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PE01 refers to Schemas Rules Features.
PE02 refers to Calculation Rules Payroll Menu Payroll Calendar.
SE16 refers to IMG Data Browser (Table reports) .
The personnel control record performs the following functions in payroll: Locks vendor data so no changes can be made during the payroll process. Locks master data and time data so no changes can be made during the payroll process. Defines the latest possible retroactive accounting date for each payroll area. Personnel of a PSA are locked.
Wage Type A wage type is a table entry in a wage type table. Type of wages approved. Any amount payable in terms of cash.
Infotype Infotypes are units of information used to enter master data in Human Resource Management System. Infotypes are used to group related data fields together. They provide information with a structure, facilitate data entry, and enable you to store data for specific periods Information Type useful for business purpose. System Information. Configuration type of information.
Payroll area Payroll Area is an Organizational unit, which groups together employees for whom payroll is run at the same time and in the same way. Represented through two digit code. Geographical area where business of an organisation is run. Area where pay is disbursed.
Pay scale type The pay scale type defines the area of economic activity for which a collective agreement is valid. Special Type of scale used to measure pay. A scale to calculate income tax payable on pay.
Pay scale group Pay scale groups generally represent the job category in an organization. All employees of a location except the Head. Group of vendors entitled to a fixed amount of pay.
What infotype does not have BEGDA or ENDA. IT0015 IT0014 & IT0015 IT0014 All of the above.
Which of the following modules is used in indirect valuation TARIFF BEGDA PRZNT ARBPL.
Which of the following is primary wage type ? Dialog Wage Type Technical Wage Type Statement Wage Type User Wage Type.
Which indirect valuation module has to be used for variable bonus between 0 8% of basic pay ? PRZNT SUMME and PRZNT TARIFF SUMME.
For which information if PNP used for ? Time Management information. Recruitment information. Personnel Administration. Organization Structure. None of the above.
Bellow is the correct statement in regards with Time Management groupings Personnel subarea groupings for work schedules, attendance and absence types, substitution type and availability types, attendance and absence counting, time quotas and time recording. If any time management aspect within the personnel subareas is different, then each personnel subarea is assigned to different groupings. A personnel area grouping for work schedules is a group of personnel subareas for which in the same work schedule rule apply. This grouping allows you to control whether a work schedule is permitted for personnel areas. Employee subgroup groupings for work schedules, time recording.
Which one is the correct statement in regards with the use of IT2002 Record planned working times that were not completed. To record changes to working time. Record completed planned working hours. To record completed working hours with a cost center that deviates from an employees master cost center.
Find the correct statement in regards with setting up grouping for primary wage type Personnel Subarea. Employee Subgroup. Personnel Area. Employee Group.
Find the correct statement in regards with Work Schedule. Public Holiday Class is one of the prerequisite for defining selection rules. If a company impose Saturday as working day, both Public Holiday Class and Day Type=1. Breaks taken after a certain number of hours are worked is known as variable breaks. A daily work schedule variant is an alternative version of period work schedule.
Find the elements that make up the Work Schedule. Public Holiday. Day Type. Daily Work Schedule. Period Work Schedule.
What is the function of the (personal) control record in payroll accounting ? It determines the exact dates of the current payroll period. It defines the payroll past retroactive accounting recognition. It establishes the earliest retroactive accounting period per Employee Subgroup. It blocks master data and time data against changes during the course of payroll accounting. It selects personnel numbers for the payroll run.
What are the advantages of Process Model. Easily control the execution of programs. Repeat individual process steps. Can send notification in all circumstances. Reduce process run time by running serial program.
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