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Hi, is it c_ts450_1809? and do you have all the questions?
What is the motivation behind S/4 HANA Enterprise Management ? Growth of digital Information and Complexity Simplification of technology and reduction to major pieces of Information Mobile Technology.
Which New Global trends motivate for Choosing S/4 Hana Enterprise Management? Increased throughput Scalable Infrastructure Decreasing Digitization Mature ERP Core Processes.
What is included in S/4 HANA Enterprise Management A New ERP System An SAP HANA Database Embedded APO Embedded Success Factors.
What are basic SAP S/4 HANA Improvements in the area of Inventory Management ? Elimination of Aggregates Simplification of ERP Data Model Data Redundancy for higher security Higher data footprint leveraging SAP S/4 HANA.
Why is DIMP included in SAP S/4 Hana Enterprise Management? It has been active in the Standard ERP System It is the most widely used industry solution in SAP It adds industry specific functionality for discrete industries and Mill Products.
What does the Simplification list contains? Impact of a simplification Services related to a simplification Notes Reference to education materials.
Which requirements would you need to address with regards to GUI for an occasional user It should be browser based It should provide overall authorizations It should be simple It should be locally installed.
Which of the following statements apply to the New Category of the SAP User experience strategy ? The new applications are delivered with latest UI technology SAP Fiori used for existing applications Customers Improve applications with various UI technologies.
Which of the following characteristics apply to SAP FIORI Launchpad It requires Google Chrome as a browser It can be used side by side with other UI's It can be personalized It is Role based.
Which system components can provide planned independent requirement numbers SAP APO Demand Planning SAP Manufacturing Execution SAP S/4 HANA Standard SOP SAP Integrated Business Planning.
What does the Material Requirement Planning run trigger? The Creation of Planned Independent requirements The Creation of dependent requirements The Creation of Planned orders The Creation of Production Orders.
Which of the following MRP types belong to Consumption Based Planning? MPS - Master Production Scheduling VB - Re-order Point Planning PD- Material Requirement Planning.
What are the new features of MRP in S/4 HANA Automated MRP Run MRP Live Consumption Mode ' Consumption in Own Period' Finite MRP Planning by default.
Which streamline P2P processes are available using the Fiori UI? Operational Procurement Invoice and Payables Management Sourcing and Contract Management Supplier Information and Master Data.
Which of the following statements are true regarding Invoice and Payables Management in S/4 Hana ? Detect issue in one glance and launch supplier invoice app in create mode Flexible and dynamic search capabilities on top of the supplier invoices allows user to stay in the same window Administrator has to resolve business issues in case of inaccurate supplier invoices Resolve issue and finish the process with a few clicks.
You post a goods receipt for a purchase order item with account assignment category needs to be specified in a purchase order for a material with a material master record ? Vendor account Consumption account Price difference account GR/IR Clearing account.
Which of the following factors is used to determine than an account assignment category needs to be specified in a purchase order for a material with a material master record ? Material group Industry sector Material Type Field Selection.
The Purchase requisition can only be created directly ? True False.
When creating a Purchase Order with reference to a purchase requisition, note the following: If there is no purchasing information record with a valid price for a vendor and material, then valuation price is always populated from the purchase requisition as the order price True False.
If you create a multiple account assignment in an item, you can choose the following options for the distribution check box Quantity Basis Proportional Percentage Sequential.
You can enter a goods receipt against a Purchase order item with the item category Limit(B) True False.
A difference between the procurement of stock material and procurement of consumable material is that in the latter, you decide whether the GR is to be valuated or non-valuated for order items with account assignments True False.
You can use different item categories for individual items in a purchasing document True False.
When you enter vendor specific conditions, you create a separate service info record for each service and vendor ? True False.
When services are procured, the item has only a short text to describe the general procurement project. The individual services are summarized in a service specification that can be maintained at item detail level True False.
You must always assign a service item to an account assignment object True False.
Which of the following master data is relevant to procurement of external services ? Vendor Master Record Material Master Record Service Master Record Purchasing Info Record Bill of Materials Service Conditions.
