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Which statements apply for condition maintenance in purchasing information records? There is only ever one valid condition record for one date. If a new validity period exceeds an existing validity period completely, the latter is deleted when saving. If a condition record is created with a plant reference, no further condition records can subsequently be created without a plant reference. If a planned delivery time is created in the purchasing information record, this is transferred to the material master record on saving as long as a different entry exists there.
What types of purchasing information records (= infotypes) are there? Standard Third-party Subcontracting Plant.
How do scheduling agreements differ from contracts? You can create contracts with reference to a scheduling agreement but you cannot create scheduling agreements with reference to a contract. Account assignment category U (unknown) is allowed in the contract but not in the scheduling agreement. Contracts can contain a plant but scheduling agreements have to. You can use item category W (material group) in both the contract and the scheduling agreement but you can only use item category M (material unknown) in the contract.
Which messages are possible for scheduling agreements with release documentation? Scheduling agreement (NEW message type) Forecast delivery schedule Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery schedule Scheduling agreement delivery schedule.
You create a requisition using source determination. When is a source found uniquely? When there is a valid quota arrangement. When there is no quota arrangement but a single valid info record exists as a source list entry without any other indicators. When there is no quota arrangement but several valid info records exist as source list entries without any other indicators. When there is no quota arrangement but multiple valid source list entries, of which both an outline agreement item and an info record are selected as fixed sources. Only when info records exist of which one is selected in the purchasing organization data as the regular vendor.
How do you block sources? Using a cross-plant vendor status in the vendor master record general data. Client-wide in the source list for a material. Plant-dependent in the source list for a material Using a blocking indicator in the vendor master record purchasing data.
You want to create a purchase order but do not know the vendor. Which statement is applicable? You have to first create a requisition. You create a purchase order without a vendor, hold this and then assign a source to the purchase order using a collective transaction. Using the "Create PO, vendor unknown" function. You always have to use a one-time vendor.
Which documents can you not generate with the "Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders" transaction (ME59N)? Contract calls SA delivery schedules Purchase orders RFQs.
No source was found in the assignment list during automatic assignment of sources. What can you do? Assign a source manually. Flag the purchase requisition for RFQ. Convert the purchase requisition directly to an RFQ to a one-time vendor. Block the purchase requisition automatically.
You would like to convert assigned purchase requisitions into follow-on documents. Which of the following statements apply? You can convert several requisition items from the same vendor to a purchase order. In doing so, one requisition item is generated for each PO item You can convert several requisition items from the same vendor to a purchase order. In doing so, requisition items with the same material are automatically combined for one PO item. If the assigned source was blocked after the assignment was made in the source list, it is not possible to convert the relevant requisition item. You can convert SA delivery schedules and contract calls together.
What determines whether a requisition item is transferred directly to the document during conversion or displayed initially in the document overview? Personal settings in the PO transaction. Personal settings in the assignment transaction. User parameter EFB User parameter EVO.
Where in Customizing can you maintain release strategies for Purchasing? For all document types. For requisitions and purchasing documents separately according to document type. For requisitions and purchase orders regardless of the document type and for all other purchasing documents only with the appropriate document type. For requisitions with the document type purchase order and for purchase documents with all types of purchasing document, as these are all stored in the same table.
What is the maximum number of release codes you can use in a release strategy? 2 5 8 10.
No release procedure with classification is available for requisitions in your system. For which document data can you set up a release procedure without classification? Item category Account assignment category Plant Purchasing group.
What can you not do with a purchase order that has not been released? Output it Change it Call the print view. Add another item to the purchase order.
The total value in the material master should be updated with a goods receipt posting. what should not be contained in a purchase order item? Account assignment category Material with standard price S Materials with price control V Item category K.
Which functions are not available in the invoice verification transaction MIRO Table Control Hold Message log Personal settings.
You are using the PO based invoice verification.Your PO has two items for the same material. There are four goods receipts posted for the first Item and three goods receipts posted for the second item.What will the item list look like if you want to post the invoice for this purchase order but do not yet have an existing invoice? A line appears showing the total of all seven items. A line appearing showing the total of all goods receipts in the first item and another line appears for the toral of goods receipts for the second item. A line appears for each good receipt posting. The item posted on the same day are grouped together A line appears for each goods receipt.
You hold a document. What are the consequences of this? An accounting document is created. The system updates the purchase order history A MM invoice document is created The existence of the vendor is checked.
The following terms of payments are flagged in an invoice: 14 days 3% cash discount or 30 days net price. There is no default data from the purchase order. how do you enter the terms of payments you go to the vendor master record and enter the terms of payment there. Once you have saved the data it will be automatically copied to the current invoice. you enter a key maually for the terms of payment you enter a 14 days and 3% in the first line on the payment tab page,leave the second one blank and enter 30 days net price in the third line. You leave invoice verification , complete the terms of the payment in the PO and create a new invoice. Now the system propose the terms of payments from the purchase order automatically.
