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A custom invoice object has been created with a master-detail relationship to account. The Account receivable (AR) team needs access to Invoices AR users do not own nor have access to Account records. Account OWD is set to Private. The AR team is unable to find Invoices in List views, Reports, nor in Global Search. The Architect has been asked to help troubleshoot. What could be the issue preventing AR team members from seeing invoices? A sharing rule is missing to share Invoices to the AR team. The AR team profile needs to be assigned an Invoice Page layout. A sharing rule is missing to share Accounts to the AR team. The Accounts receivable profile does not have read Permission to the Invoice Object.
Universal Containers (UC) is in legal dispute regarding several orders. UC has found out these records were removed from system. The VP of Sales has asked to ensure this cannot happen in the future. What approach would meet this requirement? Remove the delete button from the Order page layout. Change the record type/page layout assignment for orders to be read-only. Remove order delete permission from profiles and permission sets. Implement a sharing rule that changes access for the records to read.
Universal Containers has expanded to sell virtual containers for data storage. Virtual container work orders are provisioned immediately by the system and therefore cannot be changed by a sales representative. What is an optimal approach to implement these requirements? Remove the Work Order Edit permission from the sales representative Profile. Remove the edit button from the work order page layout. Change the record type/page layout assignment for Work Order to be Read Only. Implement a sharing rule that changes access for all Work Order to Read.
Universal Containers (UC) service reps are assigned to a profile which has “View All” in Case object (Private OWD). To make sure service reps have access to all relevant information to attend to customer requests, which two details should a salesforce Architects consider? Choose 2 answers: Service reps will be able to access all UC contact records if they are controlled by parent. Service reps will not be able to access all UC contact records if they are controlled by parent. Service reps will be able to access all the UC Account records due to Implicit Sharing. Service reps will not be able to access all the UC Accounts records because Account OWD is private.
Susan posts a file to the chatter fees for a record of an object which OWD is private. Which two statements accurately describe who can view the file by default? Choose 2 answers. Susan and users with the View All Data permission. Susan and users with access to the record. Susan and users with a shared chatter post link to the file. Susan only.
Universal Containers (UC) turned off the customer visibility feature in its customer community. What community functionality is impacted by having the customer user visibility turned off? Searching for the external users. Updating their user profile. Creating new customer community users. Searching for internal users.
A junior Account manager owns an account and creates a new opportunity to manage complex deal. She needs the help of the product specialist and solution engineer. Given the size of this deal, she knows the account is likely to be reassigned to a senior account manager in the near future. What is the optimal way for the junior account manager to share the opportunity, given the private sharing model? Manual Share on the Opportunity. Opportunity Team. Manual share on the Account. Create an Owner-based sharing rule.
Which two objects support creating queues? Choose 2 answers. Account Opportunity Lead Case.
Universal Containers has built a recruiting application on the salesforce Platform. HR requested that all internal users should have edit access to the referral custom object. One of the recruiters needed to share a referral record with another colleague for collaboration using manual sharing. The recruiter opened the referral record and could not find the share button. What could be the technical reason for this? The Referral object OWD is private. The Referral object OWD is public Read/Write. The Referral object OWD is public Read only. The Referral object OWD is public Full Access.
The finance team at universal containers usually does not need access to Account and Contact records. A finance analyst was temporarily given opportunity access for a big deal to help with tax calculation. She can now also access Account and Contact records as well. Which two reasons could be causing this issue? Account records can be accessed due to role hierarchy. Contact records can be accessed due to implicit sharing from Account. Account records can be accessed due to implicit sharing from Opportunity. Contact records can be accessed due to implicit sharing from Opportunity.
Sales manager at universal containers (UC) have requested viewing customer invoices in Salesforce. Invoice data is mastered in the ERP system. The architect at UC decided to surface the customer invoices in salesforce using external objects and did the following: -Configured an external object called Invoice. -Created a lookup relationship between account and the invoice. How can the architect grant the sales managers access to the customer invoices data? By creating sharing rules to share the invoices records with users in sales mangers roles. By using manual sharing to share invoices with relevant sales managers. By controlling the invoices object permission on the sales manager’s profile. By creating a sharing set to share invoices with users in sales manager role.
Sales Operations at Universal Containers (UC) has created Public Report and Dashboard folders for sales managers that report to the VP of sales. Sales Operations currently spends a few hours each month updating users that should have access to edit items in these folders. In which two ways can UC grant access to sales managers to automate access to these Reports and Dashboards folders? Choose 2 answers Share the folders lowest roles in the role hierarchy, Superiors will get access automatically. Share the folders with the “VP of Sales” Role and Subordinates. Share the folders with the “Sales Managers” Queue. Share the folders with a “Sales Managers” Public Group.
