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What types of extensions/replacements are supported by SAPUI5?(4) View modification Implement UI Controller Hooks View replacement Manifest.json replacement Replace service Component replacement.
Which of the following statements are true with regard to implementing your own Tenderer? (3) Implement a Tenderer class, derived from sap.ui.core.Renderer, in a separate file. Implement the renderer using AMD syntax. Implement the render function inside the control. Assign a reference to the renderer property of the UI control. .
Which methods can you use to bind data to the controls in SAPUI5? (3 answers) Structure Property Aggregation Combination Element.
What is the purpose of the SAP HANA Cloud connector? It lists the search components and corresponding search models needed for the app It connects the services of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and on-premise system in the customer's network It allows the SAP Web IDE to connect to the on-premise system's Cordova development environment It connects the services of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Web IDE .
You need the server to sort and filter the data used in your customers app. Which SAPUI5supported data model must you use? ODataModel JSONModel ResourceModel XMLModel .
Which of the following activities allow you to store your changes in a local Git repository? Clone Save Push Commit.
What are the SAP Fiori principles? (3) Adaptive Creative Coherent Role-based Complex.
What is the relation between the model and the controller in the standard MVC implementation? (2) The model notifies the controller about changes. The controller sets the model visibility. The model updates the controller. The controller modifies the model. .
What are the advantages of the Sinon.JS framework? (2 answers) It can be used with any JavaScript unit test framework It enables test-driven development It provides support for Spies, stubs and mocks It supplies higher level test doubles for timers and AJAX requests.
While testing an SAP Fiori app you discover that a button on the page delivers no response. Which of the following agile pyramid options do you use? Sinon OPA Mock server QUnit.
Which file can you use to configure internal navigation for List Report and Object Page templates? Data annotation file index.html file vocabulary xml file manifestjson file .
Why do you explore the Problem Space in detail during a Design Thinking workshop? To validate solution ideas To save costs in the evaluation phase To create desirable solutions To understand user needs.
What is the base class for all UI controls in SAPUI5? sap.ui.base.Control sap.ui.Element sap.ui.core.Control sap.ui.Control.
Where is the best place to store local data when using the SAP Web IDE? (2) In the models folder. In the localService folder. In the mockdata folder. .
What is the namespace in which the smart controls are bundled? sap.ui.comp sap.m sap.ui.smart .
Which activities does the OData Model Editor support? (2 answers) Create ODataModels Deploy ODataModels Test ODataModels Edit ODataModels Define ODataModels .
Which control can you use to create responsive table-free layouts? sap.ui.layout. Responsive FlowLayout sap.ui.layout Grid Control sap.ui.layoutVerticalLayout sap.ui.layout. HorizontalLayout .
To generate SAPUI5 coding that is based on prototypes, which tool do you use? Ul Theme Designer SAP WEB IDE SAP BUILD SPLASH .
Which function must be called inside a control Tenderer to add the control ID to the DOM tree and support eventing? writeClasses write writeControlData writelcon .
What is the result of a GIT Revert? Undoes a committed snapshot. Reverts back to the previous state of the project. Removes all untracked files from the working directory. .
Your customer ask you to add text for a new language to an app. Which file do you provide in the translator? COMPONENT.JS MASTER_VIEW.XML I18N.PROPERTIES MANIFEST.JSON.
What are the Lifecycle events of an SAPUI5 view controller? (2 answers) onEntry onBeforeRendering onExecution onExit.
You need to consume the ODATA service from the gateway to create a new SAP Fiori App in the SAP WEB IDE. What value do you configure in the WeblDEUsage property by the destination in the SAP? odata_xs odata_gen dev_abap odata_abap .
You want to define a property with the name width to enhance a standard UI5 control. The property should hold the current width of the UI control. What is the best approach to defining the type of such a property? Define the property width of the type sap.ui.core.Integer. Define the property width of the type string. Define the property width of the type sap.ui.core.CSSSize. Define the property width of the type sap.ui.core.type.CSSSize. .
Which of the following aspects are true for a SAPUI5 UI element? (3) A UI element does not have a Tenderer. A UI element has a Tenderer. A UI element has an API. A UI element can have events. .
