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Simulado do c s a p4

Simulado do c s a p4


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What catalog tool would you use to create a catalog item or record producer? Catalog Formatter Catalog Flow Builder Catalog Builder Catalog Designer Variable Designer Form Designer Workflow Designer.
On a form header, what icon would you click to access Template features? Paper clip Stamp Context Menu More options (…).
While testing a Catalog Item for ordering an expensive computer, the mandatory approval is being skipped for requester Bob Smith, but not for any of the other requesters. What could explain the issue? The manager does not have a delegate assigned. There is a business rule excluding Bob Smith from any approvals. The Bob Smith user account does not have a manager specified. Bob Smith is a VIP. Bob Smith does not have a delegate set up on his account.
What features are available in Knowledge Management to support continuous improvement on the knowledge articles? Choose 4 answers. Flag Article Tag as Helpful Submit KB Errata Click frowning icon Add Comments Rate with Stars.
What instance resource allows you to access guided tours, information about actions, and instructions on how to use inputs and outputs in your flow? Getting Started Wiki Help Panel (question mark icon) Docs User Guide Community.
Which tab on the knowledge base record, would you use to identify the sets of users who are able to read articles in that knowledge base? Can read Access list Accessible to Can Access.
When adding a related list to a form, you choose the related list from the list collector. What is an example of a related list you might see on the list collector? Choose 3 answers. Outage > Task number Catalog Task > Parent HR Case > Parent Problem == Parent Release Phase = Parent.
In Flow Designer, where is the data from an action stored so it can be used in subsequent actions in the flow? Data Pill Data Trigger Data Element Field Icon Field Value.
What are different types of Data Sources, which may be imported into ServiceNow? Choose 4 answers. Implementation Spoke JDBC Connection DataHub Network Server LDAP Connection Local Sourcers (i.e. XML, CSV, Excel).
What are examples of UI Actions relating to forms? Choose 3 answers. Form Context Menu Form Columns Form Links Forms Buttons Form View.
On what part of the ServiceNow instance, would you find the option to impersonate user? Content Frame Module Application navigator Banner.
What are the main components of the Form Design interface? Field Picker Field Layout Form Layout Page Header Field Navigator.
When a custom table is created, which access control rules are automatically created? Choose 4 answers. Update Execute Create Read Delete Write.
When you set a policy that is applied to all data entered into the platform (UI, Import Sets or Web Services), where does this policy run by default? Network Server Client Browser.
Which would you follow when testing a catalog item that has a manager approval flow? Choose 3 answers. Make sure the latest flows are activated. Use the instance incognito setting to quickly toggle between requester and approver. Use your Admin account, so you can approve the items quickly. Impersonate the requester to ensure the form works. Make sure the requester’s user record has a manager specified. Create and select your Testing Update Set, before starting the test cases.
What capability allows users to create dashboards with widgets to visualize data over time in order to identify areas of improvement? Reporting Scheduled Reports Analytics Reports Performance Analytics.
What types of entities can receive task assignments in ServiceNow? Choose 2 answers. Groups Departments Teams Users.
If a knowledge base has no access details specified, what users are able to read articles in that knowledge base? No users Itil users Users with kb_user role Any user with an article’s permalink Any active user.
What table acts as a staging area for records imported from a data source? Staging table Temp Table Transform Table Import Set Table.
When importing spreadsheet data into ServiceNow, what is the first step in the process? Set Coalesce Select Import Set Define Data Source Run Data Scrubber Load Data.
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