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Support agents need to verify that customers are eligible to receive customer support before they can update the cas What object is used to verify that a customer is entitled to receive support? Choose 2 Answers Contacts Case History Products Service Contracts.
What is a characteristic of Visual Workflow? Choose 3 answers Elements can be used to update fields in the database Apex code must be used to pass data to legacy systems Apex code must be used to update fields in the database Only one version of a flow can be activated at a time Elements can be used to pass data to legacy systems.
What are the basic concepts of Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)? Choose 2 answers Creating content as a result of solving issues Rewarding learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving Evolving content-based product lifecycle Developing a knowledge base on the experience of an individual.
UC wants to implement a knowledge management process with the following requirements: 1. It must contain four different kinds of content: Customer FAQs, Product specifications, Contact center procedures and Product manuals. 2. It must provide the ability to filter Knowledge search results by a single product, multiple products, or all 56 products. 3. Any product-related content created by contact center agents must be approved by the contact center manager and the Knowledge manager before being published 4. Product content should only be visible internally to contact center agents who handle the product. How should a consultant recommend that Knowledge be configured? Choose 3 answers Configure workflow rules for each data category Configure article types for each kind of content Define approval processes for each article type Define approval processes for each product Configure data category values for each product.
Universal Containers purchased Knowledge and would like to implement it as soon as possible. What approach should a consultant recommend? Activate the Knowledge sidebar within the Salesforce Console for Service Create a Knowledge Visualforce component on the case detail page Activate the Knowledge sidebar on the case detail page Create a Knowledge Visualforce component within the Salesforce Console for Service.
Universal containers customer support management wants to provide proactive communication to customers who are likely to provide low customers satisfaction (CSAT) scores. What customer-related metric should the customer support management analyze? Choose 2 Answers Escalated cases by account month to date High priority cases opened by account month to date Time spent by account year to date New cases opened by the account channel.
Universal Containers wants to implement Knowledge to assist agents with the resolution of cases. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 3 Answers Create an email template to send articles as PDF attachments Enable suggested articles on new cases Enable article submission during case close Enable agents to create their own personal articles Enable article customization for open cases.
Which solution can be used to improve call deflection? Choose 3 Answers Community forum Web chat Knowledge base Assignment Rules Case Routing.
UC has a three-tiered contact center. Cases are routed to Tier 1 or Tier 2 based on severity, priority, complexity, or SLAs. Cases are assigned to Tier 3 only if they are escalated by Tier 1 and Tier 2. How can UC measure case escalation? Create a case report to show all cases across tiers filtered by an escalation flag Create an approval process to ensure only the appropriate cases get escalated Create a case report to show the number of cases for each tier and sort them by case owner Create a custom trigger to generate history when cases get escalated between tiers.
Which native Service Cloud solution is used for case satisfaction surveys? Create a Web-to-case form with a custom case type of survey Enable the case survey option on the case object Enable the case survey auto-response rule Check the survey option in the case settings.
Universal containers uses social media to monitor new trends and issues that require a response by their community team. What solution should a consultant recommend to automate the creation of customer contacts and cases from universal containers social channels when negative product sentiment is expressed? Implement salesforce radians 6 with filters against the company's twitter account and assign new cases to twitter queue Configure Salesforce Twitterforce and workflow rules for negative product sentiments that automatically create a contact and a case Configure Salesforce social hub workflow for negative sentiments that automatically creates a contact and a case Integrate Service cloud with Google Analytics and use workflow rules for case and contact creation based on key values.
KCS (knowledge centered support) what is it? Choose 2 Answers Standard for managing customer support and delivery Method for social media management Share knowledge with the business partners Process for creating and maintaining knowledge.
What is a common deflection technique to reduce the number of interactions for a contact center? Choose 2 answers Recommend articles during a call for a support agent Suggest articles for a web-to-case question Suggest articles for an email-to-case question Recommend articles prior to a Live Agent session.
A team of publishers has created and published articles in Salesforce knowledge. The manager of the help desk describe articles are useful to agents. Which reports can the help desk manager use to determine the quality of the articles? Choose 2 answers Report on the articles followed in Chatter Report on agent ratings on articles Report on agent feedback on articles Report on the articles attached to cases.
UC wants to deploy the Service Cloud to its contact centers located across North America, Europe and Asia. The company would like standardized contact center processes and reporting implemented in its centers world wide. Which approach should a consultant recommend in this scenario? Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create a common design template and report structure Recommend utilizing out-of-the-box functionality to reduce cost and ensure one worldwide process and reporting Assign teams in each major contact center to design a solution unique to its needs and have an analyst build a combined report Recommend that the VP of Worldwide Support design a global template to provide a clear vision and standardization.
UC's support team requires its customers to submit their support inquiries via free form email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Additional requirements are listed below: • Support attachments up to 20MB per inquiry, • Over 10,000 inquiries per day. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Email-to-Case Web-to-Case On-Demand Email-to-Case Customer Chatter groups.
