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What is a benefit of deploying knowledge in customer communities? Choose 2 answers Replaces the need for an email channel Uncover gaps in the knowledge base. Reduces incoming call volume. Eliminates tracking of customer entitlements.
Universal Containers wants to provide a more consistent service experience to its customers and is evaluating the Service Cloud macro feature. Which three configurations must be made before Universal Containers can deploy macros? Choose 3 answers Case Feed must be enabled. Users must use Lightning Experience. Publisher Actions used in the macros must be on the page layout. The Run Macros Permission must be granted to users. The Macros widget or utility must be added to the console.
Universal Containers initiates cases based on electronic transmissions from power units. The case management process is as follows: • A work order is submitted to a field service team to perform a technical review. • After the technical review is closed, an agent needs to contact the customer to review the activities. • Cases can only be closed after the customer review has been completed. Universal Containers needs to determine whether the work orders and customer contacts should be stored as child cases or on a related custom object. Which three aspects should the consultant consider to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers Visibility and access to the work order records Work order and customer contact escalation requirements Account team relationship to the primary contact Case closure rules on the original case, Total number of account and contact records in the database.
Universal Containers contact center has experienced an increased number of customer questions due to a growing product portfolio. Which two solutions should a consultant recommend to minimize the need to hire more agents? Choose 2 answers Community Live Agent Web -to -Case Chatter Questions.
Which two solutions can be used to enable agents to manage multiple cases at the same time when designing a Contact Center? Choose 2 answers Interactive Voice Response Computer Telephone Integration Social Customer Service Live Agent.
Universal Containers is exploring ways to provide its customers with more self-service options in its new Customer Community to reduce the number of interactions with their contact center. Which two features should a consultant consider implementing? Choose 2 answers Use a community template to set up their customer community Enable web -to -case on their public website Enable Live Agent in their community to chat with an agent Add the Question action to Chatter in the community publisher.
The contact center manager at Universal Containers is concerned that the first call resolution rate for their team is too low and would like to see improvement in this metric. What should a consultant recommend to improve this metric? Skills -based routing Private branch exchange Workforce management Interactive voice response.
Universal Containers (UC) wants customers to be notified by email when their issue is resolved. The notification should contain a reference link in the form of their case number. The customer should be able to click the link and be redirected to the resolved case in UC's Community. Which three features must be configured to accomplish this? Choose 3 answers Email Alert Email Relay Email Template Assignment Rule Workflow Rule.
Universal Containers regularly has issues with customers that need complex, hands-on technical support with high-priority issues in hard -to -visit places. What should a Consultant recommend for reliable real-time support to customers with these restrictions? Customer Community Field Service Lightning Salesforce Knowledge SOS Video Chat.
Universal Containers Tier 1 Support Call Center has realized an increase in call volume on a new product line. In addition, the Tier 1 Agents are having trouble resolving issues and have been escalating to Tier 2 for support. What should a Consultant recommend to reduce the call volumes and escalations? Configure IVR routing to bypass Tier 1 for the product line Create Knowledge Articles and publish internally and publicly Configure Omni -channel to assign cases directly to Tier 2 Create a dashboard to track and manage call volumes by type.
Universal Containers provides customer support for both new products and routine maintenance of existing products. The cases for both types have many stages and fields in common, however, the maintenance cases have additional stages and fields that need to be captured. Which two features should a Consultant recommend to accomplish this objective? Choose 2 answers Record Types Approval Processes Support Processes Support Types.
The Universal Containers Contact Center has Customer Support Agents who speak Spanish and wants all cases where Spanish is the preferred language to be handled by these agents in real time. Universal Containers allows customers to contact agents through phone and chat. Which solution should be implemented to support this? Case Auto -Response Rules Omni -Channel Case Assignment Rules Visual Workflow.
Universal Containers has implemented Service Cloud in its call center and wants to integrate it with its existing telephony system. All members of staff use a standard build for desktop computers and the IT department has indicated that they are unable to produce a custom desktop build for the call center staff. Which solution should a consultant recommend? Implement an adapter using the Telephony API Move to a cloud -based telephony system Implement an adapter built on Open CTI Build an adapter using the telephony vendor's toolkit.
