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TFIN 20_1 Management Accounting

TFIN 20_1 Management Accounting

M Sana
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What is the prerequisite for the fiscal year variant (FYV) of the controlling area ? The number of the normal posting periods must be the same than the company code. The number of normal and special posting period must be the same. The period limits can be the same. The fiscal year variant must be the same.
What event prevent to change the organizational unit (company code, business area, profit center) assigned to a cost center ? The posting of actual data The posting of plan data The new company code has the same currency as the old one The cost center isn't assigned to a fixed asset, work center, HR master record.
Which posting of costs cannot be done ? real posting on a cost center, statistical posting on internal order real posting on internal order, statistical posting on profit center statistical posting on cost center, real posting on profit center statistical posting on cost center, real posting on internal order.
Real revenues cannot be posted on... Sales order Profitability segment Sales project Cost center.
What has the lowest priority during the determination of the controlling object derived from a posting ? Default account assignment (OKB9) Object assigned in the master data (asset, cost element...) Substitution Manual entry at the transaction.
Which cost allocation method reverse the initial amount ? Distribution Assessment Settlement Periodic reposting.
In distribution, or assessment what is not allowed for reversing and re booking a segment ? Change sender - receiver relationships Reverse in the current period a closed period Change the reports of last periods Reverse and re book iterative segments at the same time.
What is correct about reconciliation in CO (2 are corrects) ? The reconciliation ledger allows to transfer automatically in FI the cross company code postings made in CO. To make reconciliation postings you need some clearing accounts in FI. The reconciliation ledger allows to gather the CO totals by company code, object class, object type. The reconciliation postings must be done after the last CO posting.
What can you affirm about the internal orders (2 are corrects) ? A real order cannot be settled to a cost center. Postings made on an order can be automatically posted to a cost center, if the cost center carry the real posting, if the order is statistic, and if the cost center is assigned in the order master data. Investment order can be capitalized on an asset under construction, which can be settled to a fixed asset. Order with revenues can be settled to a profitabiliy segment, an other order with revenue, a GL account, a cost center.
What the status profile can't do ? It defines the user statuses. It can assign a sequence to your statuses. It can permit / forbid a specific transaction. Allow or not posting on actual / plan values.
What is wrong about the commitments ? These are costs that will incur (known through purchase requisition, purchase order). Commitment management must be activated in the controlling area, company code and order type. At year end you can carry forward open values of commitments to the first period of the next fiscal year. Amount available + Commitment = Actual amount.
To which object the settlement of internal order isn't possible ? GL account Sales order Network Profit center.
While using the business transactions (invoice, purchase order, internal activity...) which functionality allows to check the actuals and the commitments against the budget planned on an internal order ? Availability control Budget profile Order type Tolerance levels.
Under Profit Center Accounting you have to define by Controlling area a valuation view. This view determines how you valuate the material inventories and the good movements. Which view determines automatically the transfer price for goods movements between profit centers ? Profit center view Group view Legal view Company code view.
What is wrong about profit center (PC) assignement ? Many PC can be assigned to a project at different levels: WBS element, network header, neatwork activities. The PC can be assigned to an asset. The PC can be assigned by means of substitution rules, not validation rules. The PC assigned to a material is the basis for assignement of sales and production orders, and for the assignement of internal goods movements.
Regarding the New GL functionality what can you affirm ? A clearing account is required to reconcile FI and CO inside one company code. You can display parallel reports in FI with one ledger using additional accounts. The total table GLT0 is actived. The document splitting distributes the cash discounts granted to entities (like a segment) according to the amount of the payment made.
What is wrong about the currency of the controlling area ? It is available for evaluation in the reconciliation ledger if at least one company code assigned has the same currency. If you use the currency type 10 (company code currency) all the company codes assigned must have the same currency than the controllnig area. If you use the currency type 20 (controlling area currency) later the company code assigned won't be able to choose a different company code currency. If the assignement control indicator is 2 (Cross-company-code cost accounting), the currency type determines the controlling area currency.
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