Universal Containers has determined that case list views are slow to load because of the large number of cases in the system. Which action will improve the performance of the list views? Choose 2 answers Filter the views by case owner Remove filter criteria from the views Restrict visibility of the views Reduce the number of fields displayed.
Universal containers are developing a business continuity plan for their contact center. What should the company consider? Choose 2 answers Recovery point objective Criteria for plan activation Open access to systems Site consolidation.
A customer calls the service desk at Universal Containers. The agent assigned to the call creates a case to capture the issue, but later realizes the caller is not eligible for support. What solution should a consultant recommend to prevent this scenario from happening in the future? Add the service contract related list to contact records Add the entitlement contacts related list to account records Add the entitlements related list to contact records Add the assets related list to contact records.
The vice president (VP) of customer support for Universal Containers has issued a mission statement that "We will empower our customers to interact with us in the way of their choosing". Universal Containers has recently deployed a new toll free interactive voice response (IVR) system and Knowledge base. The VP has asked management team to make additional system enhancements to fulfil the mission statement. What should the consultant recommend to achieve the mission statement? Choose 3 answers Create a central "contact us" page which provides access to the available channels Enforce that customers must search the knowledge base before they can see the contact us page Optimize the customer community for mobile devices to have access to same support as desktops Enable customers to be emailed FAQs by accessing the interactive voice response 24 per day Replace the existing "Chat Now" button on the customer community with toll free phone number.
Universal container support manager wants to share product specific information with their customers using communities. Choose 3 Answers Publish articles to external channels Assign article types to the communities Enable public solutions. Configure content library permissions Enable article deliveries.
Universal containers contact center has experienced an increased number of customer questions due to a growing product portfolio. What should a consultant recommend to minimize the need to hire more agents? Choose 2 answers Chatter Answers Community Web-to-Case Live agent .
UC has discovered that the average time an agent takes to resolve a case has increaseWhat should a consultant recommend to help reverse this trend? Choose 2 answers Configure entitlements and milestones to enforce SLAs Hire more agents for the contact centers Improve the training provided to existing agents Track social sentiment across social media outlets.
Universal containers is developing its strategy for social customer servicIt would like to build a business case to find a larger investment in social media and have a dedicated social media support team. The company's requirements include the ability to: - Monitor Facebook fan page for new posts from customers, - Link new posts to an existing customer record, - Respond to posts from the existing salesforce console for service, - Create and link social person to contacts. What should universal containers do immediately to begin providing social customer service? Choose 1 Enable Social Customer Service Enable salesforce social profile on contacts Create a force.com app for Facebook monitoring Integrate Facebook to its existing customer community.
Universal containers wants to provide its 20 million customers with a portal where they can: - Submit inquiries, - Monitor the status of those inquiries, - View their contact information. To meet these requirements, which type of portal license would be most appropriate for the customers? Service Cloud portal (Customer Community) Partner Community Employee Community Sites.
A contact center manager needs to restrict who can create an FAQ Article Type within KnowledgWhat should a consultant recommend to accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers Enable the Manage Articles permission for the publisher profile and assign it to users Hide the Article Management tab for users who should have read-only access to articles Create a publisher profile that includes create access on the FAQ article type Set the organization-wide default to private and create sharing rules for the FAQ article type.
UC is concerned with system performance in its contact center because the number of records has exceeded 40 million. What platform functionality might be affected by the number of contact records? Contact list view edit time Contact report run time Contact view page load time Contact related list load time.
Universal Containers is setting up a field service dispatch contact center. Which functionality should be considered when designing the contact center? Choose 2 answers Chatter groups for customer Mobile access to case information Visibility into service entitlements Predictive dialer for outbound call.
Universal containers wants to provide its resellers a secure portal where they can: submit and track status of their cases, manage their customer accounts, view reports and dashboards To meet these requirements, Which solution should the consultant recommend? Partner Community Sites Customer Community Employee Community.
A contact center was unable to assign cases by case type before service was implemented, the director support needs to know which metrics to examine to determine whether the newly set up assignment rules are assigning a similar number of cases to each agent. Which metric should be recommended? Choose 2 answers Number of cases created sorted by order Number of cases by type by owner Number of cases in each status Number of solutions created per agent.
Universal Containers wants to assign support agents to handle only specific interaction channels based on one of the following: - Channel groupings - Phone - Phone and email - Social media (Facebook and Twitter) What should a consultant recommend to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers Create a unique case page layout for each channel grouping Create an agent profile for each channel grouping Create a Service Cloud console to support all channel groupings Create an agent role for each channel grouping.
Sales engineer needs visibility to list field edits, emails, case comments, and related objects on ONE pag How can this be achieved? Customer view of case tab Custom Visual force page Custom report Custom related list.
