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Terp10 unit 1-5

Terp10 unit 1-5

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Which of following are primary logistics business processes? (U1) Plan to produce Order to cash Accounting management.
________ is the technical platform thatr power SAP Business Suite. (U1) SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver Portal SAP BusinessObject Business Intellegence.
Client, plant and _____ are examples of organizational levels that play a role in the maintenance of matrial master records (U2) Transaction Master data Storage location.
Which of the following are the examples of master data? Customer Vendor Matrial Plant Division.
_____ are application programs that execute business processes in the SAP ERP (U2) Master data Organizational levels Reports Transaction .
Wich of the following are features of Business Explorer? (U2) Provides users with extensive analysis options Provides an updated view of the dataset Allow a wide spectrum of users to access application in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) Requests the data from the InfoObject .
Which of the following personalization option are avaliable in the SAP GUI? (U2) You can change the font size (within limit) in the SAP GUI You can display system messages in a dialog box You can change the size of input fields You can prevent the display of pictures in the SAP GUI You can display a photo of your choice on the SAP Easy Access screen You can use a personal input history on your front end.
Which of the following identifies a self-contained organizational structure for which cost and revenue can be managed and allocated? (U3) A company code A controlling area A segment.
Which of the following statement hold true for a chart of account? (U3) A chart of account is assigned to the company code Each general ledger is set up according to a chart of account A chart of account cannot be used by multiple company codes .
Reconsiliaion accounts are designed for direct posting. (u3) True False.
Which of the following statements are true for a posting key? (U3) It applies to the whole Financial Accounting (FI) document It defines the account type to be posted It defines the type of posting (debit od credit) It specifies the debit and credit totals of the document.
Which of the following are components of management accounting (U4) Cost Element Accounting Financial Accounting (FI) Cost Center Accounting Profitability Analysis.
Sales order management is a primary source for_____ in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) and Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) (U4) Journal posting Revenue posting Vendor invoice.
Which of the following is a statistical Controling object? (U4) Profit center Cost center Profitability segment Primary cost element.
The availability of purchase order and _______ data means that you can be informed of quantity and price variances. (u5) Purchase requisition Goods receipt Invoice receipt.
Which of the following is the smallest organizational unit of external accounting? (u5) Company code Plant Storage location.
Which of the following organizational level help maintain matrial master records? (U5) Plant level Storage location level Client level Main work level.
Which type data is the purchase order currency? (U5) General data Accounting data Purchasing data.
Which pieces of information can you define in the info records? (U5) Number of the last purchase order Texts Internal info record memo Purchase order text in the purchasing info record.
The purchase requisition is “direct” if the system creates it automatically from another SAP component. (U5) True False.
Which of the following screen areas show the single-screen transaction divided? (U5) Header Document overview off Item detail.
Which of the following documents does the system generate when you post the goods receipt? (U5) Matrial document Accounting document Purchasing document.
Interim storage areas from a link to ______ (U5) Inventory management Matrial management Storage management.
The ______ is the basis for the subsequent putaway. (U5) Transfer requirement Transfer order Purchase order.
Which of the following statement about the logistics invoice verification process is true? (U5) Posting the invoice is the second phase of the invoice verification process Logistic invoice verification creates a connection between matrials management and inventory management. When you post an invoice the system creates an accounting document.
Which of the following task does the system perform during the payment run? (U5) The system posts payment documents The system creates open items The system modifies data for printing the payment media.
Which document does the system create after you post an invoice? (U5) Accounting document Controlling document Matrial document.
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