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Simulado do c s a p5

Simulado do c s a p5

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After finishing your work on High Security Settings, what is a possible way to return to normal admin security levels? Select Global Update Set End Impersonation Use System Administration > Normal Security module Select normal role Log out and back in.
When designing a flow, how do you reference data from a record, in that flow? Use the condition builder to specify the desired values Drag the data pill into the flow definition Add the table reference using the slush bucket Specify the source table on the data pill related list Drag the table icon onto the flow definition.
Access controls are evaluated in this order: - Match object against table ACL - Match the object against field ACL Within step 1 above, what order are table ACLs evaluated? General to specific: Table ACL, Table.Field ACL, Parent Table.Field ACL Specific to general: Table.Field ACL, Parent Table.Field ACL,*.Field ACL Top to bottom: Wildcard Table ACL, Parent Table ACL, Table ACL Bottom to top: Table ACL, Table.Field ACL, Parent Table.Field ACL Specific to general: Table ACL, Parent Table ACL, Wildcard (*) ACL.
Why is it recommended that you limit update sets to a maximum of 100 records? Choose 2 answers. Comply with ISO audit requirements Smaller update sets can be imported to production during business hours Reduce potential conflicts Improve ability to troubleshoot issues with default update set Make it easier to identify and review changes Keeps update set logs shorter Make it easier for developers to organize their work.
When selecting the Target table for an import, which tables can you select? Choose 3 answers. Related tables, using Dot Walk Tables outside of ServiceNow Tables within the existing application scope Tables within the global scope Tables which allow write access to other applications.
What import utility does the system use when the field names on the import set match the name of the fields on the Target table? Schema Mapping Mapping Assist tool Automatic Mapping Mapping Dashboard.
A user wants to create a set of filter conditions, where they want to show records which satisfy two conditions: - Incidents where the state is Closed - Incidents where Assignment Group is Network After clicking the Funnel icon, what should the user do? Define the first condition; click AND button; define second condition; click run. Define the first condition; click OR button; define second condition; press enter. Define the first condition; click > icon on breadcrumb, define second condition; press enter. Define the first condition; click > icon on breadcrumb, define second condition; click Run. Define the first condition; click AND button; define second condition; press enter.
Here is an example of the criteria set for a knowledge base: - Companies: ACME North America - Departments: HR - Groups: ACME Managers - Match All: Yes In this example, what users would have access to this knowledge base? Members of the ACME Managers group, and HR department, regardless of geography Employees of ACME North America, who are members of HR Department or the ACME Managers group Members of the ACME Manager group, who are also members of HR Department and part of ACME North America Users which are members of either ACME North America, or HR Department, or ACME Managers group.
When using the Report Designer, it is a best practice to make a copy of an existing, then make modifications to your copy of that report. When viewing the report inside the designer, how would you make a copy of the report? Click on the Paper icon and select Create New Click on the Properties tab and select Save As Click on the down triangle and select Insert and Stay Click on Context Menu and select Insert and Stay Click on the Funnel icon and select Create Copy.
A department users SLA data advisory to run reports. They keep asking for help with building reports off of the same set of tables. They seem to be confused by Dot Walking. What could you do to make it easier for them to build their reports? Create a custom table to house their reporting data Write knowledge articles explaining how to do Dot Walking Create a Data Source for them, and show them how to use it Send a team member to a reporting class; kick out any untrained users Show them how to export to Excel format.
Which type of scripts run in the browser? Flow Designer Actions Scripts Includes Business Rules ACL Scripts Transform Maps UI Policies and Client Script.
What tool allows you to drag and drop to specify links between source fields on an Import Set table and destination fields on any ServiceNow table? Mapping Assist Utility Import Workspace Data Source Map Import Designer Transform Designer Transform Dashboard.
When importing data, what happens to imported rows, if no coalesce field is specified? All rows are treated as new records, but errors will be flagged in the import log. Duplicate rows are rejected from the import. All rows are treated as new records. No existing record are updated. All rows are rejected from the import, as coalesce field is required.
What ServiceNow feature allows you to include data from a secondary related table on a report? Outer Join Joins SQL Dot Walking.
What options can you see, when you right click on a CI, from the CI Dependency view map? Choose 3 answers. View Affected Cis View Cases View Related Tasks View Recent Outages View Knowledge.
What are advantages of using Flow Designer? Choose 3 answers. Reduces technical debt Enables complicated scripting Less manual scripting Smooth integration with 3rd party systems Supports advanced developers.
You have an existing customer, who is using workflows for their catalog items. Their existing purchasing policy is to require approval for any request that totals over $1000. However, management wants to change the approval threshold to $1500. Which workflow would you update to make this change? Service Approval Processing Purchasing Process Flow Service Catalog Request Service Catalog Item Request.
A task worker asks how they can monitor any updates occurring to records assigned to him, like responses from customer. What do you suggest? On My Work list, select the Activity Stream icon to show a frame with live updates. Select Service Desk > My Work Dashboard Open an Agent workspace tab for each record he wants to monitor Click on the eyeglass icon to expand the Monitor frame.
After you create a new table, what is the best practice regarding the navigation pane? Create Application Menu with the same name as the table label Set the font style on both the Application Menu and the Module Specify which Roles are able to see the Module Set the filter condition on the Application Menu Create Module with the plural of the table label Specify which Roles are able to see the Application Menu.
An IT manager is responsible for the Network and Hardware assignment groups; each contains 5 team members. These team members are working on many tables, but the manager cannot see any tasks on the Service Desk > My Groups Work list. What could explain this? The manager is not a member of the Network and Hardware group. The Assignment Group manager field is empty The manager is not a member of the Service Desk group The manager does not have the itil role.
Your customer wants to add the company’s email banner to each customer facing email notification. How would you approach this requirement? Create a Company http email wrapper Create a Company email template Create a Company CSS package for emails Create a Company email header and footer.
What does Natural Language Query allow you to do on a list? Set list filter, using audible commands Filter list by typing in a phrase Predict the filter desired by the user Speak to the condition builder Automatically select a filter, based on keywords.
What are examples of Core tables in ServiceNow platform? Team, Party, Awards User, Task, Incident Work, Caller, Timecard Base Configuration Item, Configuration Item, Base task.
Which component of a table contains a piece of data for one record? Item Factor Datapoint Element Field.
What feature do you use to specify which users are able to access a Service Catalog Item? Can Order Tab Catalog user Role Can Read Role User Criteria.
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