Universal Containers (UC) has 600 sales reps. UC has rollout plan to deploy salesforce in 3 weeks. At the end of the second week, they received a “User Role Limit Exceeded” error. After investigation, they discovered that during the user provisioning process, a new role was generated for every new user. Which two recommendations could solve this problem? Choose 2 answers. Review the user provisioning process to not automatically create a user role for any new user. Remove role hierarchy from salesforce org and control the record access using apex managed sharing. Contact salesforce support and request to increase the number of users’ roles allowed. Create an Apex class to replace the User Roles by generic one as soon as they are created.
Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Sales Cloud. During the last quarter of the financial year, Sales agents help each other close deals. They requested a solution in Salesforce to allow them to specify an assistant agent on the opportunity record, when the sales agent changes the assistant field, the system should automatically remove access from the previous assistant and grant access to the new assistant. What is the optimum solution to meet the requirements? Use apex sharing to share and unshare opportunities with the assistant agent. Use sharing rule to share opportunities with the assistant agent. Use opportunity team and create an assistant field, use apex to share opportunities with the assistant agent. Use share group to share opportunities with the assistant agent.
Sales Operations at Universal Containers (UC) wants to create list views to filter opportunities for certain geographies. In which two ways can UC hide list views that are not relevant to an individual user since there will be over 50 list views? Choose 2 answers Share the list views with the appropriate queue. Share the list views with the appropriate role in the role hierarchy. Share the list views with the appropriate individual users. Share the list views with the appropriate public group.
Universal Containers (UC) wants to reduce the amount of redundant leads entered into system. UC also wants to ensure that leads are only edited/reassigned by the lead owner. What organization-wide default (OWD) approach should be recommended to help UC implement these requirements? Implement a Private OWD on Lead. Implement a Public Read Only/Transfer OWD on Lead. Implement a Public Read/Write OWD on Lead. Implement a Public Read Only OWD on lead.
Besides their own team accounts, sales managers at Universal Containers need to have READ access to all accounts of the same segment in other countries. Role hierarchy was implemented accordingly (based on countries), but a sales manager in the US is complaining that he cannot view account records of the same segment in Canada. What should be done to grant access in a proper way? Create an owner-based sharing rule to grant access to account records that have the same segment to all sales manager roles. Change the role hierarchy and put all of the sales managers in the US and Canada in the same role. Create criteria-based sharing rules to grant access to account records that have the same segment to all sales manager roles. Create a public group and include all accounts of the same segment and grant accessthrough a permission set.
Which two capabilities does the delegated administrator permission provide? Choose 2 answers. Set OWD. Unlock users. Assign users to Profiles. Create profiles.
Universal Containers (UC) is a non-profit organization and has over 20,000,000 members (donors). The company decided to assign those accounts to Donations Reps based on their regions. Donations Reps ended up owning over 50,000 donors each. The donation reps started to see significant degradation of the system performance. What could be the reason for this problem? The Donations Reps access to the assigned accounts. Salesforce sharing recalculation kicked off. There is an Account ownership data skew problem. The Account (donor) object OWD is Private.
Universal Containers (UC) uses a custom lightning component with an Apex class to display shipment information (custom object, private OWD). UC sales managers are complaining about two important points: ● Shipment records that belong to their teams can be seen by other users. ● Shipment amount should be visible only by managers, but sales reps are able to view it. Which two features did the development team miss that is causing the problems? Choose 2 answers. Use runAs in test class to enforce user permissions and field-level permissions. Use With Sharing keyword in Apex classes to enforce sharing rules evaluation. Use isSharable keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility. Use isAccessible() method in Apex classes to check field accessibility.
Universal Containers (Uhas implemented Service ClouThere is a flag field on the case object that marks a case as (Sensitive). UC requested that this flag can be viewed by all users who have access to the case but only be edited by the assigned case assessor. The case assessor is a lookup field on the case object. How can an architect achieve this requirement? Permission Set. Object Permissions. Custom Lightning Component. Field-level security.
Universal Containers (UC) operates worldwide with offices in more than 100 regions in 10 different countries and has established a complex role hierarchy to control data visibility. In the new fiscal year, UC is planning to reorganize the roles and reassign accounts owners. Which two points should an architect consider in this situation? Choose 2 answers Replacing Account records ownership massively can cause data skew. Using a temporary parking lot account to improve performance. Changing complex role hierarchy can cause a high level of sharing recalculation. Restricting the organization-sharing configurations to private.
Universal Containers’ organization wide-default model is private for the account object. A sales representative user has create/edit access to opportunity records. Which level of access will the sales rep have to the related account record? Read/Create/Edit access. Read-only access. Read/Create access. No access.
