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SAP HCM ECC 6.0 Time Management

SAP HCM Practice Certification Test

Murali Krishna
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What are the SAP Components of Time Management? Shift Planning CATS ESS Incentive Wages Time Administrator.
What are the different methods of recording time data? TMW CATS Incentive Wages Clock in / clock out using WAP Infotype Maintenance.
Which of the following is known as Positive Time recording system? Record Actual Times Record only Deviations from the Work Schedule.
Which of the following is known as Negative Time recording system? Record Actual Times Record only Deviations from the Work Schedule.
Which driver is used in Time Evaluation? RPTIME00 RPTLEACONV RPTQTA.
What are the infotypes required in Time Management? 0008 0002 0007 0050 2006.
What are the options available to employee for recording or displaying their own personal data? Time Recording Terminals Employee Self Services CATS Time Evaluation.
In which table, does Time Events are stored? TEVEN CC1TEV.
In which table, does data are stored? TEVEN CC1TEV.
Which screen records one infotype for one personnel number? Single screen Fast entry Personnel actions.
Which screen records several infotype for one personnel number? Personnel Actions Single screen Fast entry.
Which screen records one infotype for several personnel number? Single screen Fast entry Personnel Actions.
What are the control indicators in Employee subgroup groupings? Time Quotas Work Schedule Time Recording All the above.
What are the prerequisites for SAP Time Management? Valid Public Holiday Calendar, Public Holiday & valid Work Schedule Valid Public Holiday Calendar & valid Work Schedule valid Work Schedule, Daily Work Schedule & Period Work Schedule valid Public Holiday Calendar, Work Schedule & Breaks.
What is the central element in Time Management? Employee's Work Schedule Daily Work Schedules Period Work Schedules.
Work schedule contains planned specifications of an employee's working time including breaks? True False.
The validity of a Public Holiday Calendar is specified by a Validity Period Validity Interval.
To which a Public Holiday Calendar is assigned to? Personnel Area Personnel Subarea Work Schedule.
Which Public Holiday Classes has 0 or blank class type? Not a Holiday Full day Holiday Half day Holiday.
The public holiday calendar that is valid for an employee depends on the personnel area or personnel subarea to which the employee is assigned? True False.
A Work Schedule in the SAP System contains the following elements? Weekly Schedule Break Schedule Work Schedule Rule Daily Work Schedule Night Work Schedule Period Work Schedule.
The function DYNBR in the Time Evaluation determines which break?.
____________ contains Begin / End tolerances? Daily Work Schedules Period Work Schedules Work Schedules.
Daily Work Schedule Variant Rules is created based on ______ characters? 3 2 1.
What is the basis for generating a Work Schedule? Period Work Schedule Daily Work Schedule.
Which Day Type has "1" type? Work / paid off / paid off / unpaid off / special day.
Day types are assigned to the individual calendar days using which rules? Selection Rules Work Schedule Rules Counting Rules Variant Rules.
Selection Rules for Day types is assigned to which rule? Work Schedule Rule Rounding Rules Reduction Rules.
Which infotype is defined as the time between the start and end of work excluding breaks? Planned Working Time, IT0007 Substitutions, IT2003 Time Events, IT2011.
What does value '1' means in Time Management Status? Evaluation of Planned Times Evaluation of Actual Times No Time Evaluation PDC Time Evaluation.
What feature used to define default values for the Time Management Status in IT0007? TMSTA QUOMO SCHKZ.
What is the transaction code for feature maintenance? PE03 PE01 PA03.
Which feature is used to store default values for Planned Working Time IT0007? SCHKZ ABKRS LGMST.
A seperate work schedule rule must be entered for each part-time model? True False.
Which report is used to simplify the conversion of leave types to quota types? RPTLEACONV RPTBPC10 RPTPDOC0.
What are the different substitution types? Individual Working Time New Daily Work Schedule Different Payment Period Work Schedule.
Which feature is used to define a default Substitution? VTART SCHKZ LGMST DFINF.
Availability infotype take place in fixed periods? True False.
Availability infotype specified by clock times, a Daily Work Schedule or a ____ Work Schedule Rule Selection Rule Variant Rule.
An employee must drive from one plant location to another with his or her own private car. The employee is therefore entitled to a travel allowance. Which infotype is available to capture this data? IT2010 IT2011 IT2003 IT2005.
The overtime compensation types are located in the infotype? Only IT2002 Only IT2005 Both.
You can enter only activity allocation data in IT 2002. True False.
To determine the payroll hours and days, we define counting class for Attendances / Absences. True False.
Attendance / Absence hours are calculated using the Planned hours specified in the Work Schedule. True False.
The sequence for deducting quotas can be specified in _____ rule. Deduction Rule Selection Rule Counting Rule.
A deduction rule can be assigned to counting rule to round the payroll hours and days determined. True False.
What are the methods which automatically accrue time off credits? Absence Quotas Attendances Quotas Quota Compensation.
Which report is used to restore deduction sequence? RPTBPC10 RPTQTA00 RPTQUOTA.
Which feature is used to default Quota Type Selection Rule Group? QUOMO TMSTA TQTA SCHKZ.
Find the exact match for features? IGMOD ABKRS MOLGA NUMKR PINCH NUMAP.
Match the following Work schedule Transaction codes? PT01 PT02 PT03 SCAL.
Match the following Time Evaluation TCodes? PT40 PT60 PT61 PT62.
Match the following Time data TCodes? PTMW PA61 PA51 PA71 PA62 PT50.
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