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SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting 1709/1809

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SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting 1709/1809

SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting 1709/1809

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Which SAP technological products provide the platform required for SAP to support the digital transformation of an organization? (There are two correct answers.) SAP HANA SAP Leonardo SAP Fiori SAP Cloud Platform.
Which component of the framework for the intelligent enterprise includes SAP Leonardo? Intelligent suite Digital platform Intelligent technologies Machine learning.
You want to develop a substantial enhancement for the purchase-to-pay pro- cess in your SAP S/4HANA system. Where does SAP recommend you perform this enhancement? SAP Leonardo SAP Fiori SAP Cloud Platform SAP S/4HANA core.
The SAP HANA database relies on which of the following technologies for storing data? (There are three correct answers.) In-memory Aggregation Indexing Columnar store Compression.
Data in the SAP HANA database is stored in which two ways? (There are two correct answers.) Random Vector Column Row.
SAP HANA makes extensive use of which high-speed hardware technology to offer more speed? Read-only memory Solid-state drives (SSDs) Graphics processing units (GPUs) Multicore CPUs.
Which of the following product lines does the SAP S/4HANA system rely on for procurement functions? SAP Concur SAP Ariba SAP SuccessFactors SAP C/4HANA.
What technology did SAP leverage to eliminate aggregate tables from the SAP S/4HANA system while maintaining compatibility with many legacy programs? Columnar store Compatibility views Data aging Indices.
A user wants to add an application to his SAP Fiori home page but can’t find it in the app finder. What does the admin have to do? Assign the corresponding SAP Fiori tile group to the user. Assign the corresponding SAP Fiori tile catalog to the user. Add the tile to a tile group already assigned to the user. Add the corresponding tile catalog to the tile group.
What kind of customizations can users make to their SAP Fiori launchpads? (There are two correct answers.) Change the name of tile groups. Create their own tile groups. Change the names of tiles. Change the icons on tiles.
Which of the following are SAP Fiori design principles? (There are two correct answers.) Role-based Routine Rational Responsive.
You use the search in your SAP Fiori launchpad to loop up information for a cost center. What kind of app is used for the information shown in the search results? Transactional Factsheet Analytical List.
Your customer operates 20 company codes in 10 different countries and three continents. What is the minimum number of clients you must configure in the SAP S/4HANA system to depict this scenario? 3 10 1 20.
Where can an SAP Fiori end user change the theme of his SAP Fiori launchpad? In the Me area of the SAP Fiori launchpad In the Tile Catalog area of the SAP Fiori launchpad designer In the Tile Group area of the SAP Fiori launchpad designer In the UI theme designer.
What types of objects are maintained separately per client? (There are three correct answers.) Master data ABAP programs Organizational units Transactional data Function modules.
What can you manually select to copy when you copy a company code? (There are three correct answers.) Controlling area assignment User profiles and roles General ledger account data Company code currency Document splitting rules.
What are the three basic steps required to define a new company code? (There are three correct answers.) Adjust global parameters Copy existing company code Copy existing controlling area Define new segments Adjust basic and address data.
Which of the following assignments can be adjusted for the company code? (There are three correct answers.) Company Fiscal year variant Segment Chart of accounts Leading ledger.
Which of the following organizational units are part of the enterprise struc- ture of financial accounting? (There are three correct answers.) Functional area Operating concern Business area Plant Segment.
Which of the following account assignments can you configure the system to create complete balance sheet reports for? (There are three correct answers.) Cost center Profit center Segment Company code Profitability segment.
What types of chart of accounts are there? (There are three correct answers.) Organizational chart of accounts Country chart of accounts Functional chart of accounts Operational chart of accounts Group chart of accounts.
Which objects can define the maximum length of a general ledger account? (There are two correct answers.) Chart of accounts Field status group Account type Account group.
Which fields in the company code definition of a general ledger account are always required? (There are two correct answers.) Sort Key Account Currency Field Status Group Group Account.
When creating a general ledger account and there are conflicting field sta- tuses, which field status has the highest priority? Display Optional Suppress Required.
What is the secondary cost general ledger account type used for? To post to two cost controlling account assignments at the same time To post activities that aren’t from the main businesses of the company To post internal cost allocations in management accounting To post cost Controlling account assignments statistically for fixed asset and material accounts.