A company wants to publish Knowledge articles to its Customer Community. The articles should be organized for easy navigation by Community members. What should a Consultant recommend? Define Article Types with Public Sharing Settings Define Data Categories with Custom Visibility Define Topics for each Knowledge article Define a Custom Field to identify the Subject.
Universal Containers wants to offer its customers interactive that as well as Case processing. The same team of Service Reps will be handling both types of communication from customers. Which solution should a Consultant recommend to ensure that Service Reps are only assigned an appropriate number of issues? Case Auto Response Rules Case Assignment Rules Omni Channel Live Agent.
Universal Containers is implementing an entitlement process to measure customer service level agreements (SLAs). Which two approaches can be used to accomplish this goal? Choose 2 answers Representing metrics such as first -response and resolution time on cases Monitoring the case escalation rule queue to confirm service levels are met Identifying the customer contact associated with a particular stage of a service contract Displaying whether a case response complies with a customer's service level agreement.
When Support Agents are working on a case, the Support Manager at Universal Containers wants the agents to see the case number, case subject, and case description in the case highlights panel. How can a Consultant implement this functionality with configuration? Remove these fields from the page layout and add the fields to the highlights panel Add these fields to the page layout and add the components to the highlights panel Remove these fields from the page layout and add the components to the highlights panel Add the fields to the page layout and add the fields to the highlights panel.
Universal Containers has scheduled a major upgrade to its Customer Community next month. The community is expected to be unavailable for approximately 8 hours. The executive team is concerned about how the upgrade and associated outage will impact customers. Which three measures should the Consultant recommend to ensure transparency during the upgrade process? Choose 3 answers Publish ongoing updates to the community knowledge base with details about the upgrade Communicate information about the upgrade to customers in advance Send routine status updates to customers via Chatter during the upgrade Replace the default outage page with a custom page containing upgrade information Notify customers once the upgrade is completed and full services are restored.
The Service Manager at Universal Containers has configured Live Agent. However, the Agents are unable to see the Live Agent footer component in the console. Which configuration option should the Consultant verify? Verify that users are assigned the Live Agent feature license. Verify that users have access to the Live Agent public group. Verify that users have access to the Live Agent chat buttons. Verify that users are assigned the Live Agent user profile.
Universal Containers receives support requests through a variety of email addresses and web forms for different parts of the business. Which combination of features will ensure cases are handled most efficiently by the appropriate representatives? Escalation Rules, Queues, Public Groups, Live Agent Escalation Rules, Queues, Chatter Groups, Omni -Channel Case Assignment Rules, Queues, Public Groups, Omni -Channel Case Assignment Rules, Queues, Chatter Groups, Live Agent.
Due to a recent product recall, Universal Containers has experienced a 50% increase in daily calls to the Contact Center. The Contact Center has increased support to 24x7 with agents working 12 hours shifts. The VP of Service is concerned about the ability to sustain the increased hours and added cost to support the higher call volume. Which recommendation should the Consultant make in anticipation of higher call volume? Set up a customer survey for customers calling in to identify the severity and impact of the recall. Set up telephony integration using a CTI adapter for quicker agent access when customers call in, reducing average handle time. Set up a private Knowledge Base to provide FAQs to customers affected by the recall to deflect calls. Set up IVR with an automated response for customers affected by the recall to deflect calls.
Universal Containers Call Center Agents have limited visibility to customer support levels, resulting in inconsistent response times and lengthened resolution times. Which two recommendations should a Consultant recommend to improve the agent experience and reduce response and resolution times? Choose 2 answers Configure Assignment Rules based on Case Priority. Add the Entitlements related list to the Account Page Layout. Create a Report of all active Entitlements grouped by Customers Configure Success, Warning, and Violation Actions for Milestones.
Universal Containers is developing its strategy for supporting its customers on social media sites. The company's requirements include the ability to: • Monitor Facebook fan page for new posts and comments from customers • Link new posts and comments to an existing customer record • Respond to posts from the existing Salesforce Console for Service • Create and link social personas to contacts. What should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Enable Social Customer Service Create a Force.com app for Facebook monitoring Enable Salesforce social profile on contacts Integrate Facebook to its existing Customer Community.
