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Which of the following parameters are determined by the planning strategy? Planned independent requirement type Order type (production order or process order) Customer requirement type Procurement type.
Changes to the planning situation automatically result in a new ATP availability check . True False.
In material requirements planning you can calculate the dates for multi-level production automatically. True False.
Which of the following settings have to be made in order to execute a material requirements planning run for a material? MRP activated in general Material status allows MRP MRP views have been created.
The planned orders that are displayed in the planning table cannot be seen in the stock/requirements list. True False.
Which of the following problems can be displayed using exception messages? Scheduling delays in material requirements planning Failed ATP check Unforeseen change of MRP controller Delayed arrival of production operators.
Which of the following aims can you pursue with long-term planning? Simplify material requirements planning Use master production scheduling Adjust the demand program Acquire a purchasing forecast Simplify production backflush.
What are the possible MRP area types? Plant MRP area ATP MRP area Subcontractor MRP area Procurement MRP area Storage location MRP area.
When you use master production scheduling you do not normally need to carry out material requirements planning. True False.
Standard SOP is the only functionality provided to support this process. True False.
How may demand be provided to the SOP tool? Statistical forecast Manually entered Copy from COPA Copy from Sales info System All of the above.
How can the number of rescheduling exception messages be reduced or limited? Net Change planning Tolerance Values Planning time fence Reduce all lead times to 1.
What supplies will MRP create to offset shortages Planned Independent Requirements Sales Orders Production Orders Planned Orders None of the above.
Sales orders are dependent demand. True False.
Requirements for a screw needed to manufacture a pump are dependent demand. True False.
Can a manual firming date be assigned in MRP, MPS and long-term planning? Yes No.
Material Master settings can override settings in the MRP group, which in turn can override settings in the plant parameters. True False.
One planner may only be responsible for one MRP controller True False.
Parallel Processing must be active to use scope of planning. True False.
There is only one version of planned independent requirements. True False.
Choose the true statement (s) Strategy groups can contain up to seven main planning strategies A strategy group will contain one main planning strategy. The main planning stategy will indicate the “default” requirement type when entering independent requirements Strategy groups are only necessary for the materials for which independent demand will be placed.
In the make to stock environment; procurement can be executed prior to the actual sales demand being reveived. True False.
MTS planning strategies 10 and 11 do not consider customer orders so they are not displayed on the stock requirements list. True False.
With MTS strategy 40 (Planning with final assembly) , the final assembly can not be completed until the receipt of a sales order. True False.
If you designate backward/forward consumption with a backward period of 30 days and forward period of 20 days, the system will consume past requirements for a period of 30 calendar days before consuming any future requirements. True False.
If you do not review the exception messages or capacity prior to planning the entire BOM, than MPS is not a step you need in your planning process? True False.
If an item is marked as an MPS item you can not plan down to its required raw material True False.
The planning time fence is only a function of MPS? True False.
Your planners will not attempt to reschedule out a procurement element (delay) if it’s less than three days early. This will simply cause too much confusion with vendors. Where would this be defined? Schedule Margin Key Safety time Tolerance value Min Queue time Vendor delay factor Withdrawl period.
Dynamic safety stock shows up as an MRP elements throughout the horizon? True False.
Where is the tolerance value maintained? Material Master Routing Reference operation set MRP Group.
If a safety time of 2 days has been specified, the requirement date is brought forward 2 days. True False.
For material planning purposes, what controls the relationship between plants? Plant Master GR Processing Time Transportation Lanes Process Models Schedule Margin Key.
Assume you two buildings on the same physical grounds. Close proximity to each other. Each building has been configured as a plant. If one plant produces a component that the other needs for their manufacturing process, how could this be modelled in SAP ERP? Stock transfers between the plants Trucks and forklifts Withdrawl from another plant Set the procurement type to E.
The distribution key is entered on what master data object(s)? Material Master Production Version BOM Header BOM Item Routing Work center.
If a distribution is used the material must be distributed equally among the individual time periods. True False.
If the procurement type allows both in-house production and external procurement, the MRP is always based on external procurement. True False.
Planned orders always generate production dates? True False.
If a material had to cure for a specific time period before it could be passed to the next operation, what time would be most appropriate to model this in SAP ERP? Curing time Drying time Wait time Sit around time Queue time.
For BOM explosion in MRP, you must set the BOM status in the BOM header so that it is active for MRP. True False.
System can create a production order even if it does not find any selection version or does not find any appropriate selection version. True False.
The explosion dates of the BOM and the routing are identical. True False.
What criteria might planning use to determine a BOM for a material produced in-house? Lot Size Explosion Date Alternative BOM Production Version All of the above.
Quota arrangements may be used to split procurement elements between what types of sources? External vendors Other Plants In house Manufacturing Safety Stock All of the above.
A material may be both In House Production and Procured Externally. True False.
Quotas always determine a source using the cumulative quantities and not split strictly based on percentages. True False.
Discontinuation replaces materials when the demands are from sales orders. True False.
In dependent/parallel discontinuation all materials are replaced when their inventory levels reah zero. True False.
What are two types of discontinuation? Aggregate Parallel Partial Simple Disaggregate.
Would you use discontinuation functionality if you were discontinuing the use of a material but not replacing it with another material? Yes No.
Unrestricted use stoock is the only stock considered in the planning run. True False.
Inventory in the quality inspection stock is available for planning. True False.
The available to promise check is not limited to sales requirements. True False.
In LTP, Identify the true statements: Sales orders must be included in the simulated plan. The PTF can be deactivated for the long term plan. Dependant requirements for Kanban and bulk materials can be created in the planning scenario. Using the current stock level is optional Planned Independent requirements can be transferred to the operative plan.
The principle of long-term planning is to simulate different versions of the demand program. True False.
Operative data that is used in the long-term plan (ex. sales orders, Production orders, firm purchase requisitions and firm planned orders) can be changed in the simulative planning area. True False.
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