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SAP QM, Netweaver, Solution Manager

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Mondhund76 ( uploaded 10 years )
Which statement is correct? a)The status of an activity defines whether the notification is ready to be completed b)A notification can only be completed if all tasks in the notification have been completed c)The activities in a notification do not have a status.
You say, a und c are correct, but i dont think that. SAP HELP "Sie können eine Meldung jedoch so lange nicht abschließen, wie sie offene Maßnahmen enthält." So - i think a and b are correct. Can you help me and controll your ask? Thanks!
Please select the correct order of the Product Sale Process 1) Incoming Order 2) Transport 3) Delivery 4) Billing 5) Duning and Payment 1) Incoming Order 2) Transport 3) Billing 4) Delivery 5) Duning and Payment 1) Incoming Order 2) Delivery 3) Transport 4) Billing 5) Duning and Payment.
Master Data Managemant (MDM) allows you to create cross-code, unified master data. true false.
SAP Netweaver components include: SAP Business Information Warehouse SAP Exchange Infrastucture SAP Mobile Infrastructure Master Data Management SAP Portal.
G/L account group determinate the number range of the G/L account. true false.
SAP ERP is powered by SAP Netweaver SAP Network SAP Market Place AP World Wide Web.
An integrated into Solution Manager is the Test Workbench, which includes Interfaces to third-party testing tools Developement items The test organizer Automated testing tools.
A Posting key controls The posting date Whether it is a debit or credit posting The account type to be posted Which fields of the line item may have an entry or require an entry Deprecation key.
The three components that define the concept of Solution Manager are Business Process Monitoring Customer Solution Database Service Level Management System Monitoring.
You can assign a business area to a company code false true.
Instead of the classic system monitoring of individual system components; with Solution Monitoring, entire business processes can be monitored as a whole across multiple components. Indentify the three components that define the concept of Solution Monitoring (SM001) User Level Management Service Level Management Business Process Monitoring Component Solution Monitoring System Monitoring.
A G/L account has the following segments Company Code Segment Vendor Segment Chart of account Segment Client Segment.
In SAP ERP, the New General Ledger has advantages such as: Detail-Parallel Accounting Detail-Document Splitting Detail-Real Time Integration fo CO-FI Detail-Business Area determinations Detail-Extended Data Structure.
Areas of a Credit Management Master Records are General Data Overview Credit Control Reconciliation.
Please select the correct characteristics of SAP Solution Manager Do not help to avoid duplication of effort and information and streamlining your activities Ease implementation and upgrades Is a separate, complete Wep Application Server installation that is connected to all systems in your solution Acts as the central system of your solution landscape, allowing business processes to be implemented, tested, and even monitored in an integrated manner.
A legal entitiy in represented by a company code in SAP true false.
In the context of sales and distribution, the sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channels and plants. false true.
Please select the correct order of the Service Sale Process 1) Account assignment for activities 2) Incoming Orders 3) Billing 4) Duning and Payment 1) Incoming Orders 2) Account assignment for activities 3) Billing 4) Duning and Payment 1) Incoming Orders 2) Billing 3) Account assignment for activities 4) Duning and Payment.
A Company Code can be assigned to multiple Controlling Areas false true.
Please select the each functions of the five standard roadmaps Solution Management Roadmap Implementation Roadmap Upgrade Roadmap Other Roadmap Global Template Roadmap.
The organizational unit used for Credit Control is the credit control organization true false.
More than one Company Code is assigned to a Controlling Area true false.
SAP's enterprise features are Netweaver Business Suite Internet connections Apps Offering.
The main functions of ESA Enterprise Services Architecture is Expand the concept of Web services to architecture for business applications Maintain the Architecture for servers Support all people that participate in a business process inside and outside of the corporation Provides Blueprint for service-based, enterprise-scale business solutions - solutions that are adaptable, flexible, and open for lower TCO.
SAP Netweaver supports Cross Company Code Integration Process Integration Information Integration People Integration.
There are six common scenarios for Solution Manager. They are Manage the Service Desk (Operations) Link to SAP Services (Optimization) Project Preparation Manage Change Requests (Optimization) Upgrade SAP Solutions (Implementation) Implement SAP Solutions (Implemantation) Monitor SAP Solutions (Solution Monitoring).
Which three major areas are supported by the SAP SM during operations? Solution monitoring Process reengineering Operations (management) Support Desk Technical implementations Computer center management system.
The SAP Support Desk supports customer internal message handling requires all end-user support messages to be created in the solution manager system enables all end-users to send all support messages to SAP, thereby negating the need for internal support resources enables collaboration between end user, internal support and SAP support for timely and effective resolution.