Universal Containers (UC) is currently live with Sales Cloud and in the process of implementing Service Cloud. UC wants to create a sandbox to test its Service Cloud implementation with real Sales Cloud data. Which three Sandbox types can be used to accomplish this? Choose 3 answers Administrator Sandbox Partial Copy Sandbox Full Sandbox Developer k Pro Sandbox Test Sandbox.
The Support Manager at Universal Containers has determined that there are five common case types that are always resolved during the first call. Additionally, the Support Manager noticed that Support Agents are sending similar emails to the customer for each case. Which three solutions can a Consultant implement to minimize the time it takes a Support Agent to create emails for these cases? Choose 3 answers Enable the Support Setting for default email templates Implement Macros Implement Quick Text Enable the Support Process for default email templates Implement Email -To -Case.
Universal Containers is implementing a Knowledge Base and wants to empower certain managers to create, edit, and manage articles. All articles should be reviewed by these managers before being published, while some articles need an additional layer of legal review as well. Which three actions should a Consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers Create at least two different data categories Grant managers the Manage Salesforce Knowledge permission Create at least two different article types Create at least two different approval processes Grant managers the Manage Data Categories permission.
Universal Containers customer support management wants to provide proactive communications to customers who are likely to provide low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Which two customer -related metrics should the customer support management analyze? Choose 2 answers Escalated cases by account month -to -date New cases opened by account channel High -priority cases opened by account month -to -date Time spent by account year-to-date.
What statement is true about the Salesforce Knowledge article lifecycle? Approval processes CANNOT allow publishing of articles that have specific validation statuses Article permission sets allow agents to participate in the article publishing process Articles CANNOT be published until they are reviewed and validated by a qualified author Knowledge uses public groups as a way to assign users to specific tasks related to articles.
Customer Support Agents are frustrated with how they interact with their current case management solution and have asked for a more streamlined way to manage and view cases. Which solution will improve productivity and allow the Agents to quickly create and view notes, log calls, update cases and communicate with customers? Create Salesforce Classic Quick Actions. Add a Visualforce page to the Case layout. Configure the Case highlights panel. Configure Case Feed page layouts.
Universal Containers wants customers to have the ability to log cases with structured data and route based on Urgency and Product Line. How should a Consultant accomplish this? Omni Channel with prioritized queues Standard Web -to -Case with assignment rules Standard Email -to -Case with assignment rules Lightning with web routing prioritization.
Universal Containers has recently set up an email -to -case channel for customers to submit cases. However, they are having trouble tracking and relating email responses to the related Salesforce case. What should a Consultant recommend to address this issue? Convert to an On -Demand Email -to -Case setup Insert a reference Thread ID in the email subject template Assign a user to manually manage incoming email Use Omni -Channel to automatically route inbound email.
Universal Containers allows Agents to work remotely using a company -provided laptop, but does NOT control the quality of their internet service. Agents must be able to use live agent functionality remotely. Which two options should a Consultant recommend to ensure Agents can efficiently use this functionality? Choose 2 answers Ensure each laptop has a modern browser installed Coach users on minimizing open console tabs Allow the user to log into Live Agent from multiple browsers Add additional components to the Lightning console.
Which two solutions should Universal Containers consider to increase Contact Center Agent productivity? Choose 2 answers Enable templates for written responses. Increase the number of agents. Improve the agent interface. Employ surveys to confirm customer satisfaction.
Universal Containers contact center would like to measure and communicate case escalation rates to management. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Create a formula field on the case record to calculate percentage of escalated cases Create a daily snapshot report of all cases and calculate percentage of escalated cases Create a case report with a custom summary formula to calculate the percentage of escalated cases Create a bucket field on a report to calculate the percentage of escalated cases.
Universal Containers recently rolled out a Salesforce Knowledge implementation however, users are finding unreliable and unrelated Knowledge Articles displayed in the Knowledge One widget in the Salesforce ConsolWhich two actions should a Consultant recommend to address the lack of quality checking? Choose 2 answers Require that an article be added when closing a case Enable and configure wildcards for article searches Set up an intuitive Data Category hierarchy Restrict the Manage Articles user permission.
Universal Containers would like to implement Omni Channel within Service Cloud for their representatives. What is the first step an Administrator is required to perform in order to configure Omni Channel? Assign Users to Omni Channel permissions Enable Omni Channel by clicking Settings in Setup Assign Users to the Omni Channel Feature License Contact Salesforce to have Omni Channel enabled.
