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Marosky ( uploaded 9 years )
Hola buenos días! necesito por favor modelos de exámenes en el módulo de HR de sap por favor. el contenido de este tes es bueno me sirve de mucho.
sanjeev ( uploaded 4 years )
Thank you very much. Trying to upload more Q/A.
A number of prerequisites must be met before you can enter and process employee data in the system, choose the correct prerequisites: Infotype 2055 Infotype 0009 Infotype 2001 Infotype 2008 Infotype 0000.
The following infotypes are used to enter data that deviates from the work schedule: Infotype 2001. Infotype 2002. Infotype 2008. Infotype 2051. Infotype 2055.
SAP HR system uses employee subgroups to group payroll areas so employee from different employee subgroup can not belong to the same payroll areas. True False.
The personnel control record performs the following functions in payroll: Locks master data and time data so no changes can be made during the payroll process. Defines the latest possible retroactive accounting date for each payroll area. Locks vendor data so no changes can be made during the payroll process. Defines the payroll past for retroactive accounting recognition. Defines the earliest possible retroactive accounting date for each payroll area.
Matchcode W provides you with a list of all personnel numbers in the selected payroll area that have successfully passed the payroll. True False.
Basically Period Remuneration consists of two parts: Fixed parts (Basic remuneration) and variable parts (time compensation). True False.
Wage type in SAP HR System consists of three value fields: RTE, NUM and AMT. RTE, RIO and NUM. RTE, NUM and PAY. RIO, NUM and PAY.
The Secondary wage type, Incoming wage types from previous period, is identified by a name starting with which of these strings? /3... /4... /Z... /0...
Once you change the standard schema in customer client then the changed schema will be stored as customer schema, so the standard schema is not affected. True False.
Payroll schema consists of a sequence of functions. Which of these functions is used to import Absence infotype data? P0015. PAB. PIT. RAB.
Personnel Calculation Rule can contain several calculation formula depending on the definition and use of the rule. True False.
The function CHECK set to the parameter ABR... ...ensures that Payroll is only run for the employees in a payroll area that has been released for payroll. ...ensures that Payroll is not run for any employee. ...controls whether the Payroll results are updated on the database. ...provides the Payroll driver with data on the type of program that the schema uses.
Function GWT is used in time valuation to select time wage types for all absences, which are valued on the basis of the As If principle. True False.
Time wage type selection occurs in subschema... TC10. TC00. TC01. TC11.
For employees who do not use time recording, actual times for processing type M can also be recorded using the ... infotype. Undefined. Overtime. Interval. Wage. Identity.
In the case of the valuation of time wage types, if the RTE or AMT field contains an amount, the wage type is transferred to the internal table... CT. RF. OT. KX.
In a payroll, a factor is required to calculate partial period amounts by calculating the current factor and multiplying it with the wage type assigned. True False.
Choose the correct Composite Roles in Payroll: Payroll Manager. Payroll Authorization Manager. Payroll Process Administrator. Payroll Administrator. Payroll Administration Manager.
Payroll Manager is responsible for: Running Payroll correctly. Provide general overview of the Payroll results. Maintain HR master data and Time Management Data. Create remuneration statement.
You have completed the Payroll run for this period. However, if you then change HR master data in a period for which the payroll has already been run, the payroll must be run once again for this period using the current values. This is known as... ...Payroll Correcting. ...Payroll Rerun. ...Retroactive Accounting. ...Payroll Rollback.
Retroactive Accounting Limit determines the exact date until which master data and time data can be changed in the payroll past. True False.
During the Payroll run, master data and time data changes that affect the payroll past, payroll present and payroll future are not permitted. True False.
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