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t10 101220

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What is the corect sequense of steps in the order to cash business process? Check aviabillity/Create sales order/ Posts goods issue/Billing Check aviabillity/Create sales order/ Billing/Posts goods issue Create sales order/Check aviability/Outbound delivery/Post goods issue Create sales order/Check aviability/Transportation/Post goods issue .
Which of the following goods movement creates an accounting document in the general ledger? A transfer posting between quality inspection stock and unrestricted stock A stock transfer between storage location A goods receipt of a production order A goods receipt of a stock transport order .
What master data must be used during an MRP run? Material master Work center Vendor Cost center .
What happens when a final goods receipt is entered for a production order? The status of the productions order changes The order is settled An accounting document is created Actual labor costs is created On hand stock quantity of the finished product is increases .
Which of the following steps can update Profability Analysis? Carry out the billing Post the customers payment Confirm the transfer order Create delivery document .
What is the result of a succesful automatic payment run? Vendor open items are cleared Material document is generated Purchase requsition is updated Vendor invoice is updated .
A goods issue is posted against a production order. What are the results? A transfer posting is created Work center capacity requirmnets are decreased A material document is created Actual material costs are posted A CO document is created .
Which of the following SAP ERP HCM bussiness proccess can generate a posting to the general ledger? Payroll Personell development Organizational management Training and event management .
What must you do in a purchase order to puchase a material for a cost center? Enter an account assigmnet cetegory Change the account to a cost element Enter a purchase order item category Change the material type appropiately .
Which documents creates a commitment for an internal order when the document is saved? Material document Accounting document Sales order Purchase requsition .
An overall completion confirmation is perfomed for a maintance order. What is the result? Record time Update measurment readings Settle the order Post planned costs .
What is the effect of posting a goods issue for a sales delivery? Accounting and controling document are created Inventory quantities are updated A warehouse transfer order is created An invoice is created The billing due list updated .
At which points in the order to cash proccessare postings made to the general ledger? Confirming a transfer order Posting a goods issue Saving the sales order Saving the invoice .
What relationship between organizational levels in inventory management are valid? A plant only can be assigned to one company code One plant can include multiple storage location A storage location number can only be assigned to one plant A plant can be assigned to multiple company codes .
What deferintiates primary cost elements from secondary cost elements? Secondary cost elements can be assigned to a general ledger account Secondary cost elements can be assigned to activity types Primary cost elements can be assigned to a general ledger account Primary cost elements can be assigned to activity types .
Which object are assigned to a purchasing organization? Vendor Plant Material master Controling area .
Your purchase raw materials with a purchase order assigned to an internal order. Which process step posts costs to both Financial Accounting and Management Accounting? Purchase order Payment Purchase requsition Valueted goods receipt .
Which organizaional levels are defined for the procure to pay process? Sales organization Company code Plant Distribution channel .
You have created an asset master data record. Which other master data record can be created syncronously? Functional location Internal order Primary cost element Equipment .
Which of the following are SAP ERP HCM Oranizational management? Jobs Positions Employee subgroup Cost center .
What does the payroll area determine? Basic pay Frequence of pay Working time Hourly rate .
In enterprise Asset Management, to what can a bill of material (BOM) be assigned? Work center Functional location Equipment Asset .
Which of the following objects can only be a controlling object? Cost center Profit center Project Internal order.
What does a work center control? Scheleduling of operations Valuation of bill of material components Calculation of costs of work performed Release of production order .
Which of the following organizational levels are required to create a sales order? Storage location Division Operating concern Distribution chanel .
Which element is included in a maintance order? Task Activity Construction type Object list .
Of which organizationals elements does the sales area consist? Division Plant Company code Sales organization Distibution channel .
What is the integration point between an internal order and a fixed asset? Order type Settlement rule Asset class Depreciation area .
Which step in the manufacturing execution process records the progress of internal activities? Release production order Confirmation Goods receipt Goods issue .
Which of the following are Management accounting organizational leves? Operating concern Segment Company code Controling area .
Which organizational level s required to create a purchase order for stock material? Division Controlling area Storage location Plant .
What is the purpose of a general ledger? To provide multiple leading ledgers To support external financial reporting To provide a listing of vendor open items To summarie GL postings at the controlling area level .
Which SAP ERP HCM organizational elements are assigned to a company code? Personnel area Employee group Personnel subarea Payroll area .
What is required before a goods issue against production order is entered? The production order must be released Planned cost must be calculated Work center cappacity must be available The component quantity must be available .
What can you analyze with Profit center accounting? Contribution margin of market segments Return of investments Internal view of revenue and expenses Pricing strategies of customer group .
You post an entry to an expense general ledger account in Financial Accounting. What ensures that the entry is also posted to Management accounting? A secondary cost element is assigned to that account A profit center is entered in the expense posting A primary cost element is assigned to that account A document number of a specific number range is used .
Which of the following functions can be performed by an empoyee using Employee self-service? Enroll in benefits View applications Plan compensations Enter time data .
When a stock items is assigned to a network activity? What type of document is created? Reservation Sales order Planned order Purchase requsition .