Universal Containers (Uhas implemented customer community with customer community licenses for their customers. UC requested that any record owned by its customers should be accessible by UC users in the customer support rolHow can an Architect configure the system to support the requirements? Share Group Apex Sharing Sharing Set Sharing Rule.
Universal Containers has a large network of partners, who each have seasonal workers that need short-term access to the community. How might the Architect design the solution to federate user setup to the partners? Choose two: Allow external users to self register . Create a permission set giving Read/Write to the user object to Partner manager. Grant the Modify users permission to the partner managers. Assign delegated external administrators at each partner.
Universal containers uses 75,000 distributors that have close to 1 million total users. Distributors need to use the community to see closing opportunities assigned to their distributor for delivery. Which license recommendation will meet distributor needs? Sales Cloud Customer Community Partner Community Customer Community Plus.
In order to allow community users to collaborate on Opportunities, which license type must the users be given? Customer Community Customer Community Plus Partner Community Sales Community.
Universal Containers (Uhas a custom object to track the internal net promoter score (NPS) for all its employees. How can UC ensure that NPS records cannot be accessed by an individual employee’s manager? Use Apex sharing to remove NPS object share records for Manager Profiles Remove Create, Read, Edit and Delete from Manager Profiles and Permission sets. Set organization wide default to Private and uncheck the Access Using Hierarchies option for the NPS object Create a criteria-based sharing rule to remove access to Manager role and above in the Role Hierarchy.
Universal Containers (Uhas a partner community for its 200 distributors. UC customer accounts are assigned an individual distributor. The organization-wide default setting for the custom Delivery object is privatHow can architect advise UC to grant all users at a distributor access to delivery records for all customers assigned to a particular distributor? Create a criteria-based sharing rule that shares delivery records matching a distributor to the Distributor role in the role hierarchy. Create a Sharing Set for the Distributor to grant access to the Delivery object. Create a criteria- based sharing rule that shares delivery records matching the Distributor to users of a Public Group created for the distributor. Give ownership of the delivery record to a distributor user.
The sales managers at the Universal Containers (UC) requested their teams to define each user’s role on their accounts in order to provide an easy way to establish accountability and collaboration. Sales managers also requested that sales associates should only get the following permissions: ● Read access to the accounts. ● Read access to cases related to the accounts ● No access to deals related to the accounts The sales associates may be granted access to opportunities when needed. Assuming the overall sharing model of the organization is private and no sharing rules are configured on the account object. How can an Architect achieve these requirements? Use Account teams and use Sharing rules to share cases with sales associates. No change required to the opportunity object Use Account teams, Case teams. No configuration required for the opportunity object. Use Account teams, Opportunity teams, and Case teams. Use Account Teams to define access to accounts as well as opportunities and cases related to accounts.
By default, how many roles are created when the first external user is created on a partner account? 0 3 2 1.
A sales rep at Universal Containers (UC) is a member of the Default Opportunity team for an account manager. The account manager created an opportunity and the sales rep is added to that Opportunity team. The sales rep is complaining about no longer having access to an opportunity record that the sales rep was helping with. What is the cause of this problem? The Account team was changed and consequently the Opportunity team members were replaced by the Account team members. The Sales rep was manually removed from the Opportunity team. The Sales rep was removed from the Opportunity team in another opportunity record of the same account. The opportunity owner can enable/disable if the “Default Opportunity team” is able to access the record.
Users at Universal Containers are complaining that a field has disappeared from the Account page after deploying its latest project. The page layout has not changes with this deployment. How should the admin troubleshoot this issue? Review change to Account record types. Log in as user and check several Accounts to isolate the problem records. Run a Who Sees What report, filtering on Account. View Field Accessibility in the Object Manager.
The Corporate Identity and access Team needs to audit User setup in the Salesforce org. What two permissions should be granted to this team so they can perform their audit? Choose 2 answers View All Data View permission on the User object View Setup and Configuration View All Users.
Universal Containers (UC) use External Objects to retrieve Invoice data from a Legacy ERP. A finance team requested to have access to the Invoice records in the account page. In addition to the objects access in the finance users Profile, what other features should a Salesforce Architect recommend? Create a criteria-based sharing rule to grant access to the records. Include the Invoices Related List on the Account page layout. Create an owner-based sharing rule to grant access to the records. Use APEX managed sharing to grant access to the records.
To grant Universal Containers sales managers access to shipment record properly, it was necessary to leverage Apex managed sharing. The IT team is worried about improper access to records. Which two features and best practices should a Salesforce architect recommended to mitigate this risks? Choose 2 answers Use runAs system method in test classes to test different users and profiles. Use with Sharing Keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed. Use is Shareable keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed. Use is Accessible keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed. .
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