What is the relationship between accounts of the operating chart of accounts and the local chart of accounts? One operating account to many local accounts Many operating accounts to one local account Many operating accounts to many local accounts One operating account to one local account.
You have to map two accounting principles for accounting. Using the accounts approach to parallel valuation in SAP S/4HANA, which ledger must you use? No ledger Leading ledger Extension ledger Special purpose ledger.
You indicate that you’re posting to the ledger group of an extension ledger. How many ledgers are updated? Only the extension ledger The extension ledger and the underlying ledger The leading ledger and the extension ledger It depends on the ledgers grouped in the ledger group.
What is defined with the fiscal year variant? (There are two correct answers.) Open and closed fiscal periods Start and end dates of the calendar year Start and end dates of the fiscal year Number of fiscal periods in a year.
How many custom currency types can you assign to a company code/ledger combination? 6 8 10 12.
What does the posting key define? (There are two correct answers.) Account type Document type Tax code Debit or credit line.
What can you control with the tolerance group? (There are three correct answers.) Maximum amount per open item Maximum amount per document Maximum permitted payment differences Maximum tax amount Maximum exchange rate deviation.
What do you define for a tax code? (There are two correct answers.) Tax percentage rates Fixed tax amount Tax relevant accounts Valid tax types.
Which document splitting setting for the segment characteristic will ensure that no document line will be posted without a segment? Inheritance Zero balance Mandatory field Passive split.
Your company code is assigned to two standard ledgers and one extension ledger. You post an invoice with one expense line item with a 10% VAT (sales) tax. How many line items are posted in the document entry view (table BSEG)? 2 3 4 6.
Your company code is assigned to two standard ledgers and one extension ledger. You post an invoice with one expense line item with a 10% VAT (sales) tax. How many line items are updated in the Universal Journal (table ACDOCA)? 2 3 4 6.
Which date defines the period a document can be posted to? Document date Valuation date Posting date Entry date.
Which of the following fields can be configured as changeable in a document header? Document Type Posting Date Document Date Document Reference.
What fields do you have to enter to make a document reversal? (There are two correct answers.) Document Type Document Date Posting Date Reversal Reason.
Which business partner categories does the system support? (There are three correct answers.) Group Agency Person Organization Public sector.
You’ve mistakenly created your business partner with the wrong business partner category. You’ve saved the data but haven’t made any postings. What can you do to correct this? Change the setting directly in the business partner master record Contact the system administrator to change the table entry in the backend. Create a new business partner using the correct category Delete the company code assignment for the business partner, correct the category, and reassign the company code.
You’re configuring a new SAP S/4HANA system. What are your options for defining the number range assignments for business partners? The supplier drives the number range used. The customer drives the number range used. The business partner drives the number range used. Whichever account is created first drives the number range used.
Which business partner objects can you define field statuses for? (There are two correct answers.) Account group Client Role Type.
Which field cannot be changed during document posting for the one-time customer? Customer Number Customer Name Customer Industry Customer Country.
Which field in the business partner master can you configure so that the document reference is transferred to the line item? Assignment Reference Line Item Text Sort Key.
A business partner is both a customer and a supplier. The customer has a sizable open amount unpaid. You want to make sure that the payment program posts no outgoing payments to the business partner until he has paid part of the outstanding amount. How can you do this? Assign an overall payment block in the general business partner role details. Assign a central purchasing block in the general business partner role details. Assign a payment block in the customer business partner role details. Assign a payment block in the supplier business partner role details.
What can you achieve by using the head office/branch scenario? Settings changed for the head office master record will be transferred to the branch account. Postings made to the head office also can be paid to the branch account. Invoices posted to the branch become open items for the head office. Correspondence and dunning letters are printed and sent to both the branch and the head office.
Which configuration can you use to define separate payment terms for the same terms of payment key? Day limit Company code Country Installment payment.
You’ve agreed to terms of payment with a business partner that is a customer and a supplier. The same terms are to be used both ways (incoming and outgoing). You’ve defined a new terms of payment key, but when trying to update the supplier business partner role, you don’t find the payment term available to select. What must you do? Create a new payment term for the supplier business partner role. Enter the payment term manually during invoicing. Maintain the account type in the terms of payment. Change the field status of the business partner role to make the payment terms an optional field.
You’ve negotiated payment terms that include three installment payments with your customer. How many terms of payment must you define? 1 2 3 4.
