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SAP SD: Packing

Unit 25: Packin_Book2

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Which of the following statements are correct about Packaging materials Packaging materials are used for packing and transporting goods Material master records can be created for different packaging materials Material Type VERP is used for packaging materials in standard system Material Type ROH is used for packaging materials in standard system.
Which of the following are the different Packaging materials Carton Wire Basket Crate Container Truck Pallet Packing Area.
Which of the following statements are correct about Handling Unit Selected items from an outbound delivery can be packed in an individual packaging type called a handling unit. Handling unit is assigned a unique sequential number from a predefined number range The Handling unit header contains information about the packaging material used in packing The Overview screen of the packaging material displays the quantities of the delivery items or the othe handling units The data proposed from the material master record of the packaging material can change or enhance to include information such as pallet number.
Which of the statements are correct about Packing Packing is the process of assigning delivery items to packaging materials This produces handling units, which can be packed in additional packing materials Packing process creates new handling units.We can use as many levels as required. (Multilevel packing) We can unpack items from handling unit or emptying or deleting handling units. .
In customising, we can specify whether each delivery item category is relevant for packing.Which of the following are settings. Packing Allowed (default) Packing not allowed Packing mandatory.
The system updates the packing status for each item in the outbound delivery (for example - Partially Packed or Fully Packed) Correct Incorrect.
Which are the two standard output types are set up for printing in Packing process Packing list (Delivery level) Shipping label (at handling unit level) Packing list (Order level).
Using the delivery item category,we can specify for items with batch split if the main item or the individual batch split items are to be packed. Correct Incorrect.
Packing function is available In Orders (as packing proposals) In the Inbound delivery In the Outbound delivery In the shipment document In Billing document.
The packing proposal in the order can be copied to the outbound delivery. We can control this at the header level in the copy control table for deliveries Correct Incorrect.
Packing can be changed in the outbound delivery as long as goods issue have not posted. Correct Incorrect.
Packing in the outbound delivery is copied to the Shipment Billing document.
User Exits can be used to specify rules for automatic packing during creation of outbound deliveries. Correct Incorrect.
Which of the following statements are correct about Packaging materials Similar packaging materials are grouped together in packaging material types Output determination procedure can be used to for Output from handling units such as shipping labels The material grouping for packinging material is used to group together materials that have similar packing requirements The packaging material are proposed from the table "Allowed Packaging Materials for each material group".
If field Material Group: Packaging Materials has not been maintained in the material master, the material can be packed in any packaging material - depending on the weight and volume check. Correct Incorrect.
Packing Instruction consists of: Packing materials Materials to be packed Text Items Subordinate Packing Instructions Rules concerning rounding, minimum quantities Definition of check profile.
Packing instructions can be used as packing proposals for online processing or as packing rules for automatic packing Correct Incorrect.
Deliveries and handling units can be packed using a packing station Correct Incorrect.
The system can generate a separate item in the Outbound delivery for each packaging material Correct Incorrect.
VERP is Item Category group used in Billing for Packaging material Correct Incorrect.
LEIH - Item Category group used in Returnable Packaging Processing Correct Incorrect.
A handling unit is physical combination of materials consisting of Packaging materials (for example: Pallets, cartons, shrink-wrap, containers Goods ( to be transported, stored,used) Outbound deliveries.
Each handling unit has a unique identification number that enables to read all related information Correct Incorrect.
Information related to each handling unit as follows Contents Weight/Volume/measurements Status Information History Scales.
Handling unit can be nested, so that the higher level handling unit may contain several identification numbers Correct Incorrect.
What are the advantages of Handling Units All goods movements are carried out using the handling unit identication number, not material and quantity Once the Handling unit has been created, all subsequent processes can reuse following information - 1.Within own organisation 2. By partners in the logistics chain.
Handling units are involved in entire logistics process and be used in Inventory Management, Production, Quality Management, Warehouse Management and Sales and Distribution Correct Incorrect.
If materials in a storage location administered using handling units are to be posted as goods received, we must create an inbound delivery document Correct Incorrect.
If materials in a storage location managed using handling units are to be shipped, then the system determines which handling units are to be shipped when the transfer order for picking is created Correct Incorrect.
Certain settings can be made in customising in order to be able to use Handling Unit Management Define number ranges for Handling Units Define packaging material types HU requirement for Storage locations Packing control by item category Define sequence transfer order - goods receipt Define unique number assignment for handling unit identification Maintain number ranges for handling unit identification.
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