Which statements are correct in ref. to the responsible of PM using SolMan? Developing strategies and procedures for an efficient SAP implementation Configuring the software to suit the required business processes and to meet analysis and report requirements Representing the project internally and externally Organizing the entire project Finalizing and managing the project scope, budget and deadlines in accordance with the approved plans Giving daily updates on the technical direction of the project including communicating deviations in the project.
ASAP: Which statement is correct for accelerators? can contain information texts are hardware tools used for optimizing system performance cannot be found in the knowledge corner acceleratos are only customer document are a collection of descriptive tests, like documents, templates and examples of all subjects related to SAP implementation.
Components of the configuration transaction Transaction assignments Test cases Configuration of IMG objects Project documentation Development items Graphics Training materials.
Which of the following statements are true regarding SAP SM? The solution manager provides a common platform for navigating to the various component systems to complete configuration and testing activities The purpose of the business blueprint is to configure and test the customer specific solution In the realization phase the customer specific solution defined during business blueprint is configured and tested Solution Manager has no central repository to store project documentation and issues.
Which of the following statements regarding Solution Manager is correct? Serveral system cannot be grouped together as one solution landscape for operation purposes The idea of the SAP solution manager is to combine all services and support in one portal and facilitate the delivery. The SAP solution manager is a central platform for key activities in operations The infrastructure of the Solution Management Strategy does not incluse access to SAP service market place.
Features of the business blueprint Associated items Business scenarios Business process groups Blueprint structure Blueprint document.
Which statement is correct in reference to the responsible of PM, TC, AC, DC using Solution Manger AC DC TC PM.
SAP Workflow is always required for the processing of quality notifications false true.
The following personalization options are available in the SAP Gui Every user can display a picture of their choice on the SAP Easy Access screeen You can change the font size (within limits) in the SAP GUI You can change the size of input fields You can suppress the display of pictures in the SAP GUI You can use a personal input history on your front end You can have system messages displayed in a dialog box.
The general notification can be used to describe problems in production false true.
Several similar measurement devices can be grouped together in a test equipment group for the calibration inspection true false.
Quality planning tasks include Processing of master recipes Management of the material stocks to be inspected Processing of inspection methods Processing of inspection plans.
Can quality notificationls be displayed in the control plan? yes no.
Documents from the Document Management System can always be assigned to a quality notification false true.
Which statement is correct? Inspection methods can also be created in a task list Inspection methods are always created as separate data records Inspection methods can be assigned to a characteristic in the task list Inspection methods are linked to a master inspection characteristic.
For each inspection stage, the specifications for the inspection stage change are defined in the dynamic modification rule. true false.
A dynamic modification rule can always only be used in conjunction with a sampling scheme? false true.
The notification type defines the business context in which a notification is used false true.
Which statementn is correct? The notification defines the business context in which a notification is used The notification type can be defined in Customizing The notification type defines, amongst other things, the properties of a notification The notification type is assigned to a notification origin The notification origin defines the business context in which a notification is used.
A material-dependent selection of defect codes cannot be planned. false true.
Inspection characteristics can also be created in the material specification true false.
The control indicator for inspection characteristics can always be changed in the task list false true.
The Engineering Workbench cannot be used to process reference operation sets. true false.
A system status is predefined in the system and cannot be changed true false.
You can create your own inspection lot origins in Customizing false true.
The confirmation to a QM oder can be performed using direct activity allocation false true.
Dynamic modification criteria can be defined in the task list header? true false.
Which statement is correct? The status of an activity defines whether the notification is ready to be completed A notification can only be completed if all tasks in the notification have been completed The activities in a notification do not have a status.
Dependent characteristic specifications can also be entered for referenced master inspection characteristics. true false.
The standard workflow processes in the notifications area are always active. true false.
You can access a sales summary from a customer complaint false true.
The work area is used to define which areas are offered as selection criteria on entering the Workbench true false.
A work center can be assigned to the operation in the task list true false.
You can carry out transfer postings using the action box false true.
For defects recording in relation to a goods receipt inspection, the defect notification must be created manually. false true.
Which statement is correct? Only defect notifications with the status "Defects recording" are automatically completed when you make the usage decision for an inspection lot. Existing defect notifications are automatically compled when you make the usage decision for an inspection lot. Active defect notifications are not automatically completed when you make the usage decision for an inspection lot.
You can work with the status profile only for tasks in notifications true false.
You can assign follow-up actions to the code groups of the task catalog true false.
The status of an action defines whether this action is to be executed or completed. true false.
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