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simulado ITIL4 MP - Sample paper 1

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simulado ITIL4 MP - Sample paper 1


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An organization has set up an 'ideas' page on an internal website and is encouraging its employees to experiment with different working methods when they experience issues that prevent the achievement of outcomes. Which concept is involved in these changes? Integration and data sharing Advanced analytics Team culture and differences The culture of continual improvement.
Which is an example of team collaboration? Working with others to achieve individual goals Installing technology to facilitate communication among team members Working together to achieve a shared organizational objective Aligning the goals and KPIs of all individuals and groups.
What does a digital organization have to do to create or maintain a competitive advantage? Market and sell existing products and services to new customers Deliver innovative new products and services quickly and reliably Provide multiple, integrated support channels for products and services Change the way that the IT function develops products and services.
An organization has historically had a ‘failure is not an option’ culture. As a result, it is common for employees to hide mistakes. Which would BEST help this organization foster a more open and trusting environment where people do not blame each other for failures? Safety culture Relationship management Service-dominant logic Cynefin.
A stock trading company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse markets and suggest investment strategies. The IT staff work long hours under pressure to manage the algorithms required. Tension in the teams is growing, and staff are disagreeing and blaming each other. What approach should be taken to improve the situation? Reinforce trust by fostering a safe environment in which staff can voice opinions and resolve issues Introduce chaos engineering to proactively detect errors in the algorithms Design a new value stream that ensures that errors cannot be introduced Reduce the number of algorithm changes so that IT staff have more time to spend on each one.
A service provider is launching a new service. The target market is users who have limited experience of using the internet and are unlikely to use social media. Which is the BEST method of providing user support? Provide simple on-line support and provide contact numbers for the service desk Use machine learning chatbots to anticipate the needs of the users and provide solutions Implement a 'shift left' approach to provide support and downloadable help articles Use popular networking sites to promote and provide on-line user support.
An organization that has a hierarchical structure is reviewing its project management practice and is considering the various ways to introduce a new or changed service. Which is an advantage of an agile approach? The ability to focus on increasing speed to market and making changes in line with business objectives The option of using industry-standard project management models to deliver a phased, predictable project The ability to focus on a clear release date which the various work streams can be aligned to The ability to maintain its current structure which would speed up decision-making.
Which is NOT a key focus of the ‘information and technology’ dimension? Security and compliance Communication systems and knowledge bases Workflow management and inventory systems Roles and responsibilities.
Which describes user-centered service design? Building a prototype of the minimum functionality that can be produced quickly Applying the MoSCoW technique to a set of user requirements Balancing user experience with the technical and business requirements Using value stream mapping to identify a set of user requirements.
What is an attribute of a strategic partnership? Minimal information is shared Trust needs to be developed The customer needs to be able to exit easily The relationship is driven by price.
Which describes the nature of the guiding principles? Guiding principles can guide an organization in all circumstances Each guiding principle mandates specific actions and decisions An organization will select and adopt only one of the seven guiding principles Guiding principles describe the processes that all organizations must adopt.
A company is pursuing a strategy of acquiring small companies which have products that complement their overall portfolio. Although early efforts to integrate company acquisitions have been successful, recent employee engagement results indicate a growing disengagement, especially among IT staff. IT staff feel that their managers do not listen or care about their concerns. What can be done to improve the engagement of IT staff with the changes? Encourage the staff to suggest ways they can support the company strategy Enable the staff to provide feedback through formal channels and create a dialogue with management Arrange informal celebrations to acknowledge the work the staff have been doing Establish a formal mentorship programme to connect IT staff from the company with the staff from acquired companies.
An improvement project failed to create the expected value because the team did not spend enough time thinking about how successful the solution would be. What would have helped to prevent this failure? Kanban Risk management Measurement and reporting Cascading objectives.
Which mid-level objective involves researching new products and services, and continuously evaluating existing products and services? Valuable investments Fast development Resilient operations Assured conformance.
Which statement about the end-to-end customer journey is CORRECT? It focuses on achieving outcomes It represents a pre-determined path It reflects an overall perception It involves optimizing touchpoints.
A service provider encourages their users to form a user support community. What is a potential benefit to the service provider? Reduction in demand for support from the service provider Creation of groups that can be used to provision services Improved collaboration within the service provider organization Reduced collaboration between user organizations.
Which are methods of measuring customer perception of IT services? 1. Service availability reports 2. Feedback from service review meetings 3. Telephone surveys 4. Service provider employee satisfaction surveys 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
An organization is experiencing delays to incident resolutions because there is a lack of clarity about escalation paths among support teams. These delays sometimes cause the organization to lose significant amounts of money. The organization has decided to investigate the activities involved in incident resolution, and to produce a flow of activities which are connected from the time a disruption occurs until a resolution has been identified. Which concept is this an example of? Organizational structure Collaboration Value stream Workforce planning.
Which concept is concerned with creating good working relationships with other people by considering their intellectual and emotional needs? Employee satisfaction measurement The value of positive communications Organizational structure Automated interactions.
In which circumstance would a transformation to high velocity IT be considered undesirable? An organization wants to support business enablement at speed An organization is used to innovating and operating quickly and effectively An organization consistently uses a high level of digital technology An organization believes that its values and leadership style are incompatible with the change.
A service provider has built a ‘cooperative relationship’ with a customer. Which activity are they MOST LIKELY to use to validate the services that are provided? Ad-hoc joint service reviews of costs and benefits Continual tracking and analysis of the outcomes, costs, and risks Joint service reviews of achievements of service targets Review of costs of service provider technology upgrades.
