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Which activity is part of the SAP Activate Methodology for a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition but NOT of the cloud edition (Only 1 answer is correct) End-to-End Integration Test User Acceptance Test Unit Test Technical System Test.
In Which phase does the Transition to Operations work stream start? (Only 1 answer is correct) Explore Realize Deploy Prepare.
In which SAP Activate methodology phase does the team complete the Integration Validation? (Only 1 answer is correct) Explore Realize Deploy Prepare.
Which content packages are available in the SAP Package Library? (2 answers are correct) SAP Activate Methodology SAP Best Practices Solution Builder Rapid Deployment Solutions.
What are some functions of Business Catalogs (2 answers are correct) Analyze if authorizations are missing or insufficient B. Enable you to restrict user access Enable you to restrict user access Provide access to one or more applications Display information about the usage of business roles.
Which of the following is a Key Deliverable of the Prepare phase? (Only 1 answer is correct) Solution Scope and Value Determination Change Impact Analysis and Communication Plan Baseline Build Release and Sprint Plan.
Which key activities does the Guided Configuration support you with? (3 answers are correct) Manage roles of configuration users Train new users Create test data Test configured processes View solution scope.
Which key deliverable includes the development of RICEFW objects? (Only 1 answer is correct) Development Build Enhancement Delivery Sprint Execution Custom Extensions Management.
What is the deliverable of the Application. Customer Team Enablement work stream in the Prepare phase of SAP Activate? (Only 1 answer is correct) Project Charter Project Documentation Knowledge transfer to end users Learning plan.
Which tools does SAP Activate provide to support Guided Configuration? (3 answers are correct) Solution Builder Expert Configuration Self Service Configuration SAP Solution Composer Model Company.
Which of the following tasks are required in the Prepare Phase? (3 answers are correct) Train the project team Set up the infrastructure to support the project Define the communication plan Approve the test strategy Identify relevant SAP Best Practices.
What are deliverables of the Application: Integration workstream in the prepare phase? (3 answers are correct) Fit/Gap Analysis Data Cleansing Security Checks Adaptation Specifications Network Connectivity Checks.
Which accelerations can you use during the Scope Validation/Fit-Gap Analysis activity in the Explore Phase? (2 answers are correct) Sprint Backlog Template RICEF Specification Template Solution Validation Workshop Quality Gate Checklist.
Which activity helps the project team to add the user stories to the product backlog? (Only 1 answer is correct) Planning the User Acceptance Test Preparing a Project Schedule Conducting the Solution Validation Assessing Project Risks.
What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner in release and sprint planning? (2 answers are correct) Analyze the functional and technical dependencies between the user stories Define objectives for each release Prioritize backlog user stories by business priority Estimate the backlog user stories.
What are some of the capabilities end users can utilize to adapt and change their launchpad home page according to the way they work (3 answers are correct) Rearrange or move tiles within a group Add any SAP Fiori apps to a group, regardless of role Delete a pre-delivered group Rename a pre-delivered tile Add a new group.
Your project is performing some high-level planning for a System Conversion journey from SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition. What is the correct sequence of selected key deliverables across the project phases? (Only 1 answer is correct) Code adjustment Detailed System Assessment Production Readiness Check Validation of Migration.
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