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customer without dunning procedures in master record cannot be dunned True False.
customer and vendor can be dunned T F.
dunning procedure controls dunning T F.
every account to be dunned have a dunning procedure T F.
one time account cannot be included in dunning procedure T F.
only one number of dunning procedure possible T F.
predefined procedures available T F.
Standard and Special g/l cannot be dunned T F.
intervals to be specified for accounts to be dunned for each dunning procedure T F.
dunning procedure has a key and description T F.
account is overdue but has not reached interval,account will be dunned. F T.
mimimum days in arrears, are the days all line items in the account must have so that it can be dunned. F T.
debtor account with credit balance need not be dunned.F F T.
minimum days in arrears are set as default T T F.
dunning proposal changes if only all line item reach different dunning level T F.
dunning proposal can be changed if a new item is added to dunning notice t f.
dunning proposal change if dunning level of account change t f.
dunning charges are defined for each currency and level t f.
Dunning charges are Fixed amount only t f.
Dunning charges are % of dunned amount only t f.
we can set minumum amount for each dunning level t f.
Dunning charges % and amount cannot be fixed at the same time t f.
Minimum amount/ or % for overdue item not reached,item assigned to lower dunning level T F.
Dunning notices sent even if min.amount or percentage % has not reached t f.
dunning program generate advice notes,notice,forms and address t f.
For each dunning level seperate forms used t f.
dunning area is substructure of a client f t.
Pick the correct environment Sort field Dunning block Interest Dunning area Sender details Dunning key.
dunning program has 2 fields namely Run date and Identification t f.
we cannot copy parameters from existing dunning run t f.
parameter specified which document and account in which company code should be checked for overdue items t f.
Run date is always the date dunning run is supposed to start t f.
Dunning run creates dunning proposal t f.
Dunning proposal cannot be edited t f.
Dunning proposal can be edited specific number of times t f.
Editing dunning proposal is only optional t f.
dunning run has 9 steps t f.
Dunning run checks for accounts/line items/payment in an account for dunning t f.
No dunning procedure entered in master data ,still that account can be dunned t f.
receivables are due at the due date for net payment t f.
In invoice related credit memo due date is due date of invoice t f.
other credit memo due date is baseline date t f.
credit balance in customer can be assigned to highest dunning levelled debit balance of customer account. t f.
Same dunning procedure must be defined for both customer and vendor in order to clear due balances t f.
Due date : liability payment date t f.
dunning date: overdue items are dunned t f.
every dunned items are overdue t f.
Not all ovedue items are dunned t f.
Overdue items with grace period not dunned before grace period has reached t f.
we can block an overdue item t f.
we cannot block overdue accounts t f.
If payment method is specified in master record such accounts are dunned t f.
payment method specified by the system but have payment blocks.whether the account be dunned Y N.
each dunning procedures contain upto 6 Levels F T.
higher the dunning level stronger the notice wordings T F.
each item to be dunned is assigned a level as per days of arrears T F.
For credit memos seperate dunning level used T F.
dunning levels can be skipped T F.
Dunning procedure with one dunning levels are payment reminders T F.
dunning key restrict items from exceeding a certain dunning level T F.
if amount of an Account not reached minimum amount or % in a dunning level it is not dunned. T F.
account can be dunned if all item reaches minimum amount per account. T F.
account overdue but not dunned is possible Y N.
account not in parameter .Is is dunned y n.
items are within grace period not dunned y n.
accounts or item blocked. still dunned possible not possible.
ovedue due amount is more than min amount .Dunned y n.
dunning data changed from previous run.Dunned y n.
Always dun indicator ON.Dunned possible not possible.
Dunning proposal can be edited t f.
we can block an account in dunning proposal t f.
we can unblock an account in dunning proposal t f.
we can lower dunning level in dunning proposal t f.
change of document does not apply to current dunning run t f.
change dunning data in master record apply to current dunning run t f.
items dunned can be grouped for printing dunning notices t f.
Dunning notices are printed as per sort creteria t f.
Items grouped when they have same company code,dunning area,account same company code same dunning area same account same address.
One time customer grouped if they have same address t f.
Dunning level and group key are sort creteria for printing t f.
A dunning notice can be sent to branch office f t.
Cross company dunning is possible t f.
last dunning level is legal dunning procedure t f.
one form can be used for all dunning levels t f.
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