An organization aims to make sure that improvement initiatives lead to sustainable improvements, that do not fade away soon after implementation. How can organizational change management (OCM) practice help in achieving this? By helping to identify, understand, and overcome resistance using a resistance management plan By helping to reinforce the value of the improvement through regular communication and leadership support By ensuring that improvement objectives are communicated to the stakeholders for discussion By providing a training plan to ensure that people have skills need for the change to be implemented.
The CIO of a large multinational organization has received complaints that work is slowing down as staff are often overwhelmed when trying to comply with controls. This is creating unintended and undesirable effects in other parts of the organization. In response, the CIO has asked their management team to ensure that existing controls are sufficient, but not excessive. What should the management team NOT do when identifying excessive controls? Work across multiple stakeholder groups to identify what data is useful for the organization Increase the amount of data measured and reported on because the data might be needed in the future Determine if staff are using placeholder data to complete mandatory fields so they can continue to work if the required data is not available Review external drivers, particularly legal obligations that impact the way the organization works.
Which high velocity IT objective applies to all the service value chain activities? Fast development Valuable investments Assured conformance Resilient operations.
What should be carried out FIRST when applying the ‘focus on value’ guiding principle? Identifying the outcomes that the service facilitates Identifying all the suppliers and partners involved in the service Determining who the service consumer is in each situation Determining the cost of providing the service.
A small service provider is experiencing growth and success. Currently all important decisions are made by a small executive group. This creates delays because members of the group are often unavailable. Which is the BEST approach for establishing an authority structure for decision-making within the service provider organization? Appoint one responsible member of the executive group to make all important decisions Ensure that technical decisions are made by the operational staff who can define the risks Keep high risk decisions within the executive group, but define a policy for delegating other decisions Refer all decisions to the executive group, who will consider each case and delegate when appropriate.
An organization is adopting agile methodologies. The IT department is centralized at the corporate office. The infrastructure operations manager has become very frustrated with the development teams using agile because they are not following any of the established standards. What is the BEST method of communication to improve the situation between the operations manager and the agile development teams? Use email communication to ensure that there is a clear record of all exchanges Arrange a phone call between the operations manager and the teams using agile Organize a face-to-face meeting between the operations manager and the teams using agile Use the organization's social media page to explain why agile is the best approach.
An organization uses internal and external development teams that collaborate well to produce new and upgraded services. When the changes are released, users complain that the service desk staff are often not aware of the changes and that any support issues relating to the changes take a long time to resolve. What would prevent this situation from occurring in the future? Outsource the organization's internal support provision to the external development organization Introduce a self-service system for users so that they do not have to rely on the support teams Engage, during the development phase, the support staff who are involved in the value stream for the service Allow users direct access to second-line support teams, bypassing the service desk.
An organization intends to improve the quality of support of its services. It recognizes that some ways of working are not focused on creating value. Which is an example of a working practice which the organization should STOP? Discussing requirements and expectations of service availability with customers to determine incident prioritization categories Conducting a survey to collect feedback from users on how they would like the interface of the self-service portal to look Engaging with consumers to understand if the service support model will be fit for purpose following a planned organizational re-structure Using the response and fix times from the organization's hardware vendor to drive incident resolutions times for customers.
A business analyst has recognized that business managers have conflicting hypotheses about their needs for departmental improvement. They also find it difficult to articulate their requirements. Which approach is BEST for obtaining requirements? Conduct an interview based on a carefully prepared script of detailed questions Allocate a week to analyse how the department works, and then make logical conclusions Develop multiple prototypes of a possible solution, and adopt what works best Ask the director to enforce what the business analyst considers to be the most plausible solution.
Which concept is concerned with creating prototypes to test hypotheses? Design thinking Safety culture Continual improvement Complexity thinking.
What is a potential benefit of marketing services to internal customers? It reduces the need to include services in the service catalogue It utilizes services more effectively and efficiently It maximizes the profit of the service provider It reduces the demand for services.
Which ITIL concept describes governance? The seven guiding principles The four dimensions of service management The service value chain The service value system.
A management consultant has been hired to help a multinational organization improve corporate governance, risk management, and compliance. Who would the consultant PRIMARILY work with to understand the current state of governance? The board of directors The largest shareholders The internal audit committee The service management office.
An organization is struggling to respond to and resolve incidents in accordance with business needs and expectations. High priority incidents are often ignored because low priority incidents can be easier and quicker to solve. What would MOST improve this situation? A triage system A CI/CD pipeline Service integration and management Deep learning.
A service provider describes a package that includes a laptop with software, licenses, and support. What is this package an example of? Value An outcome Warranty A service offering.
What is a challenge when onboarding individual consumers? Ensuring that the sponsor agrees the level of service that the consumer receives Dealing with many service consumers with different skills Returning consumer equipment and cancelling user rights Identifying and documenting service requirements.
A network security engineer is defining the controls needed to protect firewalls. What is the FIRST thing they should do to determine the correct controls? Review existing firewall rules and controls to ensure that there has been no deterioration Review the risk register to ensure that all risks are being managed Contact the firewall vendor to identify commonly used controls for this technology Identify the organization’s objectives that the controls need to support.
Which value chain activity ensures people understand the organization’s vision? Improve Plan Deliver and support Obtain/build.
A retail organization is trying to improve customer loyalty. One approach it is taking is to allow its online shopping customers to choose the time of day that their package is delivered to their home. What is this an example of? Continuous delivery Service-dominant logic Deployment management Availability management.
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