the general ledger. Define the document type for the accounting-principle-specific-documents. Assign accounting principles to all real and derived depreciation areas.
Which of the following organizational units are part of the enterprise structure of financial accounting? 3 Segment Business area Functional area Operating concern Plant.
What can you manually select to copy when you copy a company code? 3 Controlling area assignment General ledger account data Document splitting rules Company code currency User profiles and roles.
What can you enter in the header section of the Post Outgoing Payments app? 3 Customer Payment terms Discount amount Value date Bank fees.
A maximum of how many special/valuation periods can be open at the same time? 16 2 4 1.
What fields do you have to enter to make a document reversal? 2 Document Date Document Type Posting Date Reversal Reason.
You have an invoice for transport expenses for your assets under construction. These expenses can be capitalized per IFRS but not in the local GAAP. What is the best way to handle this? 1 Post the invoice twice: once as an expense to the local ledger group and once more to IFRS. Post the invoice to assets under construction, and, after settlement, post a partial scrapping for the local depreciation area. Post the invoice to the assets under construction and manage settlement per depreciation area. Post the invoice to a clearing account and clear it per ledger group (capitalize for IFRS, expense for local GAAP).
What types of chart of accounts are there? 3 Organizational chart of accounts Group chart of accounts Operational chart of accounts Functional chart of accounts Country chart of accounts.
Which of the following fields can be configured as changeable in a document header? 1 Document Date Document Type Document Reference Posting Date.
What types of objects are maintained separately per client? 3 ABAP programs Transactional data Master data Organizational units Function modules.
What is the main differentiating factor of posting a manual accrual document compared to other manual transactions? 1 Reference field Document type Transaction type Reversal reason.
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