Which of the following master records are directly assigned to a company code? Cost center Material master Fixed asset Activity type .
Which of the following assigments are valid for plan to produce master data? A work center can be assigned to a bill of material component A work center can be assigned to an operation A cost center can be assigned to an operation A cost center can be assigned to a work center .
Which processes can an SAP system carry out automatically when you complete an order confirmation for a production order? Variance calculation Goods receipt Goods issue Order settlement Post actual goods.
Which documents are created when you post a valued goods receipt for consumable materials? Accounting document Sales order document Controling document Vendor invoice documnet .
What happens when billing is completed? A customer receivable is created A customer payment is posted An inventory posting is created A revenue account entry is posted .
What s the element of the SAP ERP HCM personnel structure? Employee group Cost center Pensonel subarea Organizational unit .
As a result of the net requirments calculation, what can MRP create for a material that is produced in-house? Planned order Purchase requsition Production order Independent reqirment .
What transfers actual costs of an internal order to possible receivers? Results analysis Order settlement Customer billing Goods receipt .
To which application areas can Cross-Aplication Time Sheet (CATS) data be transferred directly? Human recources (HR) Project system (PS) Managment Accounting (CO) Financial Accounting (FI) Quality managment (QM).
What tasks are performed in Financial Accounting? Create balance sheet Perform internal accounting Perform internal valuation Calculate production variances .
What function compares assigned funds against the budget that is assigned to a WBS element? Settlement Results analysis Availability control Cost forecast .
What general ledger account information is defined at the chart of account level? Account number Account group Account balance Account managment .
What must you do with goods in a blocked stock to make them available for a goods issue to a production order? Carry out a transfer posting to unrestrictered-use stock Post cost to cost centers Update the reconciliation account Create a purchase requsition for the stock material .
For which network activity can yo plan labor? External activity Internal activity Cost activity Service activity .
Which action reduces a commitment? Assigning a budget Saving a purchase requsition Posting a valuated goods receipt Perfoming availability control .
Which transaction in SAP ERP HCM does SAP reccomended you use to enter the initial data for a new hire? Personell action Fast entry Personnel file Maintain HR Master Data .
Which actions result in the creation of an accounting document in the general ledger? Booking an employee into a trainig event Calculating variances for a production order Posting a vendor invoice that reference a purchase order Settling an internal order to a fixed asset .
Which master data records are assigned to a plant? Work center Employee Customer Bill of material .
What MRP control parameter defines the scope of a planning run? Processing key Lot size Procurement type Planing mode .
Which document is required for picking in an SAP Warehouse Management System? Sales order Material document Transfer order Stock transport order .
What are period end closing steps of a production order? Goods receipt of finished products Intenal activity allocation Order settlement Variance calculation Work in process determination .
Which of the following activities assigns actual costs to a project? Processing a cost forecast Entering a purchse order Creating a purchase requsition Entering an activity allocation .
What is required to report on a combination of characteristics such as customer, product, and region? Profitability segments GL accounts Profit centers Primary cost elements .
What must two company codes have in common if you want to link them to the same controlling area? The same company code currency The same fiscal year The same operational chart of account The same country specific chart of accounts .
What master data is defined in Financial Accounting? General ledger account Secondary cost element Primary cost element Segment .
What is released standart cost estimate used for? To determinate the base costs used calculate overhead To calculate the price of an activity type To update standart price in the material master record To calculate the plan costs in a production order To determine a material sales prices in SAP SD.
Which maintance order element includes all the fields work center, control key, and activity type? Operation Assembly Order header Actual cost .
What happens when you post an invoise using the Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) process? The purchase order history are updated A vendor payment is created An accounting document is created The inventory quantity is increased .
Which of the folowing sequense of purchase -to-pay process steps is valid? Vendor selection/Source of supply determination/Purchase order monitoring/Goods receipt/Handling of payments Determination of requirments/Vendor selection/Purchase order handling/Goods receipt/Invoice verification Determination of requirments/Purchase order handling/Handling of payments/Goods receipt/Invoice verification Source of supply determination/Vendor selection/Determination of requirments/Purchase order handling/Goods receipt .
what represents the herarhical model of a project? Project definition Activity Network WBS .
Which of the following are vendor master data areas? Purchasing data Accounting data General data Pricing data Shiping data.
Which of the following can be included in a customer pricing condition record? Surcharges Invoice amount Order value Discounts .
Which of the following is required for the external purchase to pay bussiness process? Storage location Vendor Material master Purchasing information record .
Which project system structures are linked using relationships? Project definitions WBS Activities Networks .
For which objects can you perform settlement? Maintance order Maintance notification Cost center WBS element .
What is a purchase-to-pay process step? Delivery Billing Goods receipt Demand managment .
What is created as the result of a successfully completed business process transaction? Output Organizational element Master data Document .
What is the result of settling a maintance order? The status of the order is updeted to technically complete The order CANNOT receive actual costs anymore The tasks in the maintance notification are confirmed The actual cost order balance equals zero .
Which of the folowing can be maintained in a maintance notification? Tasks Operations Cause of damage Materials list .
For which organizationals levels is data defined in a customer master record? Sales area Sales organization Plant Company code General.
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