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Solution Manager SAP MM

Solution Manager SAP MM

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Solution manager Is installed as a part of each of your existing landscape Solution manager is a stand alone system that comunicates with the systems in your landscapes Solution manager is only used for the implementation of your solution Solution manager is an add-industry solution.
Sap service market place ( By having a solution management system at every customer site, SAP can offer a virtually seamless link from customer system to the service marketplace, helping to reduce the time for support , notes access.
Why solution manager Faster implementation and more efficient operations of solutions All available implementation and upgrade content is included Optimal access to all support services Optimal support of all operations , maintenace and improvement activitiers Faster issue recolution through collaboration with active global support.
The purpose of the SAP solution manager is to smomthly integrate various SAP solutions to achieve(lograr) which of the following Faster implementation Faster issue resolution Optimal support for operations Faster internet access Optimal access to support.
There many scenarios in which SAP solution manager can be used.Each scenario occurs in one of the three life cycle, is also know as the cycle of continuos improvement Implementation Operations Optimization.
Scenarios common for solution manager Implement SAP solutions Monitor SAP solutions Manage the service desk Link to SAP services Manage change request Upgrade SAP solutions.
Which common usage scenario is missing from the following usage scenarios? Implement SAP solutions, Monitor SAP solutions,Manage Service Desk,Link to SAP services,Upgrade SAP solutions Monitor Service Desk Manage Change Request Link to change Request Implement SAP services.
Benefits of SAP solution manager More reliable(confiable) IT solutions (1.Minimize risk during implementation 2.- Avoid inconsistencies, 3.- Resolve issues quickly resulting in less down time, 4.- more efficient implementation and change management project) Reduce cost of implementation and continuos improvement (1.-Reduce cost of process design technical setup, bussines set up support and operations , testing and knowledge transfer , 2.- Centralized project handling blue printing, configuration and testing, 3.-Reduces the costs of upgrades or continuos improvement projects.
More benefits of SAP solution manager Faster return on investment (ROI) [Accelerates implementation and continuos improvement , Availability of implementation road mas, best practice documents and solution management services speed learning annd accelerate project] Reduced cost of operation [ Provides central point of control for multi component enviroments,Facilitates technical and application integration More leverage(apalancamiento) from IT investements [integrates with It landscapes that include both SAP and non-SAP,Reduce their total cost ownership without making major changes.
Identify the benefits of solution manager More reliable IT solutions More leverage from It investements Faster ROI Reduced cost of implementation Reduce ROI Reduce cost implementation.
ASAP Methodology Defined Project preparation Bussines blueprint Realization Final preparation Go Live & Support Continuos improvement.
The acceleratedSAP (ASAP) is.
The purpose of ASAP is to successfully implement SAP solutions across multiple industries and customer enviroments True False.
List the four main types of ASAP roadmaps reviewed Implementation Solution Management Global template Upgrade.
Five phases of the implementation Roadmap Project preparation Bussines Blueprint Realization Step Final Preparation Go Live Support.
Place the ASAP methodology in the correct order by matching the step name to the step number 1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.-.
Elements of the implemetation roadmap Roadmap structure Viewing text area Attachment area.
Roadmap structure.
Viewing text area .
Attachments area.
Features of the bussines blueprint Blue Print structure Business scenarios Bussines process group Associated items Blueprint document.
Purpose of the configuration transaction .
Components of the configuration transaction Project documentation Transaction assignments Configuration of IMG objects Development items Test cases Graphics Training materials.
The benefits of the testing features include Reduce timefor test preparation and execution Single point of access to complete system landscape Central storage of testing material and test results Re-use of existing testing material.
Solution monitoring three monitoring sections witin the SAP solution manager Busines Process monitoring System monitoring:central system Service level management.
It is not possible to use third party software in your solution monitoring strategy when using solution manager True False.
Match the service desk feature with the correct description of its capability Message handling process Customer solution database Managing SAP notes Solution manager diagnostics.
Change Request management provides a central, streamlined approach to maniging changes in your system landscapes True False.
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