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What can we do using a special movement indicator? (Choose three) Create transfer orders automatically Create transfer orders immediately Putaway a material directly into its fixed bin Steer materials towards another goods receipt area for individual goods receipt postings.
You have been asked to explain the features of the partial pallet strategy for stock removal. What are they? (Choose three) We must maintain the palletization data for the materials which are using partial pallet removal strategy If the picking quantity is larger than or equal to the standard palletization quantity, the system proposed the removal of complete storage unit and tries to take the remaining quantity from a partial pallet If the required quantity is less than the standard palletization quantity, the system searches for a partial pallet, else a standard storage unit is opened The standard storage units are determined according to the LIFO principle.
A vendor is shipping materials on a new pallet size that has been created as a new storage unit type in WM. Your warehouse has the storage unit type check activated in all storage types. Which additional settings do you need to enable you to use the new storage unit type? (Choose three) Assign bin types to the new storage unit type Assign the new storage unit type to all storage types where materials on the new pallet size will be stored Activate storage unit management at warehouse level Activate storage unit management in the storage type Update the material master with the storage unit type and loading equipment quantities.
What are the things to be taken into consideration for the implementation of RF solution? (Choose three) Recovery of connection in case of connection drop and reconnection Customization and flow logic development in the production environment of SAP Support for different connection types of RF terminals Implementation of new devices with ease Replacement of each screen with our own screen without change of processing logic.
Your organization does not want to use "addition to existing stock" for storage bin. Which of the following is the best reason for this? It allows addition to existing stock It will allow the material of same type if the quant criteria are same It cause the storage bin to be loaded with more materials The goods receipt date of the quant being added is lost when the quants are merged. .
Your organization wants to use Warehouse Management with Quality Management only, so what are the requirements? (Choose two) The item categories of the inbound delivery is allowed to be relevant to putaway The item categories of the inbound delivery are not allowed to be relevant to putaway We have to pack the materials in the inbound delivery before we book the good receipt The good receipt posting for purchase order items will be done using MIGO Transaction.
Your organization is exploring the possibility of using pallets strategy for putaways. What are the factors influencing this strategy? (Choose three) This strategy allows us to assign storage bins for each storage unit, that is, for each unit made up of load carrier and material We can manage several quants in one storage bin with mixed storage We first have to divide up the storage bins by defining storage section keys in the storage type We assign the section key to the required combination of storage bin types and storage unit types.
We are using large/small quantities stock removal strategies. Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose three) It always requires a combination of two storage types The first is the storage type for small quantities from which material are only removed up to a certain quantity, the control quantity. The second storage type is large quantity storage type and is used to remove quantities above the control quantities The large/small quantities strategy is particularly suited to dynamic bin storage.
Which if the following steps are relevant for batch determination in Warehouse Management? (Choose five) We need condition tables that contains a compilation of the fields required for the batch search The condition tables are included in one or more search sequences The condition tables are included in one or more access sequences The access sequences are assigned to the strategy types The access sequences are assigned to the search types The strategy types are included in a batch search procedure and put into a sequence The batch search procedure is assigned to either a warehouse number or a certain movement type in a warehouse number.
How the storage unit classified in the Warehouse Structures? (Choose two) A warehouse number can contain both with and without Storage Unit Management We can activate Storage Unit Management for interim storage areas The storage unit is created in the system as soon as goods are putaway in a storage type with active Storage Unit Management If a mixed storage unit is putaway, this putaway is covered by a single transfer order item.
When a goods are received the transfer orders for the same is created automatically in the background. Which of the following factors influence the same? Inventory Management movement type Warehouse Management movement type Warehouse Management requirement type Inventory Management/Warehouse Management interface table.
Which of the following indicators we cannot use for the material-specific control of putaway activities? (Choose two) Stock placement indicator Storage placement indicator Bulk storage indicator Next bin indicator Open storage indicator Special movement indicator.
You run the warehouse activity monitor (transaction LL01) with all 7 objects selected, but only 3 monitor objects are displayed. What is the reason for this? Data must be redetermined manually in the monitor. Only 3 jobs were scheduled for data determination. The other objects were completed in your warehouse. You activated only these 3 objects in Customizing.
How the differences handled during the putaway process? (Choose two) Differences that can be track backed to errors in warehouse are generally putaway in a separate storage bin The processor who identifies the differences during the putaway process records the missing quantity on confirmation of the transfer requirement The goods receipt posting has to be corrected with a partial reversal to complete the activity in Inventory Management If error lies with the vendor the missing quantities can be posted back to the goods receipt area using a separate difference indicator.
Logistics Execution is an application component of the following SAP solution? (Choose two) SAP Supply chain Management (SAP SCM) SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM).
