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What key approaches are supported by the SAP Solution Manager in the implementation phase? Phase-driven implementation approach. Process-oriented implementation approach. Reengineering-driven implementation approach. Prototyping as implementation concept.
Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of the SAP solution manager? To provide the Tools, contents and services to implement and operate your SAP solution To provide the Tools and content to support the functional and technical implementation of your SAP solution To provide the Tools to support the implementation and setup of operations of your SAP solution To provide the Tools and services to support the operation of your SAP solution.
Which of the following statements are true regarding SAP solution Manager? SAP Solution Manager enables process-oriented design, configuration, testing and on-going system monitoring during operations Solution Manager is a SAP platform that enables representation and documentation of the entire SAP solution Solution manager is a customer platform that enables representation and documentation of the entire SAP solution SAP solution manager enables component-oriented design, configuration, testing ando n-going system monitoring during operations.
Components of SAP solution manager Business Process Monitoring Service level management System monitoring.
The three components that define the concept of Solution Monitoring are Business process monitoring System monitoring Service level management.
SAP solution manager benefits Optional support of all operation, maintenance and improvement activities Optional access to all support services All available implementation and upgrade contents is included.
Identify the benefits of Solution Manager More reliable IT solutions More leverage from IT investments Faster ROI Reduced cost of implementation Reduced cost of operation Integration of SAP Solutions Reduced ROI Lower ROI.
Customer Management, Order Management and Materials Management are all functions of which SAP Mobile Solution? SAP Mobile Sales SAP Mobile Service SAP Mobile Procurement SAP Mobile Direct Store Delivery.
Characteristics of the SAP solution manager support desk Enable collaboration between end user internal support and SAP Requires all end - users messages be created I Solution Manager system.
ASAP Metodology Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live and Support Roll out.
The Global ASAP Roadmap consists of 4 Phases Global Program Set-Up, Global Business Blueprint, Global Realization, Global Maintenance & Support.
List the four main types of ASAP roadmaps Implementation Roadmap Solution Management Roadmap Global Template Roadmap Upgrade Roadmap Download Roadmap Solution Roadmap.
Identify the three main areas of the implementation Roadmap from the items listed Viewing/text area Roadmap structure Attachments area Accelerator area IMG area.
What tasks, contents, and importance does the Data Dictionary have in the R/3 system It is needed for developing R/3 software It is needed to run R/3 applications It contains, among other things, the R/3 Data Model attributes It contains, among other things, the rules for checking entered data It contains, among other things, the match code definitions used for finding material or customer number, for example.
Based upon the information provided in the topic, choose the correct answers from the list below Solution manager is a stand-alone system that communicates with the systems in your varios landscapes Solution manager is installed as a part of each of your existing landscape Solution manager is only used for the implementation of your solutions Solution manager is an add-on industry solution.
The purpose of SAP solution Manager is to smoothly integrate various SAP solution to achieve which of the following Faster implementation Faster issue resolution Optimal support for operations Optimal acces tu support Faster internet access.
Which common usage scenario is missing from the list of usage scenarios below? Implement SAP solution, Monitor SAP solutions, Manage Service Desk, Link to SAP Services, Upgrade SAP solutions Manage change Requests Monitor Service Desk Link to change Request Implement SAP Services.
The purpose of ASAP is to successfully implement SAP solutions across multiple industries and customer environments TRUE FALSE.
The following activities are not part of the project management features of the SAP Solution Manager: Issues Management Plan, Scope Management Plan, Organizational Change Management Plan False True.
Identify the features of a Business Blueprint from the following list Blueprint structure Blueprint document Business scenarios Business process groups Associated items Business groups.
Of the items listed below, which are NOT features of Configuration? Generate Blueprint Transport change Requests Project documentation Test Case Assignment Configure IMG Objects.
Identify the features of the service desk from the items listed below Message handling process Managing SAP Notes Customer solution database Solution Manager diagnostics SAP Help Error handling.
Change Request Management provides a central, streamlined approach to managing changes in your system landscapes True False.
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