What does assigning a screen variant during document entry do? It defaults values for fields in the document line item. It changes the fields that are ready for entry in the document header. It changes the fields that are ready for entry in the line items. It defaults values for fields in the document header.
When setting up the system, you want to maintain default values for users of a company code. Which application do you use? User Maintenance Maintain User Profile Default Values (SAP Fiori).
Your customer doesn’t want to implement profitability analysis, not even account-based, because the company doesn’t understand its value. Which argument would you use to persuade the customer? Profit and loss statements can be analyzed by sales-specific characteristics. Balance sheets can be analyzed by sales-specific characteristics. Sales orders can be forecasted as liquidity items in cash flow reports. Down payment integration can be performed with sales and distribution.
What can you enter in the header section of the Post Outgoing Payments app? (There are three correct answers.) Value date Bank fees Discount amount Customer Payment terms.
You receive a payment for an invoice that is smaller than the owed amount. How can you manage payment differences in the Post Incoming Payments app? (There are two correct answers.) Partial payment Residual item Change due date Reject payment.
When a payment in foreign currency clears the amount of the invoice exactly in the foreign currency but in the local currency is more than the invoiced amount, what does the system do? Post to profit from exchange rate differences. Leave the amount as an open item to be reconciled with open amounts in the future. Return the difference back to the customer. Adjust the local currency amount to clear the invoice exactly.
What is the correct order of steps when configuring the payment programs? All company codes, paying company codes, payment methods in State, payment methods in company code, bank determination All company codes, payment methods in country, paying company codes, payment methods in company code, bank determination All company codes, bank determination, paying company codes, payment methods in country, payment methods in company code All company codes, paying company codes, payment methods in country, payment methods in company code, bank determination.
In the payment method settings for the company code, what options do you have for payment optimization? (There are two correct answers.) Optimization by due date Optimization by discount Optimization by bank group Optimization by postal code.
What can you change for items that are in the exceptions list of the payment proposal? (There are three correct answers.) Payment block Payment term Payment method Bank selection Reason code.
On what level do you assign dunning areas? Client Company code Functional area Segment.
When assigning dunning charges to a dunning procedure, what options do you have? (There are two correct answers.) To assign a fixed amount without assigning a dunning charge percentage. To assign a fixed amount without assigning a dunning charge percentage. To assign a fixed amount and a percentage. The system posts the smaller of the two amounts. To assign a dunning charge percentage without assigning a fixed amount.
At which point is the down payment request created in the integrated down payment process with purchasing? Purchase requisition Purchase order Goods receipt Invoice verification.
Which KPIs can you find on the accounts payable overview page? (There are two correct answers.) Day sales outstanding Cash discount utilization Aging analysis Collection effectiveness index.
Which system components are directly integrated with asset accounting? (There are three correct answers.) Bank account management Investment management Purchasing Plant maintenance Quality management.
What is true for assigning charts of depreciation to company codes? All company codes of a single country must be assigned to the same chart of depreciation. Each company code can be assigned to a different chart of depreciation. You assign company codes only to charts of depreciation delivered by SAP. A company with company codes in multiple countries can use a single chart of depreciation for all.
What is true for real depreciation areas? They are set to always post to the general ledger. Each can be assigned multiple currency types. You can post transactions to them independently. They can have values calculated from combining other depreciation area values.
Two assets (belonging to the same company code) post depreciation to different general ledger accounts. What does this mean for the assets? (There are two correct answers.) The assets belong to different asset classes. The assets are assigned to separate account determinations. The assets post acquisition and production costs values to separate accounts. The assets are assigned to separate cost centers.
How can you default a value for the cost center in the entire asset class for buildings? By using asset subnumbers By changing the assigned screen layout By changing the assigned tab layout By entering it in default account assignments for the general ledger account.
Which of the options are types of user fields? (There are two correct answers.) Group Asset Serial Number Evaluation Group Asset Super Number.
When you copy an asset, the asset text is copied as well. How can you avoid this? By changing the assigned screen layout By changing the assigned tab layout By changing the asset class definitions By creating a dummy reference asset with no text.
For which kind of asset is the asset main text always prefilled? Asset super numbers Group assets Asset subnumbers Mass-created assets.
You execute a report based on the location and are missing an asset. What might have happened? (There are two correct answers.) The asset has been fully depreciated. The asset was sold to a customer. The equipment assigned to the asset was moved. The asset was partially scrapped.
