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Which of the predefined fiscal year variants are year independent 01,K0,K1,K2,K3,K4 AA,AM,RI,UL,WK.
Which of the predefined fiscal year variants are year specific 01,K0,K1,K2,K3,K4 AA,AM,RI,UL,WK.
year specific fiscal year variant is used when start date and end date differ from one year to another one fiscal year has fewer posting period that other start date and end date do not differ from one year to another one fiscal year has same posting period for all the years.
IN SAP,Currencies are defined using currency key currency code currency type currency variant.
exchange rate types Base currency type inversion rate average rate buying rate selling rate.
pick the correct one(s) we can assign a business area to a company code we can assign a leading ledger to only one client fiscal year variant contains definition of posting and special periods fiscal year variant specifies a period as open or closed.
format of company code key 2 digit alpha numeric 4 digit numeric 6 digit alpha numeric 8 digit numeric.
pick the wrong one 1L is the leading ledger in SAP standard system there are 3 steps in a variant principle inversion method reduce the amount of work in maintenance of exchange rates business area is the organisational unit defined by international accounting principles.
steps in variant principle define variant determine values for variant assign variant to objects create multiple variants.
pick the correct one segment has time reference segment are assigned to hierarchy possible to assign a segment to multiple profit center possible to assigne a segment to multiple cost center.
pick the correct one A chart of account must be assigned to every company code for which account are to be set to use an account from the assigned chart of account in your company code, you must create a company code segment for the account In a balance sheet account, balance is carried forward to retained earnings account.
which are entered in chart of account segment of the g/l account currency account number control fields consolidation fields address.
pick the wrong ones optional entry has lowest priority all postings to the subledger are posted to recon account automatically when we create g/l account local currency is defaulted as account currency different accounts of one operational chart of account can refer to same group account none of the above.
what can be changed on collective processing chart of account data client data account descriptions company code data.
pick the correct one country chart of account number is entered in every chart of account segment segment is saved in master data of cost center segment is saved in master data of profit center in many cases,particularly logistics,you have to enter segment manually data at client level can be accessed throughout the organisation profit center is the best object from which segment can be uniformly derived.
pick the correct one after customer or vendor master is created you can change the account group A one time account master record contains information about a specific customer or vendor customer and vendor accounts can use the same number ranges field status in account group,activity,company code compete with each other and field status with highest priority is used alternative payer or payee entry in the company code level has highest priority that in client level.
which of the following statments is correct for external number assignment number is the last document number number is automatically assigned number is entered by user number assigned in sequence numbers may be alpha numeric.
pick the wrong one(s) a fiscal year variant defines the number of periods in the fiscal year document types are created on company code level in external number assignment, numbers must be numeric a number range can only be assigned to a single document type.
pick the correct ones we can use posting keys for assets and materials only if the corresponding SAP component is installed It is not possible for several company codes to used the same posting period variant if you do not assign users to any special tolerance group,entries in the default tolerence group is valid for them you can create as many tolerence group as you need you can only complete the document entry transaction once the account is zero.
which of the following tolerance group must every company code always have special defined named blank.
list some of the default values for document entry user master records parameter memory system data account master record accounting functions.
pick the correct one we are not allowed to change basic default values provided by SAP Parameter ID allows users to set default values like company code and currency you can assign different document splitting procedures for different client displaying a document in the entry view and the general leder view is possible with new general ledger accounting.
indentify the criteria that usually differentiate between document change rules open items account type asset class company code.
which of the following fields can be changed in the document header reference number document header text document date currency.
pick the correct one(s) based on document change rules, user may only be able to change certain fields in the document already posted a document can be reversed without a reversal reason we can reverse document that contain cleared items you can reverse document by using normal or negative posting reversal reason determines whether the reversal date may differ from original posting date.
you need to enter a percentage rate in terms of payment to calculate.
baseline date is the starting date the appliation used to calculate invoice due data T F.
In which of the following segment of a customer or vendor master record can you enter terms of payment company code client sales area purchase area.
pick the correct one day limit enable date specific terms of payment under a singe terms of payment key SAP application only supports net procedures for customer tax code is used for tax calculation procedure required to perform taxation functions taxes calculated by the system are usually posted via a seperate line item to a special tax account.
How may cash discount periods can be entered in the terms of payment 1 N 2 8 None of the above.
pick the correct one(s) SAP application links the documents belonging to one cross- company code transaction with a common cross- company code transaction number In the configuration of SAP,you must assign clearing account to every possible combination of company codes Real-time integration affects the costs that are posted across company codes in cross- company code cost accounting The key data activation defines when CO-FI reconciliation is possible with real-time integration.
An example of an open item is an incomplete business transaction T F.
pick the wrong one(s) A clearing transaction always creates a clearing document The clearing account transaction can be performed manually or automatically It is possible to archive documents that have open items When you perform manual payment process, cash discount amount is overwritten The assignment field is combination of six fields with a maximum of 10 characters.
when you reset clearing,system removes the clearing data from the line items T F.
Clearing items contains which information due date clearing date archived information clearing document number.
with the automatic clearing program,a user can clear open items for which if the following items general ledger sub ledger special g/l indicator currency.
types of tolerences in accounting employee g/l account customer/vendor compancy dode.
if payment is within tolerance limit we perform manual processing cash discount adjustment processing authorised deduction processing unauthorised deduction processing.
we must assign revenue or expense account to all reconciliation accounts and all g/l account with open item in foreign currency T F.
Which functions allow you to temporarily save the entered data parking hold document insert save.
documents that the sap application holds do not have to be complete T F.
you cannot supplement,check or post the parked documents at a later date T F.
Parking function can be utilised for dual control T F.
You can use account assignment templated and the functionality "post with reference" to park documents T F.
which of the following documents can be parked customer account g/l accounts material account sales invoice.
you can run an optional completeness check during document parking T F.
identify fields that cannot be changed while changing parking document currency document type document number company code account assignment objects.
document changed rules that are saved for document posting applicable to parked documents T F.
it is not possible to reuse the document number of deleted documents T F.
SAP business workflow has__process dimensions 1 3 3 4 None of the above.
What type of architecture does sap workflow use two-tier single-tier three-tier four-tier.
work flows are usually initiated by a triggering event T F.
you define workflow step when you enter a job in the workflow definition T F.
a document number is assigned based on the document type with the hold document function T F.
Which of the statement is correct a company code can be assigned to several work flow variant a task can be assigned only to one processor is it possible to design multilevel workflow sequences the same workflow variant can be assigned to several company codes.
a work item can be performed or passed on as long as set to completed has not been selected T F.
it is not possible to apply different release procedures to different accounts receivable and payables T F.
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