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TFIN 22_2 Management Accounting

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TFIN 22_2 Management Accounting

TFIN 22_2 Management Accounting

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To which notion refers the following sentence "What performance measures do I want to track and analyze" ? Characteristic Characteristic value Profitability segment Value field.
How many characteristics can you add to fixed characteristics (example: cost elements in cost-accounting CO-PA) ? 40 50 60 70.
Where must you add the characteristics before they can be used ? Field catalog SAP tables Data structure Check table.
In CO-PA what is wrong ? You can create value fields for calculated items For account-based CO-PA you have to select the value fields from the field catalog CO-PA is always updated in the operating concern currency, and you can also store data in the company code currency The value fields can be highly summarized or highly detailed.
What is not an effect of a change in an activated data structure of an operating concern ? The environment must be reactived The existing transaction data are affected The new fields for existing transaction data are not backpopulated The characteristic values entered in the check tables for user defined characteristics are not affected.
The costing-based CO-PA stores the transaction data in its own tables (for example CE1XXXX where XXXX is the operating concern). What table store "plan line items" ? CE1XXXX CE2XXXX CE3XXXX CE4XXXX.
In CO-PA derivation and valuation for a sales order management transaction what value cannot be overwritten ? Sales organization Distribution channel Customer Profit center.
What is wrong about derivation ? You can add derivation steps for the user defined characteristics not transfered from a SAP table The combination of characteristic values for a transaction is a profitability object A standard derivation strategy is created when you generate the operating concern It is possible to make direct entry in CO-PA.
What is true about valuation ? Valuation is performed when you update actual values only Valuation is used in account-based CO-PA Valuation using material cost estimate is used to determine the manufacturing costs when the good issue is transferred to CO-PA The cost component split is transfered to CO-PA either in the company code currency or in the controlling area currency.
The material cost estimate (CO-PC) transfer values to CO-PA through which element ? Itemization Cost element itemization Cost component Multi level costed Bill of Material (BOM).
When an invoice based on a sales order is posted (SD), the cost of sales and the revenue populate CO-PA. And if the value assignment is active the material cost estimate populate CO-PA. Which element define what material cost estimate is selected (standard, current, modified) ? Costing key Valuation variant Price indicator Condition type.
Assessment cycles transfer overhead costs to CO-PA, what is compulsory in it ? Create different allocation cycles Create different segment Assign senders and receivers of one controlling area Process the cycles in the sequence of creation.
What can't you settle to profitability segments ? Internal orders Sales orders Projects Process.
About settlement in CO-PA, which element determines the allowed receivers, the default settlement structure and the default PA transfer structure ? Settlement profile Order type Allocation template Operating sheet.
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