In your warehouse the materials are stacked during the putaway process. Which stock removal strategy would you recommend for removal of materials? First in first out Stringent first in first out Last in first out Partial pallet quantity Large/small quantities.
During the physical count of inventory in Warehouse a difference has been identified. How these differences are handled? (Choose two) The difference which has been identified is posted in Inventory Management first The difference which has been identified is posted in Warehouse Management first The differences are finally posted in Inventory Management to correct the storage location stocks The differences are finally posted in Warehouse Management to correct the storage location stocks.
How are the goods movement postings in ERP system handled in the Decentralized Warehouse Management system? (Choose three) Inventory postings that are entered in the ERP system are posted immediately The system generates an inbound or outbound delivery that is forwarded to the Decentralized Warehouse Management system when a transfer posting is entered A posting is made in the inventory management area of the ERP system when the Decentralized Warehouse management system confirms the delivery We must adjust warehouse number Customizing and the settings of the reference movement type that is needed to create the delivery Posting changes between two plants or storage locations can be processed using a one-step procedure.
What are the main features of Batch Management in SAP ECC? (Choose three) If a material is flagged as subject to batch management in its material master, the affected batch from the Inventory Management posting must be specified for every goods movement We have to work with classification system, if we want to use the batch management function Material belonging to one batch can be identical in characteristics with another batch To use batch determination for a material, we have to add the classification view in the material master.
When does the storage section search take place during transfer order creation? After a bin is found After the bin type search After the storage type search Before the storage type search.
Your organization is planning to use Storage Unit Management. What are the features of it which makes it more useful for organization? (Choose three) The storage unit is an object that is used with Warehouse and Inventory Management It is a logical composition of one or more material quantities that can be managed as a unit in the warehouse Inventory management of the pallets or containers can only take place using Handling Unit Management Storage unit can only be homogenous All storage units are assigned a unique number which is maintained in the system as the storage unit number.
What are the features of direct putaway with a special movement indicator? (Choose three) Some materials are not suited to interim storage in a goods receipt area. They are taken directly to the destination storage bin when they arrive If the destination storage bin is a fixed bin, the special stock indicator can be used to "switch off" Warehouse Management for these kinds of activities without relinquishing Inventory Management at storage bin level The goods receipt posting in Inventory Management trigger the creation of a transfer requirement The transfer order is not required for putaway because the system takes the destination storage type and bin directly from the Warehouse Management movement type or the material master.
How are reference movement type used to connect between the movement type of Inventory Management and Warehouse Management? (Choose two) It is used to connect various movement types in Inventory Management to a single Warehouse Management movement type Assign one Inventory Management movement type to several movement types in Warehouse Management The Inventory Management movement type and Warehouse Management movement type are connected to reference movement type in one table only All the above.
SAP provides with aid with which we can make the used of system at ease, mobile data entry is one of them. Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose three) Increased processing speed Requires skilled manpower to operate Reduced error rate Constantly up-to-date stock information.
How the Putaway with Preplanning from production handled in SAP ECC? (Choose three) Storage units can be generated beforehand for a goods receipt from production Before the physical goods receipt occurs, the transfer order is created from the goods receipt are in the identification point with the generation of the storage units If the production has finished manufacturing, the transfer order item for the storage unit can be putaway into the physical warehouse The same can be used for goods issue process also.
We have activated the requirement to remove all stock at storage type level in Warehouse Management in SAP ECC. What are the options available with the any remaining quantity? (Choose three) Return transfer to the source bin Putaway to another warehouse Putaway in another bin Remaining in the destination bin.
What are the options available for creation of outbound deliveries? (Choose two) We can create outbound delivery manually with or without reference to a particularorder We can deliver purchase orders also if we create a delivery manually We can use collective processing to deliver goods for all types of shipping documents In collective processing the system automatically creates outbound deliveries in background only.
We are using sample-based inventory procedure for physical inventory in warehouse. What are its features? (Choose three) All the material stocks are physically counted, measured, or weighed Only a random part of the material stocks are physically counted, measured, or weighed A projection of actual stocks is made on the basic of the sample value We define the statistical parameters in Customizing for the inventory procedure which is used to decide whether the inventory was successful.
You have been asked to explain the features of zero stock check. What are the features of zero stock check? (Choose two) This takes place during the first putaway This takes place during the stock removal process The inventory results is not recorded at storage bin master data level and at quant level If during the planned stock removal, the stock of the storage bin should be emptied, but there is stock in the storage bin, the processor will enter the same into the system during the confirmation of the transfer order, and the same is later posted as an inventory difference.
Which of the following delivery processes are supported in the transportation functions of SAP ECC? (Choose three) Good receipts with outbound deliveries Good receipts with inbound deliveries Good issues with outbound deliveries Good issues with inbound deliveries Stock transport orders with deliveries.
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