Which two capabilities of Salesforce Knowledge ensure accurate content in Articles? Choose 2 answers Validation Rules for Article Types to verify all fields during creation Approval Process that assigns an Article to a Reviewer Queue Knowledge Action to Publish an Article once the Article is approved Data Category to assign an Article Type to a Reviewer.
One business unit at Universal Containers has been using Service Cloud for several years. While migrating another business unit to the platform, a System Administrator accidentally imported 200,000 case records, which created significant data corruption to existing records. The most recent data backup available is more than 90 days old. Which option should the Consultant recommend? Manually update the corrupt data to correct it Use Data Loader to delete the corrupt data Log a Data Recovery case with Salesforce Support Restore the data using the available backup.
Universal Containers customers are encouraged to submit web cases when they find errors or omissions in product documentation. The information is captured on a case with the 'Errata' record typThe Technical Writing Manager would like to send an email to the customer that includes details of the correction process. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Create an auto-response rule that sends an email message to the case contact when a case with the "Errata" record type is created Create an Apex trigger that sends an email message to the case contact when a case with the "Errata" record type is created Create a workflow rule and email alert action that sends an email to the case contact when a case with the "Errata" record type is created Create an assignment rule that sends an email to the case contact when a case with the "Errata" record type is created.
Universal Containers is implementing Salesforce Knowledge at its contact center. The contact center has a dedicated support team for each product that it supports. Contact center agents should only be able to view articles for the product they support. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Assign team-based roles to the associated product article type Assign team-based profiles to the associated product article type Assign team -based roles to the associated product data category value Assign team -based profiles to the associated product data category value.
Support engineers need to see a complete chronological list of field edits to a case, associated emails, case comments and field edits to related objects in a single view while working on a case. How should this requirement be met? Create a custom related list on the case Create a custom view on the Case tab Create a custom Visualforce page Create a custom report.
In order to satisfy the internal Enterprise Security requirements, Universal Containers would like to conduct a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity exercise with Salesforce. This would involve taking the production copy and making sure agents can work from the production copy until production is restored. The results of the exercise are provided to Enterprise Security as part of an annual audit. What should a Consultant recommend to support this exercise? Use a Developer Pro sandbox for the DR exercise Use a Partial sandbox for the DR exercise Allow the exercise to be done in a Production instance Use a Full copy sandbox for the DR exercise.
Which three processes are uses case for Visual Workflow? Choose 3 answers Field validation during case creation. Cross -sell promotions for agents. Decision -based troubleshooting for agents. Caller verification and creation of a new case. Assignment of email to a case queue based on subject.
The Support Manager at Universal Containers wants to improve visibility to cases across the organization and has decided that Product Managers should be more involved in the case management process. The Support Manager has created predefined case teams for each product and trained Support Agents to add the appropriate case team to each case. Which two solutions will allow Product Managers to quickly see and review the cases that are created for their products? Choose 2 answers Create a case queue for all created or updated cases. Create a case report that displays all created or updated cases. Create an email alert notification for Case Teams. Create a case list view that is filtered by My Case Teams.
Universal Containers wants to import articles from a previous database into their new Salesforce Knowledge implementation. Many of their "How To" articles have images that must be migrateWhich statement is true about migrating images into Salesforce Knowledge? Ensure that each image does NOT exceed the maximum of 25 MB. Convert all images to .jpeg, as this is the only supported file type. Upload the images into Salesforce prior to importing the articles. Include images in an .html file using the image tag and src attribute.
Universal Containers needs to improve Customer Satisfaction, Average Handle Time, and First Call Resolution KPI scores across their Customer Service, Technical Support, and Field Service Contact Centers. Which two items should a Consultant consider to improve the KPI scores? Choose 2 answers Data Categories and Article Types. Data Categories and Article Actions . Service Console Knowledge Components. Service Console Profile Assignments.
Universal Containers requires that users have the ability to view specific cases, as determined by the product type field on the case. When a case is created or closed, an email should be sent only to users who have access to the case. Which two features should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers Escalation rules Process Builder Auto-response rules Case teams.
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