You have specified that the goods receipts can be posted as net. what should you pay attention to when posting the invoice? nothing, in this case invoice is posted as net automatically. The invoice should also be posted as net, otherwise an adjustment posting to the amount of the cash discount is carried out. If you post the Invoice receipt as gross, the case discount amount is posted to a stock account when there is price control V and sufficient material stock.
Which exchange rate is used to convert those invoices in a foreign currency? The exchange rate from the PO is used, if it is fixed there The exchange rate of the particular day when the po was created. the fixing indicator is irrelevant. The exchange rate from the day the invoice was entered. If it is not fixed in the PO. If the exchange rate is not fixed, The conversion is carried out using the average exchange rate on the purchase order and from the current day.
You post an invoice with reference to a blanket PO. which of the following statements apply? the GR/IR clearing account is credited. A posting is made to the consumption account. The system proposes the amount resulting from the difference between the overall limit and the actual value. If the blanket Item contains account assignment data, it will be suggested.
for which variances you can store tolerance limits Amounts for items without reference to a PO Time has been exceeded in the blanket PO Variance from the moving price Variance from the standard price.
An invoice should be blocked depending on the quality inspection of any materials it contain. Which statements apply? The invoice is blocked automatically when the goods receipt is posted as stock in the quality inspection, but not transferred to the unrestricted stock at the time of invoice verification. Quality management procurement must be active for the relevant material. An Invoice block occurs, if an inspection lot was not released at the time of invoice verification. For a PO based invoice verification the system blocks the invoice, if there is a lot inspection from a previous delivery that was not released in the relevant purchase order item.
What should you pay attention to when dealing with invoice reduction The indicator for the invoice reduction must be selected in the item line. You must use the document type invoice reduction A collective invoice document is created. the reductions are deducted from the original amount in this invoice. Two accounting docs are created: An invoice document and a credit memo document to the amount of the invoice reduction.
Which statement about vendor specific tolerance is applicable? Vendor specific tol are maintained in the purchasing data in the vendor master record. In the total based invoice reduction, it is not necessary to search for the error in the item list. Any small differences specified for a tolerance key which are entered in the vendor master record are posted to a separate G/L account If the difference is larger than the defined tolerance for total based invoice reduction the invoice cannot be posted.
What do you have to do to release an invoice automatically? Today is the delivery date of the PO and the delivery was posted 5 days ago There was a manual payment block which has since been canceled. The block occured due to a quantity variance. The difference quantity has since been delivered. The block occured due to a quantity variance.In the meantime a credit memo for the difference quantity has been posted.
When should you choose the subsequent debit/ credit transaction in MIRO The system then posts an invoice for 97 pcs. Subsequently 3 pcs are invoiced again, as the goods receipt check has discovered that the quantity shown in the delivery note has been exceeded by three pcs. The gold price was too low in an invoice for gold plated parts. A second invoice was created to invoice the difference. One part has been inspected and found to be faulty but can still be partially used. The vendor sends us a credit memo for 10% of the original invoice amount. In the payment the cash discount has been deducted, even though the cash discount period has expired. The vendor demands the cash discount back.
Which statement regarding delivery costs are correct? Planned delivery costs can only be posted after at least one invoice for goods / services items is posted. If the planned delivery costs are frieght costs and there is a frieght forwarded partner included in the document, the system automatically suggests it as an invoicing party. If the planned delivery costs are frieght costs and there is a vendor for freight in the condition details included in the document the system automatically suggests it as an invoicing party. Unplanned delivery costs are always apportioned on the basis of values in the current Invoice document.
What should you pay attention to when you want to enter an invoice without ref to a PO in logistics invoice verification The tab page G/L account and Material should not be hidden by customizing The vendor cannot be a one time vendor The currency must always be entered manually The conditions of payment are not determined from the purchasing data, but instead from the accounting data in the vendor master record.
Which statement about invoice verification in the background is applicable? The customizing setting for the invoice verification in the background can be made separately but to the same extent as the customizing settings for online invoice verification. In invoice verification in the background , only the difference for the complete document is determined . An item related verification is not made. Incorrect items from the settlement program must always be manually verified to the end. Invoices processed inthe background can be posted but blocked for payment if the invoice was posted before the delivery date of the order.
Which of the following points must be fulfilled in order to apply ERS to a purchase order items The ERS indicator must be set in the document Item A tax code must be maintaned for the document item the No ERS indicator must not be set in the info record . The conditions of the payment of the vendor who the settlement should be made for must be maintained in the vendor's master record.
How can difference arises GR/IR clearing account Vendor waives being charged for a purchase order item because he executed the delivery as a free of charge sample delivery A price variance is posted at invoice receipt the goods recipt is posted as non valuated 100 pcs of a materical were returned to the vendor but only 98 were credited to his account because we damaged 2 pcs in transport.
Which information is used to check duplicated invoices Company code Purchasing org references invoice date account assignment data for invoices to purchase order items with account assignment.
Which verifications can be entered in users specific tolerance group values upper limit for each document upper limit for each document item cash discount for each document item total based acceptance of small differences.
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