A contact center manager wants to measure the impact of a new customer care program. What can be used to measure an increase in customer satisfaction? Choose 2 answers First call resolution Customer satisfaction survey Average handle time Service-level agreement.
Universal containers would like for articles to be suggested to agents based on information they are typing into the case. What solution should a consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers Create a salesforce console for service and enable the knowledge sidebar on the case page layout Enable the knowledge sidebar setting in the case support settings Create a visualforce page called knowledge sidebar on the case page layout Enable the knowledge sidebar related list on the case page layout.
Universal Containers requires that users have the ability to view specific cases, as determined by the product type field on the casAn email should be sent to the users when a case to which they have access is created or closed. What should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers Escalation rules Case teams Workflow rules Auto-response rules.
UC wants to create a process to verify that customers are eligible for support before a case is createA consultant recommends using entitlement management to meet this requirement. Which benefit would be realized by using the entitlement management feature? Choose 2 answers Ability to specify unique service levels for each customer Ability to prompt callers for the service contract number with IVR menus Ability to determine if a customer has escalated a case in the past Ability to enforce service levels with time-dependent processes.
Universal containers have a service level agreement (SLA) with customers that requires an agent to take ownership of incoming cases within two hours of case creation. Which solution would help universal containers meet its SLA? Create a workflow rule to send an email to support managers when a case is created and assigned to queues Assign case to queues and use escalations rules to escalate cases that have NOT been accepted by an agent Create a workflow rule to assign a task to all a members of a queues if a case has NOT been accepted by an agent Use case auto-response rules to send an email to support managers within one hour of case creation.
Universal containers is migrating from a legacy system to the service cloud. The company currently tracks entitlements as agreements in its legacy system. The legacy system will be archived and unavailable after go-livAgents will need easy access to case information for the last one year. Migrate closed cases with milestones and entitlements Migrate open and closed cases with milestones and entitlements Migrate open and closed cases without milestones and entitlements Migrate closed cases to a custom read-only object.
The Universal Container's customer support organization has implemented knowledge centered support (KCS) in its call center. However, the call center management thinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should. What could the company do to address this situation? Choose 2 answers Create a dashboard that includes articles submitted by agents and approved for publication Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles approved for publication Require agents to check a box on the case when submitting a new suggested article Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles submitted for approval.
UC has activated Email-to-Case functionality to allow customers to correspond with support agents via email. Which options are available with Email-to-Case? Choose 2 answers Assignment, escalation, and workflow rules are processed on inbound emails Only one inbound email address can be used for Email-to-Case Follow-up emails and attachments related to a case are attached to the case Follow-up emails related to a case will update the case comments.
What is a benefit of deploying Knowledge in a high-volume Service Cloud portal? Choose 2 answers Uncovers gaps in the knowledge base Reducing incoming call volume Replaces the need for an email channel Eliminates tracking of customer entitlements.
Universal Containers is transitioning from a legacy service and support system to salesforcWhat is a recommended way to migrate and cleanse the data? Upload the data into salesforce and then run the native de-dupe tool Cleanse the data outside of salesforce and then migrate the data Use the salesforce import wizard to load and cleanse the data Use salesforce data loader to load and cleanse the data.
A customer is planning a Service Cloud implementation. The customer's current database has the following number of records: -10 million cases -1 million accounts -3 million contacts When planning to migrate this data into Salesforce, what implications should be considered? Choose 2 answers Salesforce reporting speed may be affected Related lists on the case object may be slow to populate The Salesforce or may be slow during the data migration Results may be slow when searching for records.
The support manager wants information on the knowledge base searches conducted by customers and call center agents. Which metric would be most useful to identify knowledge article effectiveness? Choose 2 answers Knowledge search query with no results Number of knowledge articles in each category Knowledge articles with the lowest rating Knowledge articles created by call center agents.
A contact center agent wants to leverage subject matter experts (SMEs) on Chatter to resolve a complex issue for a customer. What is the recommended solution to increase the involvement of SMEs and track the case to completion in Chatter? @mention the SMEs on the case Chatter feed and follow the case Bookmark all the comments related to the issue from the SMEs Use hashtag (#) to track the customer case and SMEs comments Follow the SMEs to receive automatic updates when they add case comments.
A contact center manager wants to measure improvements to operations after the implementation of a new workforce management system. Which metric can be used to assess the success of the new workforce management system? Choose 2 answers Number of calls offered Agent utilization Schedule adherence Quality monitoring score.
A universal container wants to measure the efficiency of its contact center. Which metric should the contact center manager analyze?; Choose 3 answers Number of closed cases with articles attached Average number of days to close cases Number of open cases per day Number of new customers added Number of cases escalated.