Procurement for the Warehouse, which is possible for materials, does not exist in Service Procurement True False.
When the Service entry sheets are saved, the postings are made in Financial Accounting. However these positing are blocked and not released until the service entry sheet is accepted True False.
Which of the following sheets are used to record details of services rendered? Purchase order Service entry sheets Purchase Requisitions.
You can enter a service providers invoice for the Purchase order after the service entry sheet has been accepted True False.
Which of the following are the names of the two SAP tools for presenting lists ? SAP List Viewer ALV grid control SAP ERP Logistics information record.
What are Planned Independent requirements ? They are customer- independent requirements They are anonymous demand elements They are real sales figures They are place holders for sales orders .
The Scope of list parameter determines which purchasing documents are analyzed by the report True False.
Document Date, Posting date and invoice document number are displayed in the list of invoice documents True False.
Which of the following are analyses of stocks(inventories) and documents within inventory management Stock Overview Stock requirements list Storage location Stock List of Material documents Canceled material documents Delivery costs .
Which of the following are the types of information than an info structure contains ? Characteristics Period Key Figures Invoicing date.
Which of the following information are available when performing standard analyses ? Drilldown functions Choose Key figures and change their order Sort list Create ranking sequence ABC Analysis Segmentation.
Which of the following reporting tools are available at the OLAP level of the LIS ? Standard Analyses Flexible Analyses Early Warning System Drilldown Function.
The Creation Indicator for MRP List determine whether the Planning run should create MRP List? True False.
In MRP, Planned requirement quantities trigger requirement quantities ? True False.
In Forecast based planning, you can consider external requirements ? True False.
Which transaction code enables you to evaluate quotation price history? ME1E ME1L ME1M ME1W.
A quantity contract is fulfilled when a stipulated overall target value is reached as a result of the issue of release orders True False.
In Scheduling Agreements, Item Categories M and W are not permitted True False.
Once you Archive scheduling agreement releases, you cannot reverse the archives? True False.
At which level are the conditions in Info Record are maintained ? Purchasing Organization Material Client Purchasing Org and Plant.
What type of Purchasing Info record are available ? Standard Third Party Subcontracting Plant.
Which statements apply for contract and contract items ? Contracts can be created only with reference to Purchase requisitons If a contract item is a stock material, Purchasing and Accounting data must have been created in the relevant material master record Contracts can be created without reference to an outline agreement requisition For a consumable material, the account assignment data must already be stored in the contract.
How do Scheduling agreements differ from contracts ? You can create contracts with reference to scheduling agreement, but you cannot create scheduling agreement with reference to a contract. Account Assignment category 'U'( Unknown) is allowed in the contract but not in the scheduling agreement Contracts can contain a Plant but scheduling agreement have to contain a plant You can use item category W in both the contract and scheduling agreement, but you can only use Item category M in the contract. .
What rule can a goods movement uses to process an accounting relevant businesses transaction in SAP MM Accounting Grouping code Valuation Area Posting Key Valuation Grouping code.
Which Functions are available in SAP FIORI' Manage Purchase Requisition' App Delete Purchase requisitions Display the Supplier contact details Propose available source of supply Attach documents to Purchase Requisition.
Which of the following are soft facts that can be used for Supplier evaluation ? Strategic Importance Environment Protection Social Responsibility Delivery Date.
What can a purchaser do in Manage Purchase Requisition App? Create a Purchase Order Initiate Contracting Approve a Purchase Requisition Initiate Sourcing.
Which objects are available in a Simplification Item ? Edition Release Description Custom Code Impact SAP Note Application Component.
Which of these are layers of SAP Best Practice contents ? Configuration Guides Scope Items Solution Packages Building Blocks Process Diagrams.
Which Functions exist in Manage Purchase Requisition App? Proposal of available sources of supply Addition of documents to Purchase requisitions Deletion of Purchase Requisitions Download of Open Purchase requisition .
Which of the following attributes can you maintain in Account assignment category in customizing ? Valuation Class Special Stock Account Modification Consumption Posting Message Output Parameter.
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