Your customer extends an SAP Fiori app with View Replacement. Which activities do you perform? (2 answers) Create an SAPUI5 view that replaces the complete view Identify a specific SAPUI5 control to be replaced Verify that adding custom content in the Extension Points will NOT suffice Create an SAPUI5 control that replaces the original control .
Which of the following statements are true with regard to OPA5? (3) Can be used for SAPUI5 integration tests. Provides the possibility to test navigation. Can be used for user interaction tests. Is a view controller test framework.
What result do you expect from the de-composition and re-composition phases? (3 answers) The prevention of irrelevant data being shown to the user A purpose-built app to support personas A responsive de-composed design The break-down of a large transaction An adaptive and coherent app .
What are the different content densities provided by SAPUI5? (3) large strict condensed cozy compact .
Your customer requests a special create method to enable the creation of the full Data hierarchy. Which OData service method can you use?(1) CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY EXECUTE_DEEP_INSERT CREATE_BATCH_ENTITY CREATE_STREAM .
Where are the themes saved for the SAP Fiori launchpad? In the theme repository In the theme data center In the bootstrap In the Ul theme designer tool .
When do you need to work with local data?(2) To perform a quick test without creating live entities on the back-end server. When performance is poor in the productive system. When you want to reduce the complexity of your application. When working with static data. .
Your customer requests a special create method to enable the creation of the full OData hierarchy. Which OData service method can you use? CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY EXECUTE_DEEP_INSERT CREATE_STREAM CREATE_BATCH_ENTITY .
What are the two aggregations provided by sap.m.SplitApp control to add page implementations? (2) detail detailPages masterPages infoPages mainPages .
What is a prerequisite for configuring the SAP Fiori HAT Connector? Set the path for custom plug-ins Create a local Cordova project Generate a service certificate Create an SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Web IDE account .
Which SAP Fiori application is launched by using the search functionality instead of using a tile? Factsheet Analytical Transactional Legacy .
Which of the following are features of the SAPUIS SDK? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Provides an interface to Web Dynpro Keyboard interaction support and accessibility features Allows the usage of the jQuery library Is a subset of OpenU15 .
Which of the following are the main states of a file in GIT? (3) Modified Committed Changed Released.
What is returned by the function createEntry? A binding context object. A newly created object in JSON-format. The ID of the newly created entity. .
What is meant by the phrase "SAPUI5 supports modification free enhancements"? SAP provides a service in the cloud to generate an enhanced application using aspectoriented programming. The developer must create a copy of the application that should be enhanced and the enhancement is done in the copy. The delivered standard application remains unchanged and hence the extension is considered to be modification free. .
Which of the following statements are true with respect to QUnit? (3) QUnit is a JavaScript unit and integration test framework. Supports asynchronous tests out-of-the-box. Supports only synchronous testing out of the box. Is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code. .
For which operations will the SAP Gateway server compute and return a new ETag in a response header? (2 answers) DELETE POST PUT GET .
How do you integrate SAPUI5 in a Kapsel/Hybrid app? Add the SAPUI5 bootstrap code into index.html Configure the SAPUI5 resources in the config.xml file of the Hybrid app Create a new Kapsel plugin using SAPUI5 Add the sap-mobile-hybrid.js file to the Hybrid app .
When SAP Web IDE deploys an SAPUI5 app to the ABAP server, which type of app is it deployed as? ABAP HTML5 OpenUI5 BSP.
What message types are known to SAPUI5? (2) Control message Log message Server message UI message.
Which application types can you develop and deploy on the SAP HANA Cloud platform? (3 answers) HANA XS apps ABAP apps HTML apps Objective-C apps Java apps .
Which information is included in the SAPUI5 app's manifest.json file? (3 answers) App ID, Name and Version Client side data-model Referenced data sources SAPUI5 dependencies Localization keys .
Which of the following statements are true about the merge functionality in GIT? A merge deletes the content of a branch. Allows the merging of two local branches into one local branch. Allows integration of a branch into another branch.
You need to explain the core functions of OPA5 for testing SAPUI5 apps. Which test options are offered by OPA5? (2 answers) User interaction tests Development tests Load tests Navigation tests .
Which of the following statements are true for SAP Fiori elements? (2) Heavy UI coding is necessary when working with SAP Fiori Elements. Apps are based on OData services and annotations. SAP Fiori elements provide designs for UI patterns and predefined templates. .
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