Universal containers is experiencing system timeouts for social customer. What should a consultant recommend to improve the performance of the reports? Choose 2 answers Remove unnecessary columns from the reports Remove formula fields from filter criteria Remove data boundaries from filter criteria Remove dashboards based on long-running reports.
UC is implementing the Service Cloud console. Which capability of the Service Cloud console can the company use to improve its contact center performance? Choose 2 answers Allows Chatter Messenger to be used between agents Displays records and their related items as tabs on one screen Indicates when records and lists are changed by others Is available for users in the partner portal.
Universal Containers is implementing an entitlement process in its contact center to gain better visibility into how well the company is delivering on customer service level agreements (SLAs). How can milestones be used to accomplish this goal? Choose 2 answers To represent metrics such as first-response and resolution time on cases To monitor the case escalation rule queue to confirm service levels are met To identify the customer contact associated with a particular stage of a service contract To display whether a case response complies with a customer service level agreement.
Universal Containers is using the Service Cloud Console for managing cases. They would like to add the Salesforce SoftPhone to enable click-to-dial capability. What needs to be configured for the SoftPhone to work in Salesforce?; Choose 3 answers Assign the Salesforce users to the Call Center. Install an adapter from AppExchange to work with third-party CTI systems Use Apex to create an adapter to work with third-party CTI systems Create a SoftPhone layout and assign to user profiles Assign the Salesforce CTI license to Salesforce users.
Universal containers will be launching a telesales contact centre. What should be considered in the design? Choose 2 answers Performance for high volume of interactions. Strategies to maximise call deflection. Integration with field service teams and applications. Integration with Lead Generation teams and applications.
Universal Containers staffs its contact centers to allow for up 20 % of the total case volume to be escalated. The contact like to measure case escalation rate to staff to ensure sufficient training for Tier 1 agents. What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Create a case report with a custom summary formula to calculate the percentage of escalated cases. Create a dashboard report to display and compare escalated cases against non-escalated cases. Create a formula field on the case record to calculate percentage of escalated cases. Create a daily snapshot report of all cases and calculate percentage of escalated cases.
Which element is true regarding a prebuilt Salesforce computer telephone integration (CTI)adapter for different telephone systems? Choose 2 answers It is an intermediary between a telephony system and a Salesforce call center user. It allows voicemails to be captured and stored as attachments on cases. It is a server-based software program that controls the behavior of a Salesforce SoftPhone. It utilizes the Softphone capability from within the Salesforce application.
At Universal Containers, a support agent dedicated to one customer regularly handless complex integration-related cases. In these cases, the agent collaborates with Universal Containers' product development team and the client's system integration. What would the consultant recommend to expedite the handling of these cases? Create a private Chatter group with customers and invite key individuals to join the group. Enable Chatter case feed and add product development team members to the case team. Create a related child case and assign the child case to the product development team. Build a repository of Knowledge articles related to integration and share it with the customer.
Universal containers wants to implement a new web presence to support its customers. It has provided the following requirements: Ability for visitors to search knowledge articles without registering or logging in. Ability for over one million registered customers to securely submit cases and view the status of those cases. Ability to display white papers to registered customers. Ability for registered customers to save favorite knowledge articles for easy access later. What should the consultant recommend as part of the solution? Implement service cloud portal with knowledge. Implements partners' portal with knowledge. Implement enterprise admin portal with content. Implement service cloud portal with content.
Universal Containers is launching a full line of new products and Service Cloud should support the following requirements: - Agents need to collaborate with other teams - The product development team needs to be alerted on high-priority cases for specific products. Which solution will meet these requirements? Use escalation rules for notifications and case teams to monitor cases. Use workflow rules for notifications and case teams to monitor cases. Use escalation rules for notifications and account teams to monitor cases. Use workflow rules for notifications and account teams to monitor cases.
Universal containers would like to provide their contact center agents with a map image of their customs location based on shipping address of their account record.What should a consultant recommend as part of the solution? A Visualforce map component on the Account Page A custom tab of type URL that displays a map image of customer location. A Web Service call-outs that retrieves map details from the backend system. An outbound message to a middleware platform to provide map details.
UC, a new Salesforce customer, needs its millions of consumers to have public access to knowledge on it corporate website. The consumers also need the ability to login to create, update and read historical cases. Which product and license type would meet all of these requirements? Force.com Sites and High-Volume Customer Portal Force.com Sites with Knowledge and Email-to-Case. Force.com Sites with Knowledge and Web-to-Case. Visualforce and Self-Service Portal.
Universal Containers has two customer service contact centers and each focuses on a specific product line. Each contact center has a varying call volume, contributing to a high operational cost for the company. Universal Containers wants to optimize the cost without compromising customer satisfaction. What can a consultant recommend to accomplish these objectives? Choose 2 answers Enable agents to transfer calls to other agents. Cross-train agents on both product lines. Prioritize customer calls based on their SLA. Implement a customer self-service portal.
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