Which transactions lead to asset capitalization? (There are three correct answers.) Purchase order in purchasing Valuated goods receipt Assets under construction settlement Intracompany transfer Nonvaluated goods receipt.
When making a partial sale, how can you choose to calculate the amount of value reduction for the asset? (There are three correct answers.) By quantity By posted depreciation By profit (or loss) By retirement amount By percentage.
When you post an amount to an asset in the LVA class that is above the threshold for the maximum value, how does the system respond? The system produces an error message; for you to post, you must split the asset or post to another asset class. You receive a warning message; the asset is posted, but the depreciation key is adjusted to normal depreciation. The system posts the value up to the LVA threshold and posts the rest to the generated asset subnumber. The system adjusts the asset quantity to the value that keeps the asset below the maximum threshold.
You have an invoice for transport expenses for your assets under construction. These expenses can be capitalized per IFRS but not in the local GAAP. What is the best way to handle this? Post the invoice to the assets under construction and manage settlement per depreciation area. Post the invoice to a clearing account and clear it per ledger group (capitalize for IFRS, expense for local GAAP). Post the invoice to assets under construction, and, after settlement, post a partial scrapping for the local depreciation area. Post the invoice twice: once as an expense to the local ledger group and once more to IFRS.
The cross-company code depreciation area is required in which of the follow- ing intercompany transfers? For all intercompany asset transfers For transfers with nonmatching depreciation areas For transfers between company codes in different countries For transfers in which you also change the asset class.
An online test run for depreciation is limited to how many assets? 100 1000 10,000 No Limit.
When should fiscal year close for asset accounting be carried out? Directly before balance carryforward Directly after balance carryforward When the previous fiscal year is closed When the last nonspecial period of the previous year is closed.
Why might you define options to have manually allocated item keys for the financial statement version? To be able to assign the same key to two multiple objects To be able to enter an explanatory text for the item key To be able to define if you want to summarize at the item level . To be able to assign functional areas to the items.
Which of the following are default items assigned to every financial statement version? (There are three correct answers. Liabilities and equity Profit and loss results Liquid funds Assets Noted items.
What kind of automated checks are available for the financial statement version? (There are two correct answers.) Check for duplicate item keys Check for accounts assigned to one side only Check the financial statement notes for non-noted item accounts Check for incorrectly assigned accounts.
Which object hierarchies can you maintain with the Manage Global Accounting Hierarchy app? (There are three correct answers.) Cost center Internal order Segment Profit center Functional area.
In the trial balance report that is based on line items, how many fields can you select to report on? More than 100 Around 50 Fixed for 10 More than 500.
How many separate period intervals are there to control open posting periods? 1 2 3 4.
In SAP S/4HANA, on which levels can you maintain open posting periods? (There are two correct answers.) Controlling area Segment Posting period variant Fiscal year variant.
A maximum of how many special/valuation periods can be open at the same time? 1 2 4 16.
Your company code is assigned to a leading ledger, two additional normal ledgers, and one extension ledger. How many carryforwards must be executed? 1 3 4 8.
What checks can you perform from the Audit Journal app? (There are three correct answers.) Check gaps in journal entry numbering Check nonbalancing accounts Display journal entry changes Check multireferenced invoices Display journal entry warnings.
What is the main differentiating factor of posting a manual accrual document compared to other manual transactions? Reference field Reversal reason Document type Transaction type.
How can you select to post accrual amounts when customizing the accrual engine? (There are two correct answers.) Post delta amounts Post foreign currencies Post closed periods Post full amounts.
Which process is automated with purchase order accruals, compared to manual accruals with the accrual engine? Start accrual run Create accrual object Create opening posting Breakdown accrual amount .
To which object do you assign valuation methods? Valuation procedure Account assignment Accounting principle Valuation area.
You use the lowest-value valuation method with active delta logic. Your open item was posted at 200 units of foreign currency, which originally translated to 100 units of local currency, and in the previous period it was 98 units. In the preceding foreign currency valuation run, the program posted a value of –1 currency units. What was the value in local currency units at the time of valuation? 99 97 101 98.
Flat-rate individual value adjustments are valid for which types of accounts? Assets Supplier Customer Materials.
What are the reasons to perform regrouping of receivables and payables? (There are three correct answers. To display receivables and payables separately To group payables and receivables based on the due dates To align amounts on accounts with changed reconciliation accounts To simplify and speed up dunning selection processing To prioritize balance confirmation printing by postal code.
Which type of stock is best suited to a moving average price (MAP) valuation? Raw materials Work in process (WIP) Finished goods Third party.
For which of the following tasks must you always indicate manual task completion? Programs Transactions Notes Flow definitions.
When items aren’t automatically assigned for intercompany reconciliation (ICR), how do you perform reconciliation? (There are two correct answers. Match items manually. Use an automated assignment rule. Export line item reports for each affiliate. Use SAP Leonardo machine-learning algorithms.
When adding a bank to the bank directory, which field is required? Company code Opening date Currency Country.
On which level do you maintain the bank directory? Bank area Company code Client Profit center.
What is defined in the bank account connectivity path settings? Payment approvers for workflows Business partner assigned to the bank House bank account ID details Relevant profit center and segment.
When creating a bank as a business partner, what roles are assigned to the business partner by default? (There are three correct answers. Customer Supplier General Financial Services Bank.
What are the differences between holding and parking documents? (There are two correct answers. The held document doesn’t have a document number assigned. The held document can be incomplete. The parked document can trigger workflow processes. The parked document is considered for financial statements.
On which level is the document parking workflow variant assigned? Company Company code Business partner Profit center.
How can you differentiate the document parking workflow process on the business partner level? Assign different workflow release group Assign different payment method Assign different business partner groupings Assign different responsible organization unit.
What options does a processor for a general journal entry submitted for verification have? (There are three correct answers.) Park Approve Delete Reject Submit.
. Which values can you define as prerequisites for triggering the general journal entry verification workflow? (There are three correct answers.) Account group Target company code Cost center Source company code Profit center.
Why would you choose to implement the document parking workflow for journal entry verification, compared to the general journal entry verification process? You do not use SAP Fiori. You need to define two-level verification You are running SAP S/4HANA 1610. You do not know how to configure the new functionality.
What are the basic definitions you make for validations? (There are three correct answers.) Prerequisite Check Rule Set Message.
At which levels can validations and substitutions for financial accounting be defined? (There are three correct answers.) Line item . System data Universal Journal Complete document . Header.
What is the main motivation for creating rules for substitutions and validations? Simpler definition tools Reuse in multiple steps Not bound by Boolean logic Additional fields available.
What are the steps in the Customizing of data archiving? (There are three correct answers.) Define archiving storage locations. Perform cross-object Customizing. Define table partitions. Activate data aging objects. Perform object-specific Customizing.
What is a reason for performing data archiving? To have fewer downtime cycles To control hardware requirements To protect data from being lost To back up data on a separate drive.
Which of the following is a difference between data aging and data archiving? Data aging allows you to retrieve the aged data for analysis. Data aging frees up memory space. Data archiving removes data from the database. Data archiving has advanced logging capabilities.
On which levels can you maintain useful life for documents of a company code in the context of data aging? (There are two correct answers.) Document type Account type Number range interval Profit center.
In an asset main number in Asset Accounting, which information can be different between international GAAP and local GAAP? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Asset class Capitalization date Deprecation start date Net book value.
In an asset main number in Asset Accounting, which information can be different between international GAAP and local GAAP? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Asset class Capitalization date Deprecation start date Net book value.
You want to make the Reference Document Number field required for entry. Which object controls this setting? Posting key Document type Document reference key Field status group.
Which of the following standard currency types can you set in customizing activity "define setting for ledgers and currency type"? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Transaction currency Group currency Material ledger currency Local currency.
What is controlled by the terms of payment? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Setting for net procedure Account for cash discount received Allowed account type Default payment method Determination of the baseline date.
What account types can you use to classify general ledger accounts in SAP S/4HANA? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question Secondary costs Non-operating expense or income Balance sheet Reconciliation accounts Field status group.
You want to quickly launch the balance sheet for the company code you are responsible for from the SAP Fiori launchpad. What can you create to achieve this? Your own application group Your own application catalog Your own application tile Your own financial statement version.
The dunning run is made up of three main steps that happen in a particular sequence. What is the correct sequence of steps? Account selection Dun line items Dun account Account selection Item selection Dun line items Item selection Dun account Dun line items Item